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Fri Oct 25, 2019, 12:12 PM

Donald Trump endorses Turkish ethnic cleansing of Kurds saying they are leaving 'Safe Zone'

I was just thinking we need to re-emphasise that Trump is supporting ethnic cleansing of Kurds from the areas they live in near the Trurkish-Syrian border, since Trump's war crimes are disappearing in his "human scum" comments, and the illegal antics of his House thugs. And I see the Daily Mail, no bleeding-heart liberals, has thought the same thing this afternoon:

Donald Trump endorses Turkish ethnic cleansing of Kurds saying they are leaving 'Safe Zone' for 'fairly nearby areas' then claims U.S. troops ARE coming home despite Pentagon planning to send tanks to Syria

President Trump lauded the creation of a new 'Safe Zone' in formerly Kurdish areas in a stretch of Syria – saying the minorities who fought alongside the U.S. against ISIS will be moving to 'fairly nearby areas.'

Kurdish leaders, including the top Kurdish general who Trump praised Thursday, have accused Turkey of engaging in 'ethnic cleansing' with its invasion and attacks against the Kurds.

Trump also said the U.S. is bringing its troops home, although reports Thursday indicated the Army was poised to bring tanks into position to defend oil-rich areas that President Trump boasted about securing.

'Turkey fully understands not to fire on the Kurds as they leave what will be known as the Safe Zone for other fairly nearby areas,' the president wrote Friday morning.


Sen. Cornyn has been trying to claim that he doesn't personally support ethnic cleansing, but can see why Trump does:

Cornyn seeks to clarify remarks about 'ethnic cleansing' of Kurds, U.S. troop removal

Cornyn explained his comments to reporters Thursday after a Dallas Morning News story with his controversial remarks was published. The No. 2 Republican in the Senate said he did not intend to imply he supported ethnic cleansing or that the U.S. gave permission to Turkey to attack the Kurds.

“I wasn’t very clear,” he told the newspaper. “If the US isn’t committed to stay in Syria, getting our troops out of harm’s way where they might be injured or killed during the inevitable conflict between the Turks and the Kurds was something I was concerned about, and I said it's not unreasonable to try to keep our troops out of harms way if we don't have any strategy or long-term commitment to stay there."
The Texas senator initially told reporters from the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday that President Trump’s move to take troops out of Syria was justified because of the Turkish attempts to “ethnically cleanse the Kurds.”

“If Turkey was planning on coming into northern Syria and trying to ethnically cleanse the Kurds, and U.S. troops were caught in the middle, I am not completely convinced that it was a bad idea to get them out of harm’s way,” he said to the Texas reporters.


From an expert in international relations:

Smantha Power: "The President of the United States is now helping Turkey achieve ethnic cleansing by TELLING the Kurds to flee their homes."

Meanwhile, Erdogan is learning from his best buddy Donald, and suing anyone who tells the truth:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lodged a criminal complaint against French weekly magazine Le Point Friday, after it ran a report accusing him of ethnic cleansing.

Yesterday’s front page splash pictures Erdogan making a military salute, and denounces him as an "eradicator" of Syria’s Kurds – asking if he should be allowed to carry out his “massacre”.

A complaint filed with the attorney general in Ankara said Le Point had attacked the "honour and dignity" of the Turkish president, the state-owned Anadolu Agency reported.


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