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Wed Oct 9, 2019, 01:45 PM

Don't Worry, This Disgrace of America Is Not New

Trump is bad and for sure needs to be impeached, removed from office and made to pay for his crimes.

But if you think this betrayal of our allies is a new level, sadly it is par for the course for Republican Foreign Policy.

Saint Ronnie has even a worse track record than Trump between the Iran Contra scandal, Arms Dealing with Iraq (just google ďRumsfeld Saddam handshake), and the abandonment of the Kurds when Saddam gassed them.

Bush Sr. was the least offensive by passively ignoring Saddamís queries to invade Kuwait and then flip-flopping after international pressure forced him to stop the invasion. Note that Bush Sr. refused to invade Iraq over this because he still had affinity for Saddam over their dealings in the 80s. He was summarily punished by his corporate overlords for not going the distance to give them trillions in defense contracts. Donít worry though his son got to correct that mistake and restore honor among the wealthy for his father by using 9/11 to lie us into another war in the Middle East. A war that killed more Americans than Osama Bin Laden.

While weíre on the topic of OBL, letís not forget he was also a creation by the Regan administrationís proxy war with Russia. In Afghanistan. Thatís right, the U.S. funded the Mujadin lead by none other than OBL to fight off a Russian invasion in Afghanistan. Was it oil or poppies or both that we were fighting over because both of those resources have devastating consequences for generations to come!

So once Russia was pushed back, Regan dropped the Afghanis like Trump has dropped the Kurds. And the result? Well we know what came of that.

So Trump is really just doing his part for the Republican ideology of foreign relations. Heís spot on. I just have to wonder what monsters have been created out of this. Iím old but not that old. Against my own hope, I probably will live to see the repercussions of what Trump has done. My kids will have to live with it.

Itís not just time to Impeach and Convict Trump.

Itís time to eradicate the Republican Party.

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