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Wed Sep 4, 2019, 05:02 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #9: Labor Day Edition

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #9: Labor Day Edition

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! I know, right? I can’t believe it’s already September, man has this year flown by! Yeah we’ve had some bumps and bruises along the way when we started season 7, and it’s usually season 7 when producers make drastic changes to a show or a formula that would otherwise win. Like in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where Mac got fat, or season 7 of New Girl, where she was no longer the New Girl. And don’t get me started on that either. But we’ve got a lot to go to finish out 2019 and our college tour. And our Texas Roadshow was a rousing success and we hope to do it again in 2020 when we hit the campaign trail when whoever of the 1,000,000 registered democrats takes the iron throne in the quest to dethrone President Golfs A Lot. But that said, we have some big announcements for seasons 8 and 9 heading down the stretch commemorating our fifth year as a series and some big plans to expand the brand. But we don’t have any new tour dates planned as of yet, we will be announcing those closer to Thanksgiving. OK that’s enough of my rambling, we have a lot of idiocy to get to for this best of edition. But first I have to play John Oliver’s brilliant rant from a couple of weeks ago where he brilliantly trolls the prime minister of Turkmenistan by offering the world’s largest cake with a picture of him falling off a horse:


So where do we begin for this Best Of edition? Well in the first slot from Idiots #7-3, we took an alarming look at history and where current events are leading us in a segment that we called “Keeping Up With The Nazis” and the parallels are scarier than you think! President Caligula golfs while America burns! In the second slot, from Idiots #6-17, we have another quitter! Yes, Tribute Rod Rosenstein (2) has effectively resigned from the Trumper Games! Meaning there can only be one thing, he’s back everybody!!! In the third slot from Idiots #6-17, Trump held another one of his absolutely insane rallies in Madison, Wisconsin, and whew, there was a lot of his usual batshit nonsense to unpack from that mess of a rally. Taking the fourth slot this week, from Idiots #7-7 is everyone’s favorite basement bunker troll site 4chan (4) – did they have something to do with the murder of a teenage social influencer? Well the answer is not at all shocking, but a fine example of the horrible behavior coming from that site. For slot #5 this week is our weekly investigative piece Top 10 Investigates, and this week from Idiots #6-18, why are anti vaccination crusaders using an old episode of the Brady Bunch (5) to back their claims about measles being just a day off school? Their stupidity is clearly showing. In slot #6 from Idiots #7-8 it’s our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in “Holy Shit”, and our resident pastor is going to take a look at Kanye West’s attempts to make some money off his latest venture into religion in a segment that we’re calling “Jesus Merches”. Taking the 7th slot, from Idiots #7-5, we have our favorite segment of “Beating A Dead Hose” – OK conservatives, we get it! You hate Nike! You really, really hate Nike! No need to beat us over the head with it! For the 8th slot, from Idiots #7-3, after he sues a Twitter account for being nothing more than about his cow, we add California’s Devin Nunes (8) to that ever-growing list of People Who Somehow Got Elected. In the number 9 (NEIN!!!) slot is a healthy dose of our free-floating segment on Idiocy – People Are Dumb (9) which includes stories of naked dudes, airplane sleepers, and a store in Florida called “Rockhard Lovestuff” that in no way sells anything that is rock hard or love stuff. Finally from Idiots #7-8, our handy 2020 voter’s guide introduces you to the woman who is running against a member of Trump’s famed “The Squad” – Ilhan Omar, and if you guessed that she is one of Trump’s people, you are correct! Plus we have some live music from that time that 311 stopped by – really buy their new album Voyager! Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

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[font size="8"]Keeping Up With The Nazis
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-3

It’s very easy to make comparisons to what Adolf Hitler did in regards to what the current American political climate is doing. In fact it’s so easy that Hitler comparisons have become their own logical fallacy. It’s a real thing, in fact go to Wikipedia and look up Ad Hitlerum. Still not convinced that it’s a real thing? Well, after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the comparison that the camps running along the border are likened to Nazi concentration camps, And there’s no making fun of this so as is Top 10 policy, we won’t try. So for this piece, we thought we’d take a minute to unpack all the Nazi references coming from both sides. See – conservatives are there to remind you that they’re not Nazis, until they start doing things that are horrifying. Let’s call this piece “Detention camps are not concentration camps”, or to use the parlance of our times, “Keeping Up With The Nazis”. So just how close are we?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused President Donald Trump's administration of running "concentration camps" in its detention of migrants at the southern border.

Conservatives quickly slammed the New York Democrat for her use of the term, which is most commonly associated with Nazi death camps during the Holocaust.

"The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are -- they are concentration camps," Ocasio-Cortez told an Instagram Live audience Monday evening. "And if that doesn't bother you ... I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that we should not, that 'never again' means something," a reference to a phrase commonly invoked by Jews about the Holocaust.

"The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing, and we need to do something about it," she added.

Holy shit!!! As if that’s not horrifying enough, there was the possibility of SS-like ICE raids that Trump was going to start last week but delayed it because it will allow even more time to blame the democrats on this issue. Yeah I said it – that’s all they care about – owning the libs, they’re not good for much of anything else at this point.

President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he's delaying for two weeks US Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that were planned to take place Sunday in 10 major US cities, saying deportations will proceed unless Congress finds a solution on the US-Mexico border.

The President's pullback was an about-face in a matter of hours on enforcing his signature immigration policy, following deep criticism from the cities' mayors, top Democrats and immigration activists who called the coordinated arrests and deportations on targeted migrant families "heartless."

"At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border,'" Trump said on Twitter Saturday. "If not, Deportations start!"

A senior immigration official had told CNN on Friday that ICE was planning on arresting and deporting about 2,000 migrant families with court-ordered removals in 10 cities beginning Sunday.

Wow, just… fucking wow. In one corner we literally are having a debate about whether or not US detention centers are concentration camps and it’s only because not enough people died in those camps to warrant that status. Now in the interest of this piece, according to the US Holocaust Museum, here’s where we are at right now.


Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler as German chancellor on January 30, 1933, the Nazi state (also referred to as the Third Reich) quickly became a regime in which citizens had no guaranteed basic rights. The Nazi rise to power brought an end to the Weimar Republic, the German parliamentary democracy established after World War I. In 1933, the regime established the first concentration camps, imprisoning its political opponents, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others classified as “dangerous.” Extensive propaganda was used to spread the Nazi Party’s racist goals and ideals. During the first six years of Hitler’s dictatorship, German Jews felt the effects of more than 400 decrees and regulations that restricted all aspects of their public and private lives.

So let’s make one thing clear – the holocaust didn’t start with death camps. They started out very much like what we’re seeing now, and AOC is absolutely correct here. So we have round ups and internment camps a very real part of the Donald Trump administration – and it’s absolutely frightening. But why aren’t we doing enough to educate people about the holocaust? You might recall that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. And here’s where that might lie.

Oregon became the 11th state in the nation to mandate that public schools teach students about the Holocaust and other genocides, just last month. As an American Jew who attended public school in the late 1970s and 1980s, I was surprised to hear that learning about a defining piece of world history apparently requires specific legislation. As a resident of Oregon — a state founded as a white utopia, with both a history of structural racism and an all-too-current glut of emboldened white nationalists — I was fascinated to read that the bill was a collaboration between a nonagenarian Holocaust survivor and a 14-year-old public school student.

As a person who has witnessed the sharp rise of American anti-Semitism in the past decade, I worry that the bill is too little and too late.

Yesterday, the absurdist game of Mad Libs that is the national news brought us a Twitter faceoff between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., sparked by the former’s assertion that the Trump administration’s detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border are “exactly like concentration camps” and the latter’s subsequent finger-wagging reprimand of Ocasio-Cortez that the comparison trivialized the 6 million Jews who died in such camps.

Before you could ask “war profiteer’s daughter says what?” Twitter had become a pedantic Hydra of arguments that were less about the actual existence of such camps than about what we should be calling them. (For the record, concentration-camp historians agree that using the general term “concentration camp” to describe conditions at the border is accurate.)

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[font size="8"]The Trumper Games
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #6-17

Hey everyone I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Oh yes my pretties, it has been a while. All has been quiet on the presidential front! Until last week when Tribute Rosenstein from the 2nd District resigned! And that is significant because the president was just going to straight up fire his ass anyways! But as long as supporters of the president are still supporting him, we will keep doing this. And where is my champagne? What? You mean Charlie left? Damn it! So who is my new assistant? Oh hello, this is my new assistant Nathaniel. Say hello to the people! Now bring me some champagne! I don’t care if it’s the cheap stuff. So why did Tribute Rosenstein resign? Well there’s plenty of reasons.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, submitted his resignation letter to the White House Monday.

It is effective May 11.

"We enforce the law without fear or favor because credible evidence is not partisan, and truth is not determined by opinion polls," Rosenstein wrote. "We ignore fleeting distractions and focus our attention on the things that matter, because a republic that endures is not governed by the news cycle."

Rosenstein often found himself the target President Donald Trump, especially after hiring Mueller in 2017. Shortly after being confirmed as deputy attorney general, Rosenstein wrote a memo criticizing former FBI Director James Comey amid Comey's investigation into Russia's 2016 actions, which Trump used as part of his reasoning in firing Comey.

After Comey was fired, Rosenstein brought Mueller in as special counsel to continue the investigation, and Mueller also looked at the question of obstruction of justice.

Oh I am sorry I didn’t hear you over the sound of “you’re being fired”. It’s resigned? Damn it Charlie!! I think I am starting to see why Charlie left. I must be nicer to my new assistant. Nathaniel may you bring me a glass of libations please? Graci! Now that Tribute Rosenstein has been released from the Games, what’s next for the Mueller Report? Well the GOP currently is in “nothing to see here, please disperse” mode.

On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. The hearing was the first opportunity for the public to understand Barr’s legal reasoning for exonerating Donald Trump of obstruction of justice, after Mueller explicitly stated that the special counsel could reach no such conclusion. Barr had previously explained his reasoning in a four-page summary letter released weeks before the full report, in which he suggested that no obstruction could have been committed because the probe did not uncover enough evidence to establish an underlying criminal conspiracy to cooperate with the Russians in their election interference. This argument is a clearly incorrect interpretation of the obstruction statute; it’s possible to obstruct justice even if no underlying crime is discovered, and there were many other underlying crimes uncovered by the probe that reached into the president’s inner circle. The line of thinking was also supplemented by Barr’s remarkable press conference prior to the Mueller report’s release, in which he further argued that the president’s actions were all fine because they were motivated by legitimate frustrations with the probe.

During his testimony on Wednesday, Barr repeated that “legitimate frustration” defense of the president. He also spoke extemporaneously and precisely about his reasons for clearing the president in one of the most damning incidents of likely obstruction of justice described in the report: Trump’s efforts to get former White House counsel Don McGahn to have Mueller fired, and subsequent efforts to cover up that attempt. In doing so, Barr made clear that he has ignored Mueller’s own legal analysis and mischaracterized Mueller’s evidence. Here’s how Barr’s comments contradict Mueller’s own version of several of the allegations of obstruction of justice.

Yes, Tribute Barr – the replacement for Tribute Sessions – has been quietly working to bury the report that could indict the President ! I mean what’s next? You know think of this like the school bully who hires the nerdy kid to write the book report that gets him an “A”. That’s exactly what Trump is paying Barr to do! So what happened with Russian hacking? It’s only the tip of the ice berg!

Special counsel Robert Mueller's report raises fresh questions about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's dual roles as both witness in and supervisor of the special counsel investigation into possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

The report, a redacted version of which the Justice Department released Thursday, disclosed a previously unknown episode in which Rosenstein, resisted Trump's efforts to get him to take the blame for the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

That event was examined as a key piece of Mueller's investigation of Trump's possible obstruction of justice, meaning Rosenstein was an important witness in a criminal probe he oversaw beginning in early 2017.

On the night of May 9, 2017, hours after Trump fired Comey, officials in the White House press office called the Justice Department to say the White House "wanted to put out a statement saying that it was Rosenstein's idea to fire Comey," according to the report.

Rosenstein told Justice Department officials that he wouldn't participate in putting out a "false story," he told the special counsel's office.

Yes, yes it does! Especially here, am I right audience??? But Rosenstein claims that he’s trying to “land the plane”. Don’t try to land the plane when the passengers are steering it right into the mountain! Horrible analogy I know! But that doesn’t matter when every good mob boss, like our president, for instance, has a cleaner. Yes, they are trying to change the ship and doing a very bad job of it. But for now, consider Tribute Rosenstein… ELIMINATED!!!

Rod Rosenstein, again, was in danger of losing his job. The New York Times had just reported that - in the heated days after James Comey was fired as FBI director - the deputy attorney general had suggested wearing a wire to surreptitiously record President Donald Trump. Now Trump, traveling in New York, was on the phone, eager for an explanation.

Rosenstein - who, by one account, had gotten teary-eyed just before the call in a meeting with Trump's chief of staff - sought to defuse the volatile situation and assure the president he was on his team, according to people familiar with matter. He criticized the Times report, published in late September, and blamed it on former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, whose recollections formed its basis. Then he talked about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 election and told the president he would make sure Trump was treated fairly, people familiar with the conversation said.

"I give the investigation credibility," Rosenstein said, in the words of one administration official offering their own characterization of the call. "I can land the plane."

The episode illustrates the political tightrope Rosenstein has had to walk in his two years as the Justice Department's second-in-command. To keep his job, the deputy attorney general has worked to mollify an often angry Trump, while at the same time protecting the special counsel's investigation of the president and his campaign. Rosenstein's actions have come under renewed scrutiny, as he has played a key role in releasing Mueller's findings in a way even some of his supporters say has been overly favorable to Trump.

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[font size="8"]Donald Trump
[br] [/font]

From: [link https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212062949 | Idiots #6-16]

Whew. There was so much to unpack at his insane campaign rally last week that I’m going to need a breather after this one. Or at least a nice tall glass of Jack Daniels. You know that abortion is one of the trickiest subjects to navigate in this country, at least since about 1973. But this week things have taken a hard turn in the abortion debate, and not in a good way. Yeah we got to unpack what Trump said in Wisconsin last week, because that was whew, my god. I literally have no words to accurately describe how or what to feel after seeing this. You know what? Fuck it, let’s roll the clip first.

That escalated quickly! Seriously, that never happens, fucking anywhere!!! So why is this so alarming? Well…

President Donald Trump made an incendiary remark at a rally Saturday night, veering from criticism of Wisconsin's Democratic governor to a false claim that mothers and doctors have the option to "execute" babies.
Speaking at a rally he hosted in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday, Trump pointed to former Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who was in attendance, and said Walker's successor, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers "shockingly stated that he will veto legislation that protects Wisconsin babies born alive."
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Evers planned to veto a GOP-backed state bill that could have meant life sentences in prison for doctors who intentionally did not provide medical care to babies born alive after a failed abortion.
Trump continued on the theme after his initial comment to claim that mothers and doctors are given the choice to "execute" a baby.

"The baby is born," Trump said. "The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully, and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby. I don't think so."

Wow, that escalated quickly! We wen t from abortion straight to infanticide. Holy shit. Way to play to extremes there, Trump! Oh wait, except that doesn’t happen anywhere, ever. I mean they didn’t even practice this in Darfur! Jesus, he is certifiably insane. And he’s probably going to get someone killed over this, if he hasn’t already.

In full campaign mode, President Trump urged loyal supporters in Wisconsin -- a key battleground state which Democrats hope to win back in 2020 -- to help him secure a second term and repeat his surprise electoral triumph in 2016.

"You took back your country," he told thousands of boisterous supporters at a campaign rally in Green Bay Saturday night, suggesting that his election three years ago signaled a tectonic shift in American politics.

"You have always been loyal to your nation. Now you finally have a president who is loyal to you," he reassured the crowd, which erupted in chants of "four more years!"

In his third "Make America Great Again" rally of the year, which he held on the same night as the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner, Mr. Trump stuck to his signature campaign rallying cries, denouncing the now-complete Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and bragging about devising the highly controversial proposal of sending migrants apprehended near the southern border to so-called "sanctuary cities," which limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

"That was actually my sick idea," the president said.

At least Trump admits that his ideas are sick. And certainly not in a cool way. His ideas are quite literally sick in every way. That brings up one of my favorite GOP talking points “We’re going to take our country back!!!”. What are you taking it back from? Where are you taking it back to? We may never know the answer to these questions. By the way, if you want to know what actual doctors think of this, you would be (well, not) at all surprised at how wrong Trump is on this subject:

Dr. Kristyn Brandi, an obstetrician-gynecologist and a board member from Physicians for Reproductive Health, said that Trump is not describing a situation in which a licensed doctor would ever participate.

“To be clear, there is never a scenario where a baby is delivered and we decide to execute the baby. That is grossly inflammatory and really insulting to doctors, nurses and everyone else that takes care of people that go through this stuff,” she told TIME.

Trump was referencing Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ opposition to a Republican-backed bill that could put doctors in prison for life if they don’t do everything in their power to save infants born alive after failed abortion attempts.

But Evers has previously explained that he won’t back the bill because he thinks it’s unnecessary. Doctors who don’t help ailing infants clearly in need of medical help would face repercussions for that choice whether or not the bill was passed. “I think those protections already exist,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Scary 4Chan, Bianca’s Dead
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-7

Normally the Top 10 policy is that we don’t joke about things like murder or mass shootings or the situation going on at the border because it’s really too horrifying to make fun of. And this next story is about a murder. But when 4chan is involved… no really, fuck 4chan. And fuck 8chan too. And 16chan, and 32chan, and 64chan, and 128chan. Really, fuck all the Chans at this point. Except for our assistant producer Harold Chan, he can stay. Now the title of this entry comes from an old Psych episode called “Scary Sherry, Bianca’s Dead”. So for this piece, let’s call it “Scary 4chan, Bianca’s Dead”. And for this entry, we will channel our inner Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster. So before we dive into trashing this horrid excuse for an internet forum, what happened exactly?

A young woman active on social media was brutally murdered, with gruesome photos of her body posted to Instagram and other platforms.

Horrific images of 17-year-old Bianca Devins were posted on Instagram early Sunday, after she went to a concert in Queens with Brandon Andrew Clark.

Clark, 21, reportedly called police on himself, according to Lt. Bryan Coromato. When he was discovered in his car in Utica, Clark reportedly slit his own throat and posted pictures of his bleeding neck on Instagram as well.

Devins, who was a popular "egirl" on Tik Tok, was was found dead outside the SUV. Clark was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. The two reportedly met online, and had been seeing each other for about two months before the night of the concert, by Canadian musician Nicole Dollenganger.

Bianca's sister, Olivia Devins, later called Clark a "close family friend."

Yes, stay creepy 4chan! And really what an age we live in where evidence of a fucking murder can be posted online in messaging forums. And how is 4chan not being monitored by the FBI and CIA as being a terrorist group? Well, maybe terrorism is a harsh word to use for a group of incels who live in their mom’s basement and spend the whole day chain smoking and pooping their pants. I assume that’s what incels do all day. But what drove them to murder?

"Here comes Hell. It's redemption, right?"

Brandon Andrew Clark posed that question, taken from a rock song, to his Instagram followers in a temporary 24-hour story posted before dawn last Sunday.

The next image he shared was far more disturbing. A blurry photograph captioned "I'm sorry Bianca" appeared to show a woman's bloodied torso.

Before then his Instagram account, which we have chosen not to name, was mostly used to catalogue selfies and posts about music and art. Police believe the 21 year old had met Bianca through the platform two months earlier and their relationship had progressed in person since.

On Saturday, he drove Bianca to New York City from Utica, where she lived, to see Canadian singer Nicole Dollanganger perform. Police said they believed the pair had got into an argument on the way back, possibly about her kissing someone else, and he had fatally attacked her with a knife.

Police said the suspect shared an even more graphic photograph of Bianca's body on Discord - a popular messaging platform for gamers. This image showed the extent of injuries to Bianca's throat and made clear her wounds had been fatal.

Obviously. Look, passionate romance is nothing to joke about. And for an Incel who was lucky enough to score, that shit should be taken seriously! So what happens when a murder like this goes viral? And going viral is probably the worst thing you can say about someone’s murder. Oh pictures of her fatally stabbed body just.. went viral. Yeah that doesn’t sound good at all does it?

Like most mornings, Jared, who lives in a small town in southern Utah, logged in to Bianca’s group chat on Sunday to see what he’d missed overnight.

There, posted 15 minutes earlier, was a photo of Bianca’s body. From the gaze in her eyes and the extensive injuries, it was obvious she was dead.

The image, posted under a username associated with Clark, was accompanied by a message: “Sorry fuckers, you’re going to have to find someone else to orbit.”

On his own social media accounts, Clark was busy telling a story seemingly calculated for maximum exposure. He uploaded pictures of himself and Bianca’s body and declared his intention to kill himself. As police arrived to apprehend him on a secluded street in Utica, he continued to snap photos and post them online.

He even left a message at the scene, police said: The words “May you never forget me” were spray-painted on the pavement, an apparent reference to a manga about a toxic relationship that both he and Bianca liked.

Holy shit! I think we might have found the worst possible use for Instagram here. This is where toxic masculinity takes a very ugly turn. And toxic masculinity is ugly to begin with! Just adding the word “toxic” to anything makes it ugly. Like… toxic unicorns. Yes, the word “toxic” can make the most innocent things sound horrible. Like for instance I literally just turned something as innocent as a unicorn into something extremely horrifying and terrible. You can’t get that image out of your head now, can you? And here’s where social media gets really ugly.

After Bianca Devins’ brutal murder, incels and trolls gleefully circulated photos of her mutilated body across the internet. But within days, the #RIPBianca hashtag and her tagged Instagram photos were transformed into an endless stream of bubblegum pink, fluffy white kittens, candy hearts, and glittery pink clouds.

The dreamy imagery is coming from a vast community of “e-girls,” an online subculture influenced by video games, anime, and grunge that Devins had belonged to.

For these girls and young women, many of whom face harassment and threats on a regular basis, Devin’s brutal murder hit way too close to home.

“Finding out about Bianca was terrifying,” said Ashley Eldridge, a 19-year-old e-girl. “I worry about stuff like that happening all the time. I’m constantly scared that someone is going to recognize me in real life and follow me.”

The e-girl community was almost instantly privy to the incredible violence Devins suffered in the final moments of her life, sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning. Her killer stabbed her to death and then shared pictures of her dead body on social media, including her Discord server. Police suspect her boyfriend, a 22-year-old online influencer Brandon Clark who police say she’d met through Instagram about two months earlier.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Top 10 Investigates: Brady Bunch Vs Anti Vaxxers
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #6-18

It’s time to investigate beyond the headlines. This is Top 10 Investigates.

Measles outbreaks are happening all over the country. As such, scientists and doctors are tracing the origins of the resurgence of this horrifying disease. While the anti-vaccination crowd is largely to blame, people are trying to figure out what’s fueling anti-vaccination hysteria. But would you ever guess that an episode of the classic sitcom the Brady Bunch was fueling the hysteria? Anti-vaccination crusaders may be upping their game when it comes to the hysteria and harassment, but this takes things to whole new levels of extreme. And it’s hard to take them seriously when you find this out.

“If you have to get sick,” Marcia Brady bellows. “Sure can’t beat the measles!” Marcia delivered the line in an episode of The Brady Bunch that aired in 1969. Fifty years later, it's echoing through Facebook antivaxxer communities.

If you ignore the sitcom context, it does sound like a peppy mid-century advertising slogan for the disease, the sort of thing a feverish Don Draper might have come up with after his eighth Old Fashioned. So, naturally, that’s how antivaxxers are taking it.

Marcia’s pro-measles platform has been a staple of the antivax community for a while now—it’s a popular meme, which means that it’s also T-shirt. Screengrabs of blonde-pigtailed Marcia grinning at the thought of measles are so common in anti-vaccine forums that Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia, got on NPR and asked to be excluded from this narrative. She’s quaintly scandalized that strangers would use her face for their own ends without her permission, without asking her whether she believes in vaccines or not. The antivaxxers do not care.

To them, whether or not Maureen McCormick vaccinated her children, which she did, is irrelevant, as is McCormicks’ discomfort with becoming the face of measles. (“Boo hoo,” read several Facebook comments.) So is the fact that the creator of The Brady Bunch, Sherwood Schwartz, was also a known child vaccinator. Everyone involved can wave their vaccination records all they want and it won’t deter anybody from buying a T-shirt that informs the world that the titular family of a sitcom failed to die of measles on daytime television. This meme is not about Marcia or any of the Brady bunch: It’s about having a slice of 1969.

Ha ha ha, measles are so much fun! It’s just a day off school don’t you know? Now this brings up an interesting question – should we trust all of our medical advice to sitcoms? Well if you even have to ponder the answer to this question, you’re an idiot. But then again anti-vaccination crusaders are the kind of people who take what’s said on TV way too seriously.

Some anti-vaxxers – those misguided people who believe vaccines do more harm than good despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary – are using “The Brady Bunch” to make their case.

In an episode from the 1969 TV show, the Brady kids come down with the measles, skip school and hilarity ensues.

“If you have to get sick, you sure can’t beat the measles,” says Marcia Brady, played by actress Maureen McCormick, in a clip circulated by anti-vaxxers.

Nearly fifty years after that episode first aired, the United States has the highest number of measles cases since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000.

McCormick told NPR she isn’t happy that Marcia has become an unwitting spokesperson for the pro-measles, anti-vaccination crowd.

Well if you give someone the measles you probably wont get any friends. In fact the number of cases of the measles is so severe that it’s a few hundred away from reaching epidemic proportions. But really this is something to be concerned about, and anti-vaccination people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

The number of confirmed U.S. measles cases this year has climbed to 764, more than double the number a year ago and the highest total in 25 years, federal health officials announced Monday.

Sixty additional cases were reported last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Most of those were in New York City and its suburbs.

Pennsylvania became the 23rd state where measles cases have been confirmed.

Ogbonnaya Omenka, an associate professor and public health specialist at Butler University, found some encouraging news in the report. He noted that the number of cases rose about the same in the past two weeks, less than previous gains. But authorities dare not get complacent, he said.

"This outbreak is an indication that the traditional methods of addressing measles outbreaks in the United States may not suffice any longer," Omenka told USA TODAY. "Public health authorities need to quickly recognize this and adapt accordingly."

Yes in fact that’s the reaction that you should give someone who says that they don’t believe in vaccines and that they won’t get their children vaccinated because of fears of autism. In fact this is so outrageous and stupid that you can’t begin to fathom the ire that is coming from the creators and stars of the actual Brady Bunch. They aren’t having any of it.

As the number of measles cases nationwide rises to levels not seen since before the virus was declared eliminated in 2000, some people who oppose vaccines cite an odd cultural reference as evidence that the concern about measles is overblown: a 1969 episode of The Brady Bunch.

Some former Brady Bunch cast members aren't happy about it.

The episode "Is There a Doctor in the House?" features the whole family sick with measles. First, Peter gets sent home from school. Mother Carol Brady, played by Florence Henderson, describes his symptoms as "a slight temperature, a lot of dots and a great big smile," because he gets to stay home from school for a few days.

Once the rest of the six kids come down with measles, the youngest two Brady siblings fool around, with Bobby trying to color Cindy's measles spots green.

"If you have to get sick, sure can't beat the measles," sister Marcia says, as the older Bradys sit around a Monopoly board on one of the kid's beds. All the kids are thankful they don't have to take any medicine or, worse, get shots, the thought of which causes Jan to groan.

That’s it for Top 10 Investigates. Good day.

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[font size="8"]Holy Shit
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-8

Let’s spin it to win it!!! Oh hey look it’s a clip without context!

Really? The most racist senator in the world switched parties and somehow became less racist? Shut up. And look at that suit - is he peddling conspiracy theories or auditioning to be in a barber shop quartet? Thank you! Spin it again! Oh hey it’s time for Holy Shit!

Gather around my fair brothers and sisters of Austin! It’s time to take a seat in the pew and pass the collection plate, for the Holy Church Of The Top 10 has convened and it’s time to remind you that the holiest among us are the most full of:

My fair congregation!!! Today we are going to answer a question that is as old as time itself – is it OK to monetize the good LAWRD JAYSUS? And by monetize, I mean merchandise! Yes, that is where the real money is made. It’s all about the merchandise and the bling bling! Well, our brother Kanye is looking to make some money off his recent venture into religion. And what would JAYSUS say about that? well, JAYSUS merchandises himself that’s what! I mean he is the world’s greatest salesman! People say that Kanye West is the greatest hip hop musician of all time. So why is Kanye trying to be among the godliest among us? Well, he is friends with the unholy Dark One, who claims to be a man of GAWD, so why not?

Kanye West is taking the fashion industry to church.

On July 19, West reportedly applied to trademark the phrase “Sunday Service,” a reference to his series of invite-only, sermon-like concerts. The application was filed by Mascotte Holdings, Inc., the rapper’s intellectual property holding company. Should his application be approved, he will be able to produce Sunday Service bottoms, tops, dresses, headwear, footwear, jackets, loungewear, scarves, shirts, and socks.

Beginning on the first Sunday in January, West’s church-inspired gospel performances, called Sunday Service, have garnered media attention for their spectacle and religious ambiguity. In an April appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Kardashian sisters awkwardly stumbled through questions about Kanye’s Sunday Service. Kim rebuffed Kimmel’s description of the experience as church, explaining, “We didn’t really have a name for it because it is more of a healing experience.”

Khloe expanded on the difference between a house of God and the House of West. “We have so many friends that maybe feel a little too judgmental when they go to church,” she said. “When they come here, they feel so free and safe.” According to Kim, there is no praying, though Kourtney definitively clarified, “It is Christian.” With a smirk, she added, “They sing ‘Jesus Walks,’” referring to West’s 2004 hit song endorsing Christianity.

Why yes, yes it does good sir!!! So what we’re asking this week – is it OK to make a profit off the Almighty LAWRD? Well, we do. I mean you bought tickets to our low-rent dog and pony Sunday service! Sure, we don’t have the budget that Kanye does or do we have his influence. But we do have the good LAWRD JAYSUS on our side! So why is Hollywood getting into the JAYSUS game? Because, hipster churches, that’s why!

This week, thousands of teenagers and twentysomethings mustered excitedly about London’s O2 Arena eagerly anticipating the evening’s entertainment. Sporting tattoos and scantily dressed in the summer heat, they might have been queuing for any pop concert. Instead, it was to meet an evangelical church pastor.

Inside the arena, a packed audience, nearly 15,000-strong, cheered breakdancers, rap artists and rock guitarists all espousing the worship of God. And then, at the moment of maximum rhapsody, out strode Hillsong’s lead pastor and founder Brian Houston, wearing a red checkered blazer and declaring: “Jesus, what a beautiful sight…”

As the 65-year-old Australian preached, those in the exultant crowd closed their eyes and raised their arms to the lights. One teenage boy in a tracksuit opposite me wiped a tear away from his cheek.
Brian Houston, the founder and lead pastor of the Hillsong movement
Brian Houston, the founder and lead pastor of the Hillsong movement Credit: Jeff Gilbert

Chances are you may not have heard of Hillsong, an evangelical movement founded by Brian and his wife, Bobbie Houston, in Sydney in 1983. Now spanning more than 15 countries, its mega-churches are the centre of the fastest-growing religious movement in the world: Pentecostalism, which boasts more than 500m adherents.

Well I feel like Kanye does have that kind of power, bro! It’s about information, and JAYSUS. But hey maybe that’s how we get more viewers for the Holy Church Of The Top 10. Let’s get rappers and skateboarders here and have a charismatic con artist play the preacher. Well I do sort of play that part already! But so… is Kanye trying to sell a show based on his Sunday sermon or not? I’m not gonna lie, kind of want to see this thing.

Kim Kardashian has responded to claims that Kanye West is trying to ‘sell’ his Sunday Service as a TV show and it looks like it won’t be coming to screens any time soon. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been keeping fans in the loop with Kanye’s church services most Sundays since earlier this year, with more celebrities attending each week.

The Gold Digger rapper even managed to perform at this year’s Coachella on an actual mountaintop. A source recently claimed that Kanye had been pitching Sunday Service as a TV series but Kim says there are currently no plans to broadcast. Responding to the reports in a tweet, Kim simply stated: ‘Not true.’ Radar Online had previously said that Kanye was ‘extremely passionate about his faith’ and wanted to ‘share it more regularly with people’.

‘Say what you want about Kanye, but he really does want to help people who need support.’ They added: ‘He understands brokenness and the need for healing, probably more than most people. ‘He believes in the healing powers of music, but also believes that God can step in and heal people’s brokenness and their issues.’

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/04/kim-kardashian-responds-claims-kanye-west-trying-sell-sunday-service-tv-show-10114115/?ito=cbshare

You know if there’s one thing a good televangelist understands, it’s not that they want to help people, because televangelists don’t do that. You know what a good televangelist understands? He understands the power of the almighty dollar! Can I get an amen??? And there’s no one better for that than Kanye is, because he understands the power of the almighty dollar! After all, he is married to Kim Kardashian! And here’s where the money making side comes in!

The 'Bound 2' rapper is keen to launch his own religious organisation based on his weekly concerts, which he calls Sunday Service, and has reportedly bought a plot of land near his home in Los Angeles so that he can build "pods" for his followers to stay in for a "few weeks at a time" while they focus on his new modern faith.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Kanye wants to develop a Church which introduces a new way to celebrate faith, bringing religion into the 21st century.

"His faith is massively important to him and he thinks this is the way to engage young people. He thinks it will surpass Hillsong, which has churches in 21 countries and is hugely popular in Los Angeles with the likes of Justin Bieber.

"He wants to build temporary habitable pods where followers of his church can live for a few weeks at a time. They are insanely intricate and expensive but it would give ease of access for his Sunday Service."

And the 42-year-old star's new idea will no doubt go down well with his wife Kim Kardashian West as she recently praised his weekly service and said the musical gathering is intended to be healing for the participants, rather than "preaching."

There it is folks, modern church isn’t about money making it’s about the almighty dollar! And Kanye is a better kind of preacher! Mass has ended, may you go in peace! That’s it this week for:

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[font size="8"]Beating A Dead Horse: Nike II
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-5

OK conservatives – we get it! You hate Nike! You really hate Nike! Now I want you to show me on the doll where the swoosh hurt you. Just in your mind? That’s it? Stop it already. What’s the latest conservative beef with the shoe company? Well, Nike had planned to roll out a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag on it. And well, their boy Colin Kaepernick had some concerns about it. Which of course got the conservatives’ underwear in a wad over who is the more rootin’ tootin’ ‘Murica worshipper than the next guy. Because in addition to hating Nike, they really hate Colin Kaepernick!

Nike pulled an American-flag-themed shoe design after the former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who endorses Nike, said he and others found the specific flag design offensive, associating it with the time of slavery in America, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The company had meant for the Air Max 1 USA to go on sale this week in tandem with the Fourth of July. The heel of the shoe featured a version of the US flag with 13 white stars, which was created circa the 1770s during the American Revolution and is commonly referred to as the Betsy Ross flag.

Citing unnamed sources, The Journal said Kaepernick contacted the company after images of the shoe started appearing online and said that people, himself included, considered the Betsy Ross flag an "offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery."

As The Journal noted, the flag also sparked controversy back in 2016 after students waved it at a high-school football game in Michigan. Some parents and students left the game "unsettled," as the flag was seen by some as a symbol of white supremacy and white nationalism, according to the local news outlet Mlive.com.

That’s a good question and I’m sure that conservatives are probably thinking that right now! I mean if you hate them, then you must hate Jesus! But we get it conservatives, you love your flag more than you love life itself. And that’s not a bad thing, but really, lighten up guys. You know why Nike pulled the Betsy Ross shoe? Well if you don’t then you’re part of the problem.

The decision caused an instant backlash among conservatives who accused Nike of denigrating U.S. history, with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey tweeting that he is asking the state's Commerce Authority to withdraw financial incentives promised to Nike to build a plant in the state.

Others expressed surprise that the symbol known as the Betsy Ross flag, so named after the beloved Philadelphia woman credited with designing it, could be considered offensive. Although some extremist groups appear to have appropriated the flag, it is not widely viewed as a symbol of hate, and is used in museums that focus on 18th century U.S. history.

The Anti-Defamation League does not include it in its database of hate symbols. Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow for the ADL's Center on Extremism, said extremist groups have occasionally used it, but the flag is most commonly used by people for patriotic purposes.

"We view it as essentially an innocuous historical flag," Pitcavage said. "It's not a thing in the white supremacist movement."

Nike said in statement that "it pulled the shoe based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday." The company pushed back against criticism that the decision was being "anti-American."

Oh come on conservatives, lighten up and have a sense of humor. Seriously, Nike only committed the worst kind of discrimination – the kind against you. It’s not about the American flag – it’s about you personally. Nike hurt your feelings. But your ego is so big that you think that Nike hurting your feelings is hurting America’s feelings.

Nike’s sales have only grown since it seized attention with its ad campaign featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. So, the shoemaker deferred to its star endorser when he raised concerns over a sneaker featuring an early American flag.

Nike pulled the Air Max 1 USA shoe, which included a Revolutionary-era U.S. flag with 13 white stars in a circle on the heel. Kaepernick reached out to Nike after learning they planned to release the sneaker to explain that the flag recalls an era when black people were enslaved and that it has been appropriated by white nationalist groups, a person familiar with the conversation told The Associated Press.

The person requested not to be named because the conversation was intended to be private.

Nike decided to recall the shoe after it had been already sent to retailers to go on sale this week for the July Fourth holiday, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Others expressed surprise that the symbol known as the “Betsy Ross” flag, so named after the beloved Philadelphia woman credited with designing it, could be considered offensive. Although some extremist groups appear to have appropriated the flag, it is not widely viewed as a symbol of hate, and is used in museums that focus on 18th century U.S. history.

OK so white supremacists adopted the Betsy Ross flag as a symbol of modern white supremacy. You know, they’re not like your dad’s white supremacists. They’re the hip, trendy white supremacists you see on social media. Conservatives love to fight weird battles. And they’ll get pissed about a pair of sneakers before they get mad about children sitting in concentration camps. Yeah it’s that fucked up isn’t it? Oh and by the way, conservatives, keep up the Nike boycotts. Because guess what? While you’re complaining and moaning about Nike, they’re busy doing that thing called making money!

Nike's controversial decision to stop selling a patriotic Betsy Ross shoe at the behest of Colin Kaepernick has had a significant impact on the athletic company's market value.

While the company is taking a beating in the public relations department, Nike's market value increased significantly this week after the controversy boiled over, TMZ reported.

As of market close on Friday, Nike shares were up 2 percent in just three days, which added a whopping $3 billion to Nike's market value, which closed at $136.38 billion on Friday.

Kevin O'Leary, an investor on "Shark Tank," told TMZ he believes Nike manufactured the controversy as a marketing ploy.

This is not the first time Nike has capitalized on controversy with Kaepernick.

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[font size="8"]People Who Somehow Got Elected: Duncan Hunter
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-3

Politicians at the state and local levels who are so toxic, you wonder how they’re able to get away with the things they get away with. This is:

This week – San Diego, California representative Duncan Hunter (R – Obviously). You might recall Rep. Hunter from when he famously tried to get his pet rabbit a seat on a Southwest flight (see: Idiots #5-10 ) that cost taxpayer money to the tune of $600. For his rabbit. And that’s not all – Rep. Hunter is in some seriously deep doo doo that is costing him big time. And when your wife says “she’s talking to prosecutors”, that’s never a good thing now is it? But for some reason, San Diego not only elects Duncan Hunter, they keep reelecting him time and time again.

California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter's wife Margaret pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiring with her husband to "knowingly and willingly" convert campaign funds for personal use. She has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Both Hunters previously pleaded not guilty to federal charges that they had stolen a quarter of a million dollars in campaign funds to furnish a lavish lifestyle that was beyond their means.

Margaret Hunter's agreement to cooperate with prosecutors was a huge development in the federal case that poses a legal and political threat to her husband, the sitting congressman.

Margaret Hunter appeared alone with her lawyers in a federal district court in San Diego before Judge Thomas Whelan, where she changed her plea in the high-profile case. The congressman did not appear with his wife on Thursday.

So Duncan Hunter may have stolen a small fortune of campaign contributions and used it to live the high life. Who wouldn’t? Oh that’s right, most of us have this thing called “integrity”, which you must lack in order to be a member of today’s republican party. So just how deep does this Duncan Hunter scandal go and how much worse could it get? Well, a whole lot worse. Think of this like Arrested Development.

Margaret Hunter, wife of Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.), pleaded guilty to charges in the campaign finance case she and her husband were indicted in last summer, saying that she — and the congressman — used campaign funds for personal use, including a $10,000 trip to Italy.

Margaret Hunter, 44, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring with her husband to using $25,000 in campaign funds for personal use, according to an agreement she signed with federal prosecutors Tuesday and read out in court on Thursday. She is scheduled to be sentenced in September and faces up to five years in prison for the one charge. Prosecutors dismissed the other charges she was facing.

The plea agreement represents a potentially awkward split with her congressman husband, who has pleaded not guilty to the four charges against him. As part of the deal, she has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors as they continue to work their case against her husband, and to testify in any grand jury proceedings or trial that she is asked to. Prosecutors said that the congressman obtained a credit card tied to his campaign funds for his wife, “recognizing that she would spend campaign funds for the Hunters’ personal benefit.”

“I am deeply remorseful, and I apologize,” Margaret Hunter said in a statement. “I am saddened for the hurt I have caused my family and others. I understand that there will be more consequences stemming from my actions but, as demonstrated by my plea today, I have taken the first step to face them.”

Well yeah if you have the worst attorneys, you probably should be aware that a husband and wife can be charged with the same crime. That’s law 101. So what would be the implications if Mr. Hunter is indicted for these crimes? Well, Margaret Hunter flipping on her husband could have serious implications for Mr. Hunter himself – and that can’t be a good thing. Remember that Arrested Development episode? Well, she might wind up sharing a cell with him.

Downtown attorney Jeremy Warren had work to do Thursday, but he took time to comment on what transpired in the federal courthouse a few blocks away.

A veteran criminal defense lawyer, Warren opined on Margaret Hunter changing her plea to guilty in the corruption case enveloping herself and her husband, Rep. Duncan D. Hunter.

“This deal gives her an excellent chance of not going to jail as long as she continues to cooperate against her husband,” he tweeted several hours after the 9-minute morning hearing.

Federal prosecutors recommended in a plea agreement that she get a far lighter sentence than the 5-year maximum for the single count she admitted. (She also confirmed that the couple illegally spent $200,000 in campaign funds on personal goods and travel).

The deal Hunter signed Tuesday drops her sentencing range into Zone B of the federal guidelines, Warren told Times of San Diego in a phone interview.

No, no light treason here. Just massive greed on a massive scale. You can’t just steal $250K – that’s a quarter of a million dollars. So Duncan Hunter threw his wife under the bus, and now she got behind the wheel and is driving it. This is what we believe one would call a “circular firing squad”, and things could get that much worse for the embattled San Diego representative.

Margaret Hunter, the wife of longtime East County Congressman Duncan D. Hunter who was co-indicted with her husband last summer, has agreed to change her plea of not guilty and is scheduled to appear in federal court Thursday morning.

The announcement was posted on the U.S. District Court docket late Wednesday morning without any supplemental documentation.

“Notice of hearing as to defendant Margaret E. Hunter,” the docket entry states. “Change of Plea hearing set for 6/13/2019.”

Both Hunter and his wife were indicted in August on 60 criminal counts related to what prosecutors allege was a years-long misuse of campaign donations to the congressman’s re-election fund. Each of the defendants pleaded not guilty to all charges last year.

Apparently they can. And in case you’re wondering how Hunter repeatedly gets elected in San Diego, yeah, you don’t really need to look far. In today’s republican party all you have to do is talk about how much you hate Islam and you’re in. In fact they’ll elect you to the highest levels of government. It really is that easy – if you’re a republican.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who ran a 2018 reelection campaign rooted in Islamophobia, said Saturday that he had posed for pictures with dead combatants during his time as a Marine in the Middle East.

Hunter was defending Navy SEAL chief Eddie Gallagher, one of several servicemen charged with war crimes who may soon receive a pardon from President Donald Trump.

Gallagher is currently awaiting trial for numerous acts allegedly committed during his time in Iraq, including firing a machine gun haphazardly into residential neighborhoods and killing a young girl and an old man with targeted sniper fire. Gallagher also allegedly stabbed a wounded teenage ISIS fighter who had been taken prisoner, and shared photos of himself holding the dead boy’s head later, boasting that he “got him with my hunting knife.”

“Eddie did one bad thing that I’m guilty of too, taking a picture of the body and saying something stupid,” Hunter said over the weekend.

So war crimes, fraud, high crimes and other misdemeanors, that’s just a day in the life of San Diego’s Duncan Hunter. Yet another in the ever-growing list of:

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[font size="8"]People Are Dumb
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-9

Hit it!

Of course you know by now that people are people, and people are dumb. And I love these stories and this segment, I could talk about stupid people all day. Wait – I do talk about stupid people all day! So who is dumb this week? Well I want to start with this story out of Bettendorf, Iowa, because this is multiple levels of crazy. You’ve got casinos, you’ve got boats, and you’ve got a very poorly planned scheme gone horribly wrong. And really, if you’re going to steal a boat, maybe, I don’t know, learn how to navigate the waters or you might accidentally steer your boat into a construction zone where there’s cops everywhere!

A naked man was arrested after he stole a boat and floated into the I-74 bridge construction area Sunday night.

Tobias Hartsfield, 43, from Bettendorf, was naked when he took a boat from the Isle of Capri marina and floated towards a barge in the new bridge construction area on August 11, before 11 p.m. according to a statement from Lauran Haldeman, a spokeswoman for the city.

Hartsfield got onto the barge and untied ropes, causing the barge to shift, before he went back to the stolen boat where he was arrested by police.

Upon arrest, police were unable to find Hartsfield's clothing, according to the statement. A tug boat was also called to move the barge back into place.

Hartsfield was given clothes at the jail. He was charged with theft, trespassing and first degree and second degree criminal mischief.

Next up – don’t look a gift car in the mouth. We go to Indiana for this story. So what happens if you ask for a Jaguar and get a BMW? I don’t know anyone who would choose a Jaguar over a BMW but whatever floats your boat I guess. And in what seems like a page from Homer Simpson’s playbook, this guy tried to plunge his car into the river and got caught doing it. Really, this is a great one for the “Simpsons Did It” file:

An Indian man apparently angered at getting a BMW for his birthday - instead of a Jaguar - pushed the new vehicle into a river.

Video posted on social media shows it floating away on the river in the northern Indian state of Haryana.

It later got stuck on a bank of tall grass and the man, said to be the son of a local landlord, tried to rescue it.

Police are investigating the incident, local media report.

BMW cars cost around 3.5m rupees (£41,400; $49,000) locally, with Jaguars costing about 4-5m rupees.

Next up we go to Nashville for this story. I have so many questions about this story. A flight attendant hid in the overhead bin on a flight from Nashville to Philadelphia. And I’m not sure who’s stupider – the person hiding in the overhead bin or the crew who didn’t discover this person until after they land? I mean come on, I have to check my bag when the overhead bin is too full!

Overhead space is at a premium on most planes, but passengers on a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Philadelphia found their carry-ons crowded out by a flight attendant who had climbed inside the overhead compartment.

The incident, which occurred before the plane doors were closed, was filmed by passenger Veronica Lloyd, who returning home to Pennsylvania.

In the clip, the unnamed female attendant can be seen on her side and then rolling onto her stomach. It appears she was starting to say something when the video cut off.

Lloyd told Fox News she was "perplexed" by the attendant's impromptu hide-and-seek, noting she was up there for at least 10 minutes. "It was very interesting. I think she was doing it to try and be funny and make the passengers laugh."

"Southwest Employees are known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities. In this instance, one of our flight attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with customers during boarding. Of course, this is not our normal procedure, and Southwest crews always maintain safety as their top priority."

I like when a news story that they just can’t get enough words to meet the bare minimum has the generic PR copy at the bottom. Next up you know we make a lot of jokes about America’s most penis-shaped state, the Sunshine State, you know them better as Florida. And we may have reached Peak Florida with this story. Rather than intro it, I will let the story do the talking!

Surveillance video captured a man driving a golf cart through a Hillsborough County Walmart.

On Thursday afternoon, deputies were called to the Walmart at 9205 Gibsonton Dr. for reports of a man on a golf cart blocking the liquor store entrance, refusing to leave and demanding to speak with a manager.

This is the same Walmart where a Walmart worker's son was arrested for threatening to shoot up the store days ago.

Deputies began speaking to the man on the golf cart, Michael Hudson.

While speaking with deputies, Hudson suddenly accelerates through the heavily congested pedestrian area in front of the store toward the main entrance nearly striking numerous pedestrians who ran to avoid being hit.

That is a good question, sir! And yes I do think this story requires the Benny Hill theme! Next up – staying in the Sunshine State, what the hell do they sell at a store called “Rockhard Lovestuff”? No wait don’t tell me – I’m guessing they sell sex toys and porno? And really if you’re that mad at a store, at least maybe, I don’t know, get dressed before leaving the house?

The man angrily tore off his clothes in front of a Wilton Manors restaurant, got on his bicycle and rode nude to a store called RockHard Lovestuff. It was early evening with rush-hour traffic passing the man.

“It was like he was mad at them,” said Skip VandeLinde, who was driving by at the time. “It was just strange.”

The man went in, took an article of clothing from the store and put it on, police said. He said he was trading his bike for it and walked out.

When officers found him, he was once again nude and walking up and down the block, exposed to passersby, police said.

He was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition and obstruction by disguised person. He wouldn’t give his name. Later, police put out the man’s mug shot — he was booked under the name John Smith — in hopes of identifying him.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Don’t show that one again! finally this week – hey a story from the state we’re in, Kentucky! And was Florida woman visiting the Bluegrass State or something? Because this story has Florida written all over it, and it was from Kentucky!

While handcuffed behind her back in the rear of a Kentucky squad car, a suspect removed a bag of narcotics from her vagina and snorted the white powder inside, according to police who arrested the woman on drug possession and other charges.

Responding to a report about an intoxicated couple preparing to drive a car, cops in Winchester, a city 20 miles east of Lexington, encountered Kathryn Ahlers, 28, and her boyfriend outside a vehicle on Main Street around 11:30 PM Friday.

Upon determining that Ahlers’s 17-month-old son could not be properly cared for since his mother was “manifestly under the influence and a danger to herself and others,” a Winchester Police Department officer arrested Ahlers around 2 AM Saturday and placed her in his cruiser.

Pictured above, Ahlers was handcuffed behind her back when she somehow “pulled a clear plastic baggie from her vagina cavity” and “dumped some white substance on the seat.” Ahlers then “began to inhale it through her nose.”

That’s it this week for:

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[font size="8"]Keeping Up With The Candidates Ep.
[br] [/font]

From: Idiots #7-8

Let’s give the wheel a final spin for the week. Oh and it lands on another clip without context!

I bet Thanksgiving is real fun at his house! "Can I have some gravy?" "Yes, and GOD WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN FOR YOUR EXCESSIVE GLUTTONY!!!! YOU HEATHEN!!!". I have so many questions about this! Spin it again! And it lands on… Keeping Up With The Candidates!

Welcome back to Keeping Up With The Candidates – your one stop source for all things relating to the 2020 MOTHER OF ALL ELECTIONS TO END ALL ELECTIONS: Electric Boogaloo Die Harder. Last week we introduced you to the craziness that are the Republican challengers to Alabama’s Doug Jones, and the return that nobody asked for - Roy Moore is turning the entire thing into a massive shit show. This week, we’re going to Minnesota. Of course you know that Trump is doubling and tripling down his attacks on the women in Congress known as “The Squad”. Well, one of those members of The Squad, Ilhan Omar (D, MN-5), has a challenger! We are going to introduce you to that challenger, and you might be shocked by what you find. OK, not really that shocking.

Danielle Stella, a Republican candidate seeking to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar from the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, firmly supports the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to someone identifying themselves as communications volunteer who responded to Right Wing Watch’s inquiry.

QAnon is a Trump-era phenomena centered on a conspiracy theory that alleges that Trump administration insiders have been dropping clues, in the form of cryptic riddles posted on anonymous imageboards, about a supposed secret plan to take down the “deep state” and a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles said to include A-list Hollywood figures and top-level Democrats. Believers, who call themselves “anons,” dedicate themselves to decoding the posts. Early on, QAnon adherents claimed that Trump was secretly working with then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller to expose the Satanists.

People who believe in QAnon are increasingly frequent fixtures at Trump rallies. At a campaign rally in North Carolina last week, President Donald Trump praised a baby wearing a onesie emblazoned on the back with the “Q” emblem sometimes worn by adherents to the theory.

Travis View, co-host of the “QAnon Anonymous” podcast (which takes a critical look at the Q phenomenon), noticed today that Stella had responded to pro-QAnon Twitter users on her account and had used the hashtag “#WWG1WGA” popularized by QAnon believers online. A closer review of her Twitter account reveals that Stella has not been shy engaging with QAnon content.

Seriously? I’m sick of seeing this horseshit on twitter. There’s no way I would want to see that crap leaving its’ stink on Congress. Oh and by the way, in a not at all shocking twist to this story, Stella is wanted for several counts of robbery. And in a typical Trump fan fashion – where he always recruits “the best people” (read: worst), Stella is attempting to “yada yada” her way out of the situation.

A Republican challenger to Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar is accused of shoplifting 279 items from a suburban Target earlier this year.

A criminal complaint says Danielle Stella stole items valued at more than $2,000 from Target during one visit on January 8. She allegedly told police she doesn’t remember anything after arriving at Target, due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Star Tribune reported that Stella was arrested again in April after allegedly stealing $40 in cat food from a Cub grocery store. A police report says she told an officer she forgot to pay.

In a text to the Guardian, a British newspaper, Stella said she’s innocent until proven guilty, and if she were guilty, she would never run for public office.

Stella is a 31-year-old special education teacher and supporter of President Donald Trump. She has gained attention for social media posts referencing QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory. Last week InfoWars broadcast an interview in which she described Minneapolis as the “crime capital” of America.

Seriously Target, fool you once, shame on you. Fool you 279 times, well, shame on whoever failed to catch her 278 of those times. And can we stop treating Qanon crap like it’s national news? It originated in the sewage pit of internet message boards. And I would think that Ms. Stella, being a special education teacher, would recognize that this stuff is bullshit, but I guess that anyone can become a member of the Trump cult. But guess what? Her criminal record won’t stop her from challenging Omar.

Minnesota congressional representative Ilhan Omar has only been in office since January. But already the Somali-American lawmaker, who made history by wearing a hijab during her swearing-in, has a challenger for her seat: a 31-year-old special education teacher named Danielle Stella who promises to be tough on crime but herself has a criminal record and a pending felony theft charge.

On June 19, Stella filed a statement of candidacy (pdf) with the Federal Election Commission despite her own legal woes. Stella was twice charged with theft this year, once in January for allegedly stealing 279 items worth more than $2,300 from a Target store. After she failed to appear in court on that charge on April 4, a warrant was issued for her arrest. That warrant was executed on April 28, when Stella was caught purportedly shoplifting $40 worth of items from a grocery store, including tick spray for cats.

“I am not guilty of these crimes. In this country I am innocent until proven guilty and that is the law,” Stella told the Guardian recently. “If I was guilty of crimes, I would never run for public office, putting myself in the public eye under a microscope to be attacked by all political sides.”

Stella’s response is technically correct—she is innocent until proven guilty under American criminal law. But it doesn’t reflect the full extent of her liberty. Even if she is proven guilty and convicted of a felony, the conviction wouldn’t bar her from running for or ultimately holding the federal public office she seeks.

Now you might be asking – what about her popularity? Well Trump is not only doubling down on his attacks on Omar, he’s tripling down. They hate her! They really hate her. Yeah you can cite polls about how Omar has a 20% rating in the nationwide polls. But anyone who takes politics more seriously than we do, will tell you that those polls are a steaming load of bullshit. And guess what? Trump’s attacks on Omar have made her more popular than ever!

But in the city of Minneapolis, many of Omar’s constituents are standing fiercely behind their congresswoman. Many say they believe she has been unfairly maligned, her words twisted because of her background and religious faith. They are proud of how Omar has fought Trump and his allies while pushing far-left policies like student loan forgiveness.

Omar is a symbol of everything Minneapolis’s progressives want to project — and now that she’s in office, battered by the president and his party, Omar has been boosted by the fact that she has become a symbol of everything Trump hates.

Omar is the only member of "the Squad,” the group of four Democratic women of color targeted by Trump, to represent a district that is mostly white — just under two-thirds. That still makes the 5th District the most diverse district in Minnesota, a heavily white state with some of the country’s worst racial disparities and a stubbornly persistent wealth gap.

“Part of the reason I voted for her is to have representation of the people that Trump is demeaning in office,” said Braden Eliason, a medical tech executive in Minneapolis who stopped at Omar’s booth at the street fair Sunday.

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Ladies and gentlemen I am extremely excited to have my next band on, their latest album is called “Voyager”, you can see them on tour with the Dirty Heads and the Interrupters, August 3rd in Tampa and August 4th in Orlando. Playing their song “What The?!” give it up for the one, the only 311!

Thanks for bearing with us in our unscheduled absence! The Top 10 will return next week with an all new edition live from Michigan State University! See you next week!


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