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Mass shootings and Video Games - the real connection. Not what you're told (Original Post) Nac Mac Feegle Aug 2019 OP
😒 it's not video games..... or rock and roll...ffs TalenaGor Aug 2019 #1
Maybe read the article or at least the sub-heading? blogslut Aug 2019 #2
I did read it and I don't believe gamergate causes mass shootings... TalenaGor Aug 2019 #3
I'm a gamer myself... TalenaGor Aug 2019 #4
Gamergate isn't the gaming community as a whole blogslut Aug 2019 #5
that was my point.... TalenaGor Aug 2019 #6
interesting article... Locrian Aug 2019 #7


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1. 😒 it's not video games..... or rock and roll...ffs
Mon Aug 5, 2019, 10:44 AM
Aug 2019

It's fucking guns! It's fucking racism! It's the political divide in which Republicans for many many many years have identified anyone who is not a white male Republican as the enemy.... It's the NRA, whose very existence depends upon the inflammation of everything I just listed....

It's the fucking hatred industry...


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3. I did read it and I don't believe gamergate causes mass shootings...
Mon Aug 5, 2019, 10:52 AM
Aug 2019

I just think the gaming community is as diverse as America itself so course you'll find people from all walks of life including the hateful..


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4. I'm a gamer myself...
Mon Aug 5, 2019, 10:53 AM
Aug 2019

And while every now and then there's some dumbass in zone chat.... For the most part everyone's just playing the freaking game...


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7. interesting article...
Mon Aug 5, 2019, 11:31 AM
Aug 2019

On a slightly different track - I do think that "advertising" does at least "promote" the "gun culture". It was similar with cigarettes in terms of promotion.

And I use "advertise" in the sense of movies, games, TV, etc that **constantly** promote them. Now there's whole websites devoted to the guns used in any movie, tv show, game, etc. I remember in the 70's early 80s when guns went from the "army and western" to shows like Miami Vice, SWAT, etc and the guns got "cool". Just a different world.

It's not so much they promote the violence - it's they put the idea that the "good guy" has to have the coolest and best gun to defeat x,y,z, etc. And the "cooler" the gun the more desirable. And so maybe that makes it harder to get stricter laws? Because people want "toys" to play with? I honestly don't know.

Not to mention the way guns are sold has dramatically changed over the year: Back then if you wanted a handgun you had to pretty much go to the werido gun store and deal with some pretty unfriendly "cop type" owners. Yeah they wanted to sell you something but is was a much different experience. As opposed to now the more "big box" and very "friendly" gun shops.

But whatever. Of course it's also the availability. But there's two sides to "supply and demand"

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