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Sat Jul 27, 2019, 08:32 AM

57 years ago Grandpop won this monopoly game and that's why you start with $220 million

And that’s why YOU collect $20 million for passing Go...

The grandson of the guy who came in last place 57 years ago doesn’t collect anything just for passing Go and doesn’t start the game with anything, or maybe $5.

Want to play that game? Does it sound like fun?

“Where does the money come from in Monopoly? You can’t just PRINT IT, you know. It doesn’t grow on TREES. SOMEBODY has to PAY FOR ALL THAT.”

Money is power to get people to do the work to keep you alive, fed, housed, and entertained on-board your super-yacht. Whichever one you happen to be on, at the time.

Money is power; can we picture sharing a little power with everyone? Instead the game is almost over before it starts, under the new rules. It doesn’t last very long when one guy starts with $220 M and another with $5.

Yang knows something. Country ain’t interested, we’ve got more immediate “fish to fry” (un-inspected, mercury-laden fish from dwindling fish stocks, but still), but Yang is not crazy with this particular idea.

We as a country can no more easily grasp the fact that the game is horribly and unnecessarily brutal and stupidly unfair in its basic structure than we can grasp that Putin has installed his puppet in the White House. If you’ve been close enough to witness the money thrown around lavishly, as well as the places where money is precious like water in one of the new deserts appearing soon in a movie theatre near you, you’ll know that Yang’s idea of spreading some wealth around evenly is not so crazy. What’s crazy is that so many of the grandchildren of the people who didn’t come in first or second in the Monopoly game 57 years ago have been taught to love and defend the new rules.

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