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Thu Jul 25, 2019, 09:11 AM

Naive And Stupid Questions Asked By News Anchors On Cable Shows......

Come on news people - why are you asking naive and stupid questions to the wrong people?

From the Mueller Report and his testimony yesterday - we know that Trump (and by association) the Repug Party are in big trouble. Mueller said that Trump can be indicted after his presidency is over and that could possibly land him and more of his cohorts in jail.

We know that Mitch will protect Trump (and by association) himself and would never let election reform bills make it to the floor of the Senate. Why? The pressure on them is the highest it's ever been. If they lose their power base they can't protect Trump or themselves and it's all over for them.

We know that a hostile foreign government RIGGED our 2016 election. They're going to do it again...indeed...MF45 has already signaled that he'd like their help again - actually - he really needs it if he wants to keep himself out of jail.

So again - the pressure on Trump and the Repugs to suppress votes, steal votes, cheat and seek foreign help to win is at its peak.

So asking Dems - like Sen. Warner - just heard an interview of him on MSNBC - why can't they get the Senate to vote on election reform or protect us from what happened in 2016 is stupid and naive. They know the answer. They know that the Dems want election reform and the Repugs don't for reasons stated above. So asking Dems these questions is worthless as we know how they will answer. And to top it off Warner looks into the camera and claims he doesn't know why the Repugs won't go along with election reform.

What these news organizations need to do is haul Mitch and other Repugs asses in front of the camera and ask them the 'why don't you want election reform' questions. Put them on the spot. Make them provide us with their convoluted answers because we know they won't tell us the real reason.

It just irks the hell out of me that these questions are asked of the Dems (like Warner) that know the answer but don't want to admit it on camera.

We know that this administration is treasonous and criminal. We know that every day Trump ignores laws and does as he pleases. We know that the 2020 election will be frought with all kinds of illegal activities and yet we can't do anything about it. We are helpless and just have to watch it happen. All we can do is ask the obvious questions - over and over again - to the wrong people and not get the people that are causing the trouble in front of the camera.

I'm tired of listening to the lies and conspiracies of Trump and the Repugs. I'm tired of their arrogance. I'm tired of seeing their smug faces lying to us and laughing on the inside.

When are the right questions going to be asked to the right people and when is somebody going to do something about the day by day erosion of our democracy?

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