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Mon Jul 15, 2019, 08:21 AM

At any time Democratic lawmakers could hold Trump to account for his racism

Trump's support is exactly the same as when he was inaugurated, and currently trending upwards. Any messaging by Democrats that is negative about Trump isn't working.

Trump's support comes from Republicans and in part from Independents. I don't believe that a whole 44% of the nation is racist or would support Trump's most blatantly racist attack yet, against the four female lawmakers.

The statements by Democrats in reaction to Trump's attack aren't going to change a single vote.

They aren't going to reach the low-information voter. A lot of low-information voters aren't even aware of examples of Trump being racist.

Trump looks strong to his supporters. They think he is strong on defending America and strong on the economy. They think he is delivering what he promised. There's nothing that his supporters hear that contradict that.

At any time, Democrats could take control of the news narrative, but they choose not to. We had eight years of Republicans trying to bring down the best president in our lifetimes - "look at the debt," "he's raising the debt ceiling again," "he lied when he said you can keep your own doctor," "the Obama apology tour," etc. These were coordinated attacks, with Republicans working as a team. On attacks against Trump, there's nothing. There is no plan. There is no coordination. There's no strategy.

My message to Democratic lawmakers: Wake up! Our nation is under attack. Have a strategy. Fight dirty. Stop being nice. Stop dithering. Ditherers don't get elected. Work together as a team.

Do what ever you have to. Make Trump's unstable personality, his callousness and his racism a crisis. Make sure nearly every American knows there is a big difference between Trump and the Democratic Party.

It isn't working in a piecemeal approach. One Democrat says this, another Tweets that. That isn't proportionate to what is happening. We can't just wait for investigations or impeachment proceedings to damage Trump. We can't just wait for the economy to go south. These things may never happen.

Ideas on how to handle the racist attacks - Gather all Democratic lawmakers together and make a statement. Hold a press conference. Demand an apology. Refuse to work with Republicans until you get one. Bring the government to a halt if you need to. Make this the biggest story in the media that will drag on for weeks. Force Trump to be humiliated and come back begging Democrats to save him, and for once have to apologize - thereby making him look weak.

These are just some ideas, but whatever you are doing right now is not working. This isn't a game. It isn't a rehearsal. Stop fighting half-heartedly. By doing nothing other than just saying it is wrong, and therefore not changing a thing, you are part of the problem.

Find some gumption and bring a gun to a gun fight. Be strong. Show America you are pissed at this wannabe fascist and enough is enough. Look like strong leaders. Stand united to defend America and its values. At least try to look like you are trying to bring the bastard down.

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