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Thu Jul 11, 2019, 02:34 AM

Trumpco altered evidence in Alva Johnson trial?

Was reading about trial and a video that shows (gag) Donnie forcing a kiss on a campaign aide. Looking at the court documents, it looks like Trumpco altered the video stripping it of its metadata and burying it in 8 hours of campaign footage.




Defendants argue that no ESI protocol is warranted in this case, but recent conduct of
Defendantsí counsel makes clear precisely why an ESI protocol is appropriate and necessary.
Indeed, it now appears that counsel purposefully avoided entering into an ESI protocol so that
counsel could alter a video of Defendant Trump kissing Ms. Johnson, hide the video within eight
hours of unrelated video footage, and sandbag Ms. Johnson with the video at her deposition.
Notwithstanding Defendantsí efforts to mischaracterize the video to the Court, the video shows
exactly what Ms. Johnson alleged happened to her: an unwanted kiss from Defendant Trump.


Defendants have stripped this important video of its metadata and hidden it within the eight
hours of other videos, apparently for the purpose of hiding it from Ms. Johnson prior to her
deposition. Without the appropriate metadata for the video, Ms. Johnson is unable to determine
who created the video, when it was created, and other important information about its origins. The
declaration of Brian Hayes filed concurrent with Defendantsí motion for a protective order does not
cure these deficiencies.


The only metadata available in the eight hour video that was produced shows that it was last modified on June 13, 2019ómeaning that even though Defendants have had the video of the kiss since at least that date, they intentionally waited until July 5 to produce it (hiding it inside eight hours of other unrelated footage). With a proper ESI protocol in place, this type of deceitful gamesmanship could not occur. An appropriate ESI protocol will preclude Defendants from altering ESI by stripping it of metadata
and merging it into other, unrelated ESI. Without a Court Order in place, Defendants have no incentive not to continue with this bad faith conduct.

(end snip)

Bad Faith? I think America and the world can count on it from Donnie and friends.

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