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Wed Jun 12, 2019, 07:18 AM

Care vs kill

It all boils down to : Should we take care of "them" or Should we just kill them?

In ANY society you will find:

people who seem to enjoy work, and who willingly look for more to do as they finish tasks

people who work because they fear reprisal if they do not, and who do as little as necessary

people who seem capable, but whose personal reasons prevent them from doing much work

young who cannot work (and should not be expected to)

very old who cannot work (and should not be expected to)

handicapped who cannot do much or any work

Regardless of the category, these people ARE in our society. They all have the same basic needs...food.... shelter.... water.... companionship... education...health care... a decent life

We ALL need to realize that these people, in varying percentages, have always been with us, and always will be.

The only variable is in how we "deal" with them.

We can grow up, and figure out that "some" people will need always need assistance, and yes, occasionally a person/ people "might" take more than some think they should, or may be seen as totally "undeserving" of any help.

Or we accept the fact that we (as a society) have no use for these people, and we might as well "get rid of 'them' altogether." Some might say we are already wandering down that path to some degree. We lock up millions of people who turned to crime. We warehouse old sick people in places we would never want to be.. We accept the malnourishment of poor children we will never meet. We under-educate millions of children.

We have the "don't-give-a-crap" part down pat.. Now we are just dithering over how it will play out.

At the core, Democrats are traditionally helpers, and Republicans are not. It's simple.

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