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Sun Jun 2, 2019, 08:22 AM Jun 2019

Cherokee Elections - Note to America

Hoskin wins, the former Cherokee Secretary of State becomes Chief! Hoskins won handily and NOT because his opponent was disqualified just days before. His opponent, Walkingstick, openly suggested that all Cherokee voters that do not live within the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation (14 counties in NE Oklahoma) be disenfranchised. Walkingstick lost his place on the ballot because of an illegal PAC that was set up to raise money for his campaign claimed that they had the same rights as Citizens United. The Cherokee Supreme Court investigated and he LIED UNDER OATH when questioned. He was disqualified for it.


Cherokee Elections - Note to America (Original Post) yellerpup Jun 2019 OP
I'm embarrassed rownesheck Jun 2019 #1
It was my first time voting since retiring yellerpup Jun 2019 #3
I am Cherokee, our elections are always messed up, only the names change. Runningdawg Jun 2019 #2
We elected a left-leaning Chief. yellerpup Jun 2019 #4


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1. I'm embarrassed
Sun Jun 2, 2019, 10:20 AM
Jun 2019

to say I'm confused. All this information is new to me. I didn't realize the Cherokee nation held their own elections and have a supreme court! I need to read more.


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3. It was my first time voting since retiring
Sun Jun 2, 2019, 10:36 AM
Jun 2019

to Oklahoma. We do not have party lines, we voted for the person for Chief, Deputy Chief, and our District Representatives. I moved to the Cherokee Nation within the state of Oklahoma so I could be closer to my tribe. They give free on-line language classes, provide college funds, vocation training funds, free healthcare for all, they established a medical school and free full ride scholarships to the first class of graduates. The money comes from food and food processing, aerospace manufacturing, small business and now casinos.

The SCOTUS has no jurisdiction in tribal elections. In the opinion they said that Citizens United was not the law of their land, that they disagreed with dark money in any election, and refused to recognize it in tribal election. When testifying before this court, Walkingstick lied about his involvement with a PAC. Lying is culturally reprehensible to us.


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2. I am Cherokee, our elections are always messed up, only the names change.
Sun Jun 2, 2019, 10:30 AM
Jun 2019

I will admit I no longer care, we have bigger problems. The Cherokee Nation will cease to exist if we don't remove The Andrew Jackson fan club from the WH.


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4. We elected a left-leaning Chief.
Sun Jun 2, 2019, 10:49 AM
Jun 2019

One of the ads that ran against him railed about the former Chief donating to Hillary Clinton's campaign, trying to mine that D-R rift. On FB this morning some Trumper railed that she was going to "get Trump involved" in the election, and I was amazed to see the immediate and excoriating push-back from other Cherokees. Don't give up. The Cherokee Nation must continue to exist just as Trump must be defeated (although personally I just wish someone would take him by the collar and march him out of the WH). There are plenty of Republican Cherokee, but most will not support Trump.

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