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Wed May 22, 2019, 01:50 PM

To be effective with our majority, we must think like republicans

I know people are always saying things like "we must be ABOVE their tactics" etc, BUT, people who vote democratic are asking for things to be DONE!

When we do get a majority and we patiently, and deliberatively try to do things, only to be met with "NO!" as a push-back, we render ourselves ineffective, and the next election, people are not as eager to put themselves out there for us.

In my perfect world, the paperwork is done and waiting to be submitted to NY the SECOND after Cuomo signs the tax release bill into law. Get them delivered BEFORE Trumpie et al files their legal resistance. Make their request moot.

Republicans do this all the time. I remember a while back SCOTUS sent down a ruling about something, and INSTANTLY (within minutes) several states "updated" their laws...done and done..

That's how they win..

We tend to always be ready to talk about what we plan to do ad nauseum, giving them plenty of time to prepare.

I seriously doubt that Eisenhower told the Nazis every detail of their war plans. Coaches carefully guard their game plans. We seem to be experts at preparing to do things, and then wringing our hands later because we are stopped.

Be ready and pounce before they can react..

Loose lips sink ships.. STFU and DO things...then justify them.

On DAY ONE of our majority, Nancy should have said "We are opening up an impeachment "INQUIRY". We may NOT impeach, but we need to get answers and we are not going to wait for the Mueller report.

They could have easily subpoenaed witnesses they knew had already testified, and grand jury stuff..and certainly would have caught Trumpie flatfooted.

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