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Tue May 14, 2019, 06:05 AM

Trump And Orbn Sittin' In A Tree, Pissing On Democracy!

Authoritarian Hungarian Prime MInister Viktor Orbán is at the White House today for a playdate with Donald Trump. This is very exciting for our unelected bumblefuck president, as Orbán is what Trump would be if he both applied himself, and also if he met a witch in a forest who cast a spell on him that gave him a working brain. Neither of these things is likely to happen any time soon, or ever.

David Cornstein, the Trump crony serving as ambassador to Hungary, told The Atlantic recently that Trump "would love to have the situation" in America "that Viktor Orbán has" in Hungary, but that alas, "he doesn't." He was talking about Orbán's concept of "illiberal democracy," the fascist-lite system of government Orbán has been working to diligently install in Hungary for almost a decade. And what the fuck is "illiberal democracy"? Vox shares Orbán's own description, from a speech he gave in July of 2017:

Christian democracy is, by definition, not liberal: it is, if you like, illiberal. And we can specifically say this in connection with a few important issues — say, three great issues. Liberal democracy is in favor of multiculturalism, while Christian democracy gives priority to Christian culture; this is an illiberal concept. Liberal democracy is pro-immigration, while Christian democracy is anti-immigration; this is again a genuinely illiberal concept. And liberal democracy sides with adaptable family models, while Christian democracy rests on the foundations of the Christian family model; once more, this is an illiberal concept.


Heh. Populism across the West..... Oh goody.
Play date from hell

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