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Tue May 7, 2019, 04:33 PM

just a small example of media bias:

legitimate president/presidential candidate?

john mccain: of course he's a natural-born citizen! who cares if he was actually born in the panama canal zone, or maybe in panama itself! war hero! son of senator! maverick!

ted cruz: of course he's a natural-born citizen! who cares if he was actually born in canada! hell, who cares if his father was born in cuba! his mother was american, and that's all it takes!

donald fraud: of course he's a legitimate president! who cares if many crimes were committed to make him president! who cares if massive campaign violations happened! who cares if he's essentially never had majority support in a supposed democracy! who cares if the one time he almost had as much support as hillary was magically on election day, shortly after the media blew up a fake story about nonexistent additional evidence about a non-scandal! who cares if he routinely commits high crimes and misdemeanors! impeachment is out of the question! democratic overreach!

barack obama: hmm, is he a legitimate president?? is he a natural-born citizen?? people are saying, wow, this is a real scandal! perplexing constitutional and factual issues abound here! where is the long-form birth certificate! who cares if his mother was born in kansas! he was born in kenya! some say it was his father who was born in kenya but africa africa africa! and he traveled outside the u.s.! he went to school in indonesia! did i say school? i meant madrassa! did you hear me! that's a arabic word! as in radical islamic terrorism!

so, yeah.

liberal media my @ss!

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