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Sun Apr 28, 2019, 10:35 AM

Cuts are coming. Can Pelosi and McConnell make a deal?


WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell, Washington’s odd couple, have a limited set of mutual legislative interests in a capital beset by dysfunction and awash in presidential politics.

But automatic spending cuts, the legacy of a budget breakdown eight years ago, are bringing the power duo together to see if a deal can be made.

At stake are tens of billions of dollars for military and domestic programs, money that brings together a broad spectrum of lawmakers, including pragmatists hoping to see the Capitol function.

There is plenty of time to reach agreement, but failure could usher in spending cuts of $125 billion next year, a 10 percent drop from current levels. Looming over it all is the record 35-day partial government shutdown earlier this year, still a fresh memory and a disruption no one wants to repeat.


You know what, two assholes have been short changing the middle class and the working poor with there last tax cut, one sits in the white house who by the way defrauded a state of 400 million in taxes, and god knows who else he has been defrauding world wide, besides this country, and then two, there is the enabling asshole in the senate leadership, that just fucks over the Constitution everyday enabling the other asshole, to just fuck the Constitution.

I say raise the taxes on corporations and hedge fund asshole's and banks, that haven't paid one cent in taxes, and even senator members that got pass through tax breaks on realty income tax breaks, and eliminate that loop hole completely for example, and raise the revenue by increasing the taxes back to 70% on those making over 10 million (for example) , and let only the middle class and the working poor ( $175,00.00 or less) deduct education, credit card and car payments interest and reinstate the property and state taxes deduction, above $10,000 dollars, and to go back to the what is was prior to the tax cut, that left us with a 1.5 trillion + hole we have to dig out of..............................and also cut cabinet funding to assholes, that when asked to testify and ask for documents when they don't comply, and remove "all" of your Federalist Society asshole's from the "bench"..........what do you think Mitch.........................

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