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Wed Apr 10, 2019, 05:00 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-14: Collusion Delusion, What's Your Confusion? Edition

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-14: Collusion Delusion, What’s Your Confusion? Edition

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! What’s up New York City??? How you guys doing, you doing good? It’s good to be back here in the Big Apple! Always love it when I’m here. But man what a fucking crazy week it’s been! Am I right about that? First off I want to say congratulations to Virginia for winning one of the craziest March Madness tournaments I’ve ever seen. Michigan State, Auburn, and Texas Tech, you can rest assured that you don’t have to go to Trump’s White House to eat a plate of cold fast food hamburders! Also congratulations to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for winning their second Women’s Final Four in a row! UConn, you can also rest assured that you don’t have to go to the White House to eat plate of McDonalds. OK that’s all the time we have! I’d love to talk more sports because there’s a lot of it this week. You had that insane fight between Yasiel Puig and the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team, you had Magic’s very Trump-esque press conference announcing his departure from the Lakers, and you had that 23 hour Wrestlemania epic. But we got to talk movie trailers and what might be the ultimate movie SNAFU. Remember that scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton is explaining all of Tyler’s jobs and one was where he was splicing single frames of porn into family films? Well don’t do that. Also, don’t show kids, I don’t know, horror movie trailers! Yeah, a 17 year old can see “Us”. But a 4 year old should probably stick to Peppa Pig: The Movie. So children in the British town of Ipswitch were hoping to see the Peppa Pig flick, and instead were treated to the trailers for the upcoming horror flicks Ma and Brightburn. Ma is about a creepy stalker, and Brightburn is a superhero anti-hero flick about a man who uses his super powers to fight people who hurt him. Yeah maybe don’t show those movies to kids, and especially don’t show Ma to toddlers! Yeah, those people who let that happen should probably be sacked. OK that’s enough of the intro, we have a lot of idiocy to get to but first John Oliver is back and he delves into the subject of mobile homes and land ownership:

Where do we begin this week? In the first slot this week is the long awaited return of… The Trumper Games (1)!!! Oh yes, he’s back and this time he’s here to tell you about the latest departures from the Trump administration and how it’s essentially a revolving door at this point! In the second slot, is the guy who we currently call president, Donald Trump (2) and we’re going to find out what’s going on with his beef with wind power. Last week we brought up that he claims to know a lot about wind, but does he really? Spoiler alert! No! For the third slot this week, is also Donald J. Trump (3). And while he’s bragging about how he’s been “exonerated” in the Russian collusion probe, he’s still got massive tax fraud and a whole ton of other crimes he may be guilty of. In the fourth slot this week, we’re going to do something a bit different. In case you haven’t noticed, people are being racist out in the open (4) and we’re going to talk about a few stories and the things you can do if you happen to catch a MAGA supporter out in the wild. In the fifth slot this week is our weekly investigative piece Top 10 Investigates (5) , and this week, we’re going to take a look at an absolutely horrifying story involving horse racing and Southern California’s Santa Anita race track.Taking the sixth slot, as always, is our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in “Holy Shit” (6) and this week our resident pastor is going to ask one of the daunting questions of our time – “What is fueling the future of religion?”. Only one way to find out! In the seventh slot this week, we have an all new edition of “Beating A Dead Horse” (7). So, this week it was revealed that former vice president Joe Biden is, well, a little bit of a creeper. But really, on the creep scale, he’s a 1 out of 10, and we will explain why. For the 8th seed this week, is the return of “This Fucking Guy”. And this week, Trump nominated Herman Cain, a man who I wouldn’t trust with $10, to run the Federal Reserve Board, so… why him? Because he’s Trump, and he doesn’t give a fuck, that’s why! In the number 9 (NEIN!!!) slot is one of my favorite segments, People Are Dumb! And we’ve got some absolutely ridiculous stories to tell you about this week! And finally this week our quest to find the Stupidest State 2019 continues! And we begin expanded Round 2 coverage, and the first week it’s the Gun Nut Conference Championship. Florida vs Oregon. The winner moves on to the Final Four, the loser goes home! Plus we have some live music from Simple Creatures! Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

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[font size="8"]The Trumper Games: The Return
[br] [/font]

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Yes, my pretties! It has been way too long to remember the last time I was on! Happy Trumper Games! Mmm… yes!!! Damn it, Charlie!! How many times have I told you to bring me the good champagne? What? Management says that we can’t afford any of it? How dare they! Oh, I’m sorry, I got carried away there. Oh Charlie, come back please! OK, so this week the President simply himself eliminated two important positions. Tribute Nielsen from the 9th District, and Tribute Alles from the 1st District! What? Don’t ask me how the Districts work because even I don’t know! So how did this all go down? Well, the President quite simply had an urge to fire somebody. And you know that never ends well!

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned Sunday night after a relatively short tenure as arguably the most aggressive secretary in the department’s short history — a stint that will most likely be remembered for the “zero tolerance” prosecution policy of late spring and early summer 2018 that resulted in the separation of thousands of families attempting to cross at the US-Mexico border.

But having the most hawkish DHS secretary in memory appears to not have been enough for Trump, who is enraged over the number of Central American families and asylum seekers coming into the United States.

Trump’s ongoing anger already led to the abrupt withdrawal of the nomination of acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Ron Vitiello on Thursday night. Friday morning, the president told reporters that he wanted to go in a “tougher direction.”

With nearly 100,000 migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents along the US-Mexico border in March, Trump is ruminating angrily and obsessively over immigration, riffing in speeches about telling migrants “we’re full” and “go back.”

So, let me get this straight. We went from… “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” to “Country is full! Moose out front should have told you!”. So this may have something to do with border security. Or it may not, with the president’s seemingly volatile temper, we never know which way this is going to go. But it’s impossible to restrain the President!

Since November 2016, there’s been a running argument among those who are skeptical of Donald Trump but not implacably opposed to his presidency: Should they go into the system and try to restrain the president’s worst impulses, for the good of the nation? Or should they remain on the outside, and avoid the scarlet C of collaboration?

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen’s firing on Sunday should slam the door on that debate. Her tenure is the plainest example yet of the futility of trying to restrain Trump from inside—and the personal cost to those who try.

Over Nielsen’s 16 months in the job, the administration’s policy on the southern border has been a mess. The president has repeatedly threatened to close it, though at the moment he has backed down. He cut aid to countries in Central America’s Northern Triangle, which is only likely to increase immigration. There was a lengthy, pointless government shutdown over funding for a border wall. Border crossings, the metric the administration has chosen to emphasize as an indicator of an immigration crisis, are rising. Looming over all of this is the separation of thousands of families at the border last summer. And that list doesn’t even touch the chaos in other parts of DHS, such as FEMA, whose administrator resigned in February amid criticism of his spending and his handling of disasters.

And that is certainly true! But, the resignation (or firing depending on which way you look at it) of Tribute Nielsen wasn’t the only significant elimination from the Trumper Games this week! No, the president has proven that he simply doesn’t care about security, as he fired longtime Secret Service head Tribute Alles from the 1st District!

United States Secret Service director Randolph "Tex" Alles is being removed from his position, multiple administration officials tell CNN.

President Donald Trump instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to fire Alles. Alles remains in his position as of now but has been asked to leave.

The USSS director was told two weeks ago there would be a transition in leadership and he was asked to stay on until there was a replacement, according to a source close to the director.

Secret Service officials have been caught by surprise with the news and are only finding out through CNN, according to the source.

In an email to employees at his agency obtained by CNN's Jim Acosta, Alles told the workforce he was not fired, but was told weeks ago that the administration would be making "transitions in leadership" at the Department of Homeland Security.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… yes. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yes!!! So the President is proving himself to be above reproach! Yes, the Games have been going on for too long to the point where we can’t tell fact from fiction! Depending on what media outlet you read, was Tribute Alles fired and eliminated or did he simply resign? We may never know but for now consider Tribute Alles and Tribute Nielsen… ELIMINATED!!!!

The director of the U.S. Secret Service will leave his job, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee said, amid an investigation into a security breach at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort and a broader shakeup within the Department of Homeland Security.

Ralph Alles “will be leaving shortly” from the Secret Service, Sanders said in a statement on Monday. A Chinese national, Yujing Zhang, was arrested March 30 after entering President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, resort with electronics including a thumb drive containing malware and lying to a Secret Service agent about why she was there.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Alles should testify to Congress about the Mar-a-Lago incident.

“The public and Congress need to know the extent to which adversarial governments - like China - and their agents are attempting to gain access to, or conduct electronic surveillance on, conversations or other information regarding national security at President Trump’s properties,” Schumer said in a statement.

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[font size="8"]Donald Trump
[br] [/font]

In the last week, Trump has really escalated his beef with wind power. I mean come on, what’s he got against windmills anyway? Well if you listen to his nonsense, you would think that windmills are godless bird killing monster machines that give you cancer and drive your property values down 75%! Oh the horror!!! What will we ever do to rid ourselves of these nightmares? That’s the question we should be asking ourselves! Instead we’re asking what the fuck is up with Trump and wind power? Well it might have something to do with Trump International in Scotland, or it might not. And by the way, for the purpose of this piece, we’re going to forgo our usual memes and clips and replace them with pictures of Trump’s hair blowing in the wind, because we all know how much he hates that!

Unlike President Trump’s inability to pronounce the word “origins,” his recurring anti-wind bloviating isn’t a sign of mental decline. Sure, it is stupid and wrong to say the sound of wind causes cancer (just who is the “alarmist” by the way?) or reduces real estate values (it doesn’t.) But it’s also dangerous. This and other anti-science campaigns like the ones against vaccinations and evolution are not just silly ignorance. They’re weaponized stupidity.

Trump’s tirades aren’t reflective of any deeply held belief or well-informed opinion, but instead appear to be informed by, and in service of, Big Oil’s anti-wind propaganda. For decades fossil fuel companies have attacked clean and renewable competition, from working to block local wind power installations to fighting state policies promoting wind. Key to that effort is spreading myths about wind power’s potential as well as its progress, which our Fox News President predictably regurgitates.

For example, take Trump’s bizarre recurring joke were he pretends to be someone who watches a lot of television (ok—no need to suspend disbelief on that part,) but has to turn it off when the wind isn’t blowing. Trump’s own Department of Energy debunks that ridiculous reliability argument (hi, batteries!) along with other energy myths. Wind power kills less birds than other forms of energy, it poses no human health threat, and it is increasingly more competitive than fossil fuels.

The sad irony of Trump’s weaponized stupidity is that it hurts the rural communities and red states who are benefiting “bigly” from wind power. For example, on November 9, 2016, the very day Trump was elected President, the Omaha World-Herald published a story about how “wind has saved family farms across a wide swath of the heartland.”

So before we go any further, we got to play the clip of this because it’s pretty spectacular. I mean how stupid is he?

Whew. Yeah so if you listen to Trump, you would learn that windmills are godless bird killing machines, and what will we do to end the horror? Well you could go with clean coal. Yeah what a great idea – let’s replace clean wind power with black lungs! And by the way with this ridiculous claim, he might have cost the clean energy industry a whole lot of jobs! What about the “JOBS! JOBS JOBS!” president? Well, he’s nowhere to be found!

- Iowa's wind energy industry says President Donald Trump's claims against wind energy are nothing more than hot air.

Wind energy supports 9,000 jobs in Iowa and that number increases every year.

Now, some of those employees fear President Trump's false claims, and stance on wind energy could reverse the trend.

“I wanted to get his opinion about what he thought about the future of our town,” Newton resident Patricia Scalabrini said.

Back in 2015, Channel 13 News hosted a town hall meeting in Newton. The city is home to two large wind turbine manufacturing plants, TPI Composites and Trinity Structural Towers.

There are a lot of those pictures by the way! We will have no shortage of material for this piece. But for Trump to make a claim so dangerously dumb and absurd is well, laughable at best. But you know what, let’s extrapolate his claims for a minute. I mean do windmills really cause cancer? The answer you know, is quite literally blowin’ in the wind.

Oh, really? Take note, Johns Hopkins. That’s a new one for the medical research community. But the logic appears to go something like this: Windmills make noise. The noise stresses people. Stress causes cancer. Who are these people dropping like flies because they live near windmills? Was the Netherlands recently wiped out and nobody bothered to tell us? How odd that Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Sweden all produce more wind energy per capita than the United States, yet they all have significantly lower cancer rates.

Actually, this link between stress and premature death is worth exploring. As it happens, the American Psychological Association has been performing annual “Street in America” surveys and found a significant uptick in 2018. Among the questions people are asked: Is thinking about the country’s future “a significant source of stress” and are you “stressed by the current political climate?” Last year, the “yes” answers increased to 69 percent and 62 percent, respectively, after charting in at 63 percent and 56 percent the previous year. Some in the profession have even assigned a name to the source of the added stress: “Trump Anxiety Disorder.”

Still, one could always opt for the truth. And the truth is that while wind power is, indeed, dependent on wind, that’s not really how the power grid works. Wind power is part of a large, interconnected system that relies on many sources of power, renewable energy among them. So even those folks living in the shadow of a turbine still get to watch their televisions when the wind dies down. Somewhere else, the wind is blowing or the sun is shining on solar cells or the turbines are spinning at the hydroelectric dam or the nuclear reactor, and so on. (And that’s not even getting into various renewable energy storage technologies that are in use or development.)

As for falling property values, that’s not been the experience of contemporary wind projects — and one of the reasons we believe, close to home, that Ocean City’s protests over off-shore wind development are particularly ill-advised and short-sighted given the threat of climate change and rising sea levels. Finally, one of President Trump’s other frequent talking points on wind — that turbines kill birds — is true to a modest extent but kind of laughable given his administration’s record on the environment. No doubt the Trump EPA and Interior Department have advanced policies that will kill a whole lot more living things prematurely, including humans, than any bunch of windmills could hope to do.

Hey two ugly Trump shots in one! And by the way as to his claim about whether or not windmills are godless bird killing machines? Even the birds don’t like Trump! So if you listen to Trump’s claims about windmills, you would know that they are flat out absurd. Why is he making these completely insane claims about wind? Well, it could have something to do with his golf course!

Trevor Noah picked, in theory, a politically uncharged topic for Wednesday’s Daily Show: windmills. “They’re not just the most challenging obstacle on the putt-putt course,” he said. “No, they’re also Trump’s arch-enemy.”

In a series of public appearances over the past few months, “like a superhero whose parents were killed by a very slowly moving fan”, the president has established a pattern of decrying windmills and their attendant power source, the wind. He’s expressed numerous reasons for this war on wind, first and foremost the threat he believes they pose to television.

In a rally speech from earlier this year, Trump seemed to believe that a lack of wind would cut off power to TV sets – “I know a lot about wind,” he reassured the crowd.

“What the fuck does that mean?” Noah interjected. “Like, we all know the same amount about wind. What do you need to know about wind? You can use it to fly a kite, sometimes it screws up your umbrella, and if it goes in a circle, it’s a tornado.”

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[font size="8"]Donald Trump
[br] [/font]

So this question remains in the Mueller probe – death or taxes? It’s a question as old as time itself, and one that will ultimately plague Trump for the rest of his term. The Trump administration has boiled the Mueller Report down to two words – “Collusion Delusion”. Funny, I don’t remember that Schoolhouse Rock song! Collusion delusion, what’s your confusion? Trying to take down a corrupt administration for treason! OK not as catchy as the original. How are we trying to take down the GOP this week? Well it’s about as simple as Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. Only Lucy kicks Charlie Brown in the side and spits in his face.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers on Tuesday that White House lawyers had been in touch with his department about a congressional request for President Trump’s tax returns but said he had not personally spoken to Mr. Trump or those lawyers about how the matter was being handled.

Mr. Mnuchin’s disclosure is the first public acknowledgment of communication between the White House and the Treasury Department related to Mr. Trump’s tax returns and underscores the seriousness with which the president is taking the request for his personal financial records.

Mr. Mnuchin, who is testifying before two congressional committees on Tuesday, acknowledged that White House lawyers had been in touch with his department before the formal request was made last week. But he said that he had not been briefed on those discussions and described them as “informational.”

Ah, where is Newman when you need him? NEWMAN!!! Well, if Mueller doesn’t get Trump for Russian collusion, maybe he can get Trump for massive tax evasion! Yeah, while Trump is bragging about getting off the hook for collusion (or not), there’s plenty of other crimes he still might be guilty of, well, this week, anyway!

Right out of the gate on Tuesday, House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters used her first question to ask Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin whether he would comply with a Democratic request for copies of six years of the president’s personal and business tax returns by Wednesday's deadline.

“I want to acknowledge we have received the request,” Mnuchin said, dancing around any solid commitment but repeating the jist of testimony he provided at another hearing earlier Tuesday. “As I said before, we will follow the law. We are reviewing it with our internal legal department and I would leave it at that.”

Given the rate of turnover of senior officials forced from their jobs in the administration, Waters then asked Mnuchin whether he’s afraid he’ll be fired if he complies with the request.

“I’m not afraid of being fired at all,” Mnuchin answered.

Earlier Tuesday, Mnuchin testified that a White House lawyer communicated with Treasury Department lawyers before they received a request from House Democrats for President Donald Trump's tax returns.

Yeah well you can’t work for Trump without being afraid of being fired, I mean it just goes naturally! If you work for Trump, you’re gonna get fired at some point. But taking down an entire political party is like getting something stuck in a vending machine. You’re not going to get it on your first try, you have to rock it back and forth a few times, then it goes over!

Some New York Democrats think they have a new way to get at President Donald Trump's tax returns.

A bill introduced Monday by a Democratic senator would allow the state Tax Department to release a president's state tax returns if any of three congressional committees asks for them.

Sen. Brad Holyman, D-Manhattan, said the measure would be a way to assist the Democratic-controlled House in its efforts to review the president's state returns, which would have a bevy of information since Trump and his businesses are based in New York.

"Americans deserve to know whether the person who sits in the highest office of the land has conflicts or potential conflicts of interest," Holyman said Monday.

Oh so the democrats may have a plan, but there is one obstacle standing in the democrats’ way – and that guy is White House Chief Of Staff and high school band leader who tells his students they’re not playing fast enough, Mick Mulvaney. He’s literally the heckler from Happy Gilmore! “You will not see these tax returns, jackass!!!!”.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney vowed Sunday that congressional Democrats will "never" see President Donald Trump's tax returns and characterized their attempts to obtain copies of the returns as a "political stunt."

Last week, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., asked the IRS to hand over six years of Trump’s tax returns by April 10. Neal cited his authority to request the returns under a law that says the Treasury Department "shall furnish" the committee with "any return or return information" upon request.

Mulvaney said during an interview on "Fox News Sunday" that Democrats "knew they're not going to get these taxes" and that "one of the fundamental principles of the IRS is to protect the confidentiality of you and me and everybody else who files taxes."

Democrats "know the terms under law by which the IRS can give them the documents, but political hit job is not one of those reasons," Mulvaney said.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Being Racist In Public
[br] [/font]

The Donald J. Trump administration has given rise to some… well for the sake of this piece, bad apples, and he definitely tends to attract a certain type of individual. Now let’s talk about being openly racist in public. Remember last year when Los Angeles representative Maxine Waters called for both sides to be more civil to each other and it had the reverse effect and people actually started being meaner and nastier to each other? Yeah so did we! In fact since Trump took over the White House and took a wrecking ball to our nation’s institutions, people have become meaner and nastier to each other, and they’re doing it out in the open for everyone to see and capture on their cell phones. In fact let’s go to my home town of Anaheim, California, to expand on this topic.

A surveillance camera captured a customer's racially charged rant as he yelled at an employee over a sign that advertised a daily taco special in Spanish at a Mexican restaurant in Anaheim.

The incident took place Monday at Palapas Tacos, which is located at 1101 W. Lincoln Ave.

Juan Del Rio, the restaurant's owner, told KTLA on Wednesday that he thinks the man became upset over a sign in front of his business that advertises the different daily specials.

One of the daily specials is a Friday fish taco for $1.99.

The unidentified customer tried to order the item on a different day and was surprised when he was charged more than that.

“That’s bull----! It says it in Mexican. We’re not in Mexico, we’re in America,” the customer can be heard saying in the video. “This is America. Not Spanish.”

That’s right! Let’s dissect this incident for a bit. I really wonder if people like this ever realize what they’re saying. No person who’s smart enough would ever say something like “This is America, not Spanish”. It’s English that’s our official language. But Trump and, arguably social media, has brought it out in people. It’s not just our racist friend in Anaheim, either. Check out this incident from East Haven, Connecticut. It’s almost identical to the one at Palapas Grill, identical!!! Why is my voice so high?

It's a racist and vulgar tirade caught on camera inside an East Haven grocery store is getting a lot of attention.

The Mayor of Hamden confirmed to News 8 that the woman at the center of it all has resigned from her job with Hamden Public Schools. Mayor Curt Balzano Leng told News 8 the woman did not work with children. She was a clerical worker at the school district's central offices. News 8 is not identifying her because, so far, no charges have been filed against her.

The video was taken inside a ShopRite in East Haven Friday night and spread like wildfire on social media.

The woman is seen and heard screaming curse words and racial slurs at an African-American customer in the store.

News 8 has chosen not to air the language because it is offensive and inappropriate for TV. The woman who lashed out did it in front of her children. Because of that, someone contacted DCF.

Yeah that’s true. Well, not me, anyway. All are welcome here at the Top 10, we don’t discriminate here, that’s for sure! So going back to social media, what can be done about this obviously 2010s problem of people saying whatever racist shit comes to mind? Well, racism, just like other bad behaviors, starts at the top. And while we can’t say Facebook is responsible for a lot of modern racism, but they’re at least taking steps to rid the world of these horrid people.

Facebook will ban Faith Goldy, Soldiers of Odin, the Canadian Nationalist Front, and other hate groups from across its platforms, the company said on Monday.

The ban will extend to any Facebook groups, pages, and Instagram accounts associated with those banned, which also includes Kevin Goudreau, Wolves of Odin, and the Aryan Strikeforce. These individuals and organizations have expressed white nationalist sentiments and violate Facebook’s policy on dangerous individuals and organizations, which bans “terrorist activity, organised hate, mass or serial murder, human trafficking, organised violence, or criminal activity.”

The ban comes after the social media giant has come under renewed scrutiny for allowing racism and hate to flourish on its platforms, and weeks after the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, which was broadcast live on Facebook.

“Individuals and organizations who spread hate, attack, or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are have no place on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “That's why we have a policy on dangerous individuals and organizations, which states that we do not allow those who are engaged in offline ‘organized hate’ to have a presence on Facebook. The individuals and organizations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on our services. Our work against organized hate is ongoing, and we will continue to review individuals, Pages, groups and content against our Community Standards.”

Of course! I’m a white guy from California, and I don’t get outside much. I know. I’m usually cooped up in doors trying to figure out how to entertain you people! Thank you audience! But there are people who are acknowledging that this is a huge problem. But what can you do about it? You can ban people, you can chase them away, but we do have this thing called “freedom of speech”, and we have as much of a right to tell Nazis to fuck off as much as they have a right to be a Nazi. It works both ways, don’t you know?

Following the lead of the Wisconsin Public Health Association, the important recognition is the first step that will help members of the public deepen their ability to achieve racial equity in the community, by building on the progress already underway at Milwaukee County.

In 2016, the County Executive and County Board partnered to create the Office on African American Affairs to serve in an integral role, in recognizing and aiding in the resolution of Milwaukee County’s racial inequities for the benefit of all of its citizenry, and for the region to achieve its full potential.

“It is Milwaukee County’s responsibility to address racism, including seeking solutions to reshape the discourse, actively engaging all citizens in racial justice work,” said Abele. “Local government needs to take a leadership role and we intend to do so.”

The Office on African American Affairs has made significant strides since its inception. For example, all Milwaukee County leaders have been trained on racial equity; with all 4,000 employees slated to be trained in 2019. A new racial equity ambassador program has been launched with nearly 60 employees – from leadership to front-line staff – participate in racial equity action planning for Milwaukee County. The County has been in the process of incorporating a racial equity lens into all its budget decisions..

Yeah probably! Now for the interest of social experiment, there’s Bill Mitchell. So who’s really being discriminated against here – black people or Trump supporters? Well, if you saw Bill Mitchell, he’s claiming the latter. Oh woe is me, I can’t wear my MAGA hat out in public! Well, this might be one of the dumbest things ever said by a Trump supporter, and that’s saying a lot!

On Friday night’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell insisted, once again, that racism is not a problem in America while his guest, one time “The Apprentice” contestant Stephanie Myers, declared that Trump supporters are the ones who are really facing discrimination in this country.

After declaring that every Trump supporter should come together for a “National MAGA Hat Day” in which they wear their red “Make America Great Again” hats in public in order to upset liberals, Mitchell complained that MAGA hats are treated as “a symbol of racism” even though actual racism in America is “just not happening.”

“Where is the racism?” he asked. “I go out to the grocery store, I go to the gas station, I go to restaurants, I go to the theater, I don’t see black people being discriminated against. I’m standing in line at the grocery store, there’s a black person in front of me, I’m talking to them, having a nice conversation, they check out just like I do. Nobody is denying them service. If you were to listen to the Democrats, they would say racism is the biggest problem in America today, that people are being hung from trees, that they’re being led off in chains. It’s just not happening. It’s not real.”

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Top 10 Investigates: A Day At The Races
[br] [/font]

It’s time to investigate beyond the headlines! This is Top 10 Investigates!

Horse racing is a sport with a troubled past, and an equally troubled present. But one horse racing track is making headline after headline and it’s not in a good way. The Kentucky Derby is just a mere 3 weeks away but this is a story that must be addressed before the horse racing industry’s big event. However, the story that is concerning everyone is coming out of Arcadia, California. That city is home to the Santa Anita race track. And at Santa Anita, the abuse of horses is nothing to joke about.

Horse racing is among America’s oldest sports and perhaps the only one ever run out of the White House: Andrew Jackson operated a stable there during his presidency. Yet the multibillion-dollar industry is reeling as the Kentucky Derby approaches, with the death of yet another thoroughbred at the premier Santa Anita Park in California amplifying anxiety over whether the sport will continue in the state.

On Sunday, a gelding named Arms Runner fell during a race, sustaining a catastrophic injury to its right front leg that required the horse to be euthanized. It was the 23rd equine fatality since Dec. 26, and it came on only the third day of racing at the track since it had halted competition on March 5.

“I’m concerned about the publicity we’ve been getting,” said Bob Baffert, the Hall of Fame trainer who won the Triple Crown with American Pharoah in 2015 and with Justify last year. “This is our March Madness. But we’re having the wrong kind of madness. We feel like we’re all under the gun. We should be under the gun. You can’t defend a horse getting hurt.”


“We know what the stakes are and understand that we might be the place that kills horse racing in California,” said Tim Ritvo, chief operating officer of the Stronach Group, which owns the track. “Yes, we are worried, but we are confident that the track is safe and have gone the extra mile on rules that put us more in line with the rest of the world. We got to keep our doors open.”

We’re pretty sure that’s going to be the least of your problems there. So what would happen to the future of horse racing? You know it is going to be a very sad day in Arcadia when the headline is that you hold a race that is a Kentucky Derby qualifier and no horses die during the race. Except for the fact that this actually happened.

Roadster, a 3-year-old colt, won the Santa Anita Derby on Saturday, the featured event at the embattled Santa Anita Park, where nearly two dozen horses have died since December.

It was the highlight of the 11-race program at the track, where 23 horses have had to be euthanized after training or racing incidents.

Roadster is trained by hall-of-famer Bob Baffert, who also trained recent Triple Crown winners Justify and American Pharoah.

Ninety-six horses were slated to run Saturday at the park’s flagship Derby Day. The highest-stakes race is a $1 million West Coast steppingstone to qualify for the 2019 Kentucky Derby. Purse winnings for the entire day total $2.75 million.

There were no immediate reports of serious injuries on Saturday.

Actually that’s more likely the owners and not the actual horses themselves. Yes, let’s blame it on the owners for this atrocity. So how did things get this bad? And what can be done about it? It’s not so much as putting out a product but maintaining the safety of that product for not only the lives affected but also the customers and fans of the sport.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has assigned investigators to look into the recent deaths of 22 horses at Santa Anita Park, according to DA spokesman Greg Risling.

The investigators will work with the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) as it examines the equine fatalities. Shawn Loehr, CHRB chief of enforcement, is leading the CHRB investigation.

"We are cooperating fully with the District Attorney's Office. We will not be providing any additional details about the ongoing, confidential investigation," Loehr said.

The CHRB will perform a necropsy on any horse that dies within a CHRB-licensed facility. Based upon the findings, a complaint may be filed for any violation of CHRB rules or California law, Loehr said.

investigations might solve this thing, but then again they might not. The more that happens at Santa Anita, the more complicated the situation gets. Will it spell the end of horse racing in California? It might, but then again it might not. Santa Anita is just one of many race tracks in California which include Del Mar, Fresno, Los Alamitos, and Santa Anita. But how viable is the future of horse racing in general? It’s a sport with big money and deep pockets. Santa Anita is home to the Breeders Cup, a gateway to the Kentucky Derby. But after this, it may no longer be.

Should safety concerns or political pressures prevent Santa Anita from staging the Breeders’ Cup in November, Louisville stands ready to step up.

“If they need us to host, we could host on short notice,” Churchill Downs spokesman Darren Rogers said Friday.

“It’s something we can pull together very quickly,” said Karen Williams, president and chief operating officer of Louisville Tourism. “This city knows how to host Breeders’ Cup.”

Breeders’ Cup President Craig Fravel said Friday his organization was still committed to holding its world championships at Santa Anita on Nov. 1-2, but also acknowledged that he was “evaluating contingency plans.” Having lost 23 horses to fatal injuries since Dec. 26, the idyllic track in Arcadia, Calif. has become an unflattering focal point for an industry confronting cultural change and animal welfare activists.

We will keep an eye on this story as it develops. This is it for Top 10 Investigates. Good day.

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[font size="8"]Holy Shit
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Gather around, my brothers and sisters of New York City! It’s time to take a seat in the pew and pass the collection plate! For the Holy Church Of The Top 10 has convened and it’s our weekly duty to remind you that the holiest among us are also the most full of:

My fair congregation! You know, we live in exciting and troubling times. But that’s neither here, nor is it there. Tonight is all about predicting the future! Yes, we are going to see through time and space itself to try and figure out what the good LAWRD JAYSUS has in store for us!!! Can I get an amen?? Now, there’s many ways that one can try and predict the future! Now as a preacher myself, I can tell you that church attendance is in a decline. But I’m not going to bore you with statistics! I’m not that kind of preacher! Maybe we can win people back with this kind of in your face evangelism!

Salem Media Group is a national media company that includes on its website for investors and advertisers that the company is “targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values.” Despite this, the network employs Kurt Schlichter, who openly expresses his fetish for what would seem to be profoundly non-Christian principles.

Schlichter is currently employed as a senior columnist for Salem Media Group’s Townhall website, and also produces video content for far-right Canadian media outlet Rebel Media, which was founded by Ezra Levant. Rebel Media produces a constant stream of anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, and far-right content, as well as Schlichter’s videos about whatever captured his attention that day. There, Schlichter contributes alongside figures like Gavin McInnes, who founded the Proud Boys hate group.

An article authored by Christian Vanderbrouk at The Bulwark last month examined talks in conservative circles about a “national divorce” or civil war, and it highlighted Schlichter’s book series. In those writings, Schlichter details a fictional account of a civil war that is eerily akin to the Turner Diaries, a fictional novel about a race war that was authored by a neo-Nazi and serves as a foundational text for America’s white nationalist movement. Vanderbrouk wrote, “Schlichter’s books and The Turner Diaries share the same paranoia that progressive governments, aided by white collaborators, are empowering blacks to enable them to rape white women and ultimately exterminate the white race.”

Yes, even the good LAWRD JAYSUS is utterly embarrassed at this one! I mean… whew. Where do we find these people? I mean is that religion? Is that what you want to go to every Sunday? I know that I don’t, that’s for sure! But…. My forces from HEAYVUN are telling us that there’s some obstacles to a clean and prosperous future for the ALMIGHTY!!! What’s holding us back? Well, it’s our DAYMONS here on earth!

At a recent “Seers Conference” in Austin, Texas, a “prophetic” Australian speaker said he felt called to teach “spiritual warfare 5.0” to conservative Christians who are contending for the soul of the city.

Reg Morais, who Charisma identifies as “a Singapore-born, half-Indian/half Portuguese man who has no connection to Austin,” had a warning:

Demonic activity is at work in the capital of Texas at this moment. Witches and warlocks are busy at work. Territorial forces are here in the capital city. The stronghold needs to be broken. Austin is ready for a major revival to come through.

Charisma writer A.B. Petrucci noted on Monday that Austin is known as a liberal city in a conservative state. “Because of the intense spiritual activity in Austin, Christians have felt intimidated at times or that it is a lost cause, abdicated to anti-Christian, anti-biblical forces,” Petrucci wrote.

So it is the devil that could drive more people to us!!! Can I get an amen??? But as I have said, there’s DAYMONIC forces at work here, folks! And all you can do is pray them away! It’s that simple. Why yes, I do believe that the forces of SAYTAN can be ultimately prayed away with this. Apparently there’s a satanic doomsday cult that’s out to enslave all of us!

Wallnau then moved on to talking about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, waving a news report about the fact that she had been recruited to run for office by Justice Democrats. Wallnau treated this as astonishing news, as if conservative and Religious Right groups don’t aggressively recruit people to run for office. Wallnau claimed that Ocasio-Cortez described the experience as a kind of “spiritual awakening” and declared that he feels sorry for her, saying, “It’s a counterfeit. You look at her eyes, man … She’s been taken in. She’s drinking the Kool-Aid. She’s in a cult. She doesn’t even have a rational bone in her body. She’s like in the cult.”

But in the next breath Wallnau was wishing that patriotic Christian women would step forward to be “vetted” and run for office. Wallnau said that he is “furious” that there aren’t more Christian voices out there supporting Trump. He said that “we”—it’s not clear who he meant—are planning bus tours through swing states in 2020 to get Trump-supporting Christians to vote.

Wallnau began to close his video by praying for God to bless Trump and grant him wisdom, the spirit of Elijah, divine protection, and a supernatural capacity for calm and joy. And then he asked God to change the hiring process in the White House, the subject of complaints by some right-wing activists and a focus of a White House meeting organized by Ginni Thomas in January.

Now my fair congregation, even the good LAWRD JAYSUS thinks this is utterly ridiculous and appalling, and he facepalmeth, justly! For it says that in our Good Book, which I have right here. But, while we have discussed the future of religion here, there’s one thing that can ultimately save religion and the future of humanity – sex! Lots and lots of sex!!!

At last week’s World Congress of Families global summit in Verona, Italy, author and podcaster Steve Turley told conservative activists that the future is theirs, because “conservative religionists” all over the world are having so many more babies than secularists that the secular population will dwindle to a small fraction of the world’s population.

Secularists’ below-replacement fertility rate, he said, guarantees that starting around 2030, the secular population will begin a steady decline to no more than 10 to 14 percent of national populations. Turley has made this case before, which is presumably why he was invited to speak at the WCF summit. In his book “The Return of Christendom: Demography, Politics, and the Coming Christian Majority,” he wrote, “I want to argue that we are actually seeing nothing less than a conservative Christian resurgence in our demographics and politics that promises not suicide but rather the salvation of the West.”

Demonstrating the power of a higher birthrate among conservative religionists, Turley said at WCF, is demographers’ predictions that there will be 300 million Mormons in America by the end of this century, and 300 million Amish by the end of the next. So, he said, America’s future will be “evangelical, Mormon and Amish.” As RWW noted in our preview to the WCF summit, Turley recently published a podcast he titled, “WHITES Projected to Become Dominant SUPERMAJORITY in U.S.”

Well, you heard the man!!! Go!!! Go!!!! Go!!!!! Mass has ended, may you go in peace! That’s it this week for:

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[font size="8"]Beating A Dead Horse: Joe Biden Kissy Face
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Guys, let’s talk for a minute. If the #MeToo movement has taught us anything, it’s don’t be a creeper, under any circumstances! There’s no good way to talk yourself out of being a creeper if you get caught doing so. Just ask Al Franken. Touched a nerve there, didn’t I? “Sorry, officer, but I didn’t mean to touch that woman’s breasts, I was reaching for a soda lid and my hand may have accidentally brushed up against her breasts.”. NO!!! That never works! So it turns out that former vice president Joe Biden may be a little bit of a creeper. But really, on the creep scale, he’s about a 1 out of 10. To put things in perspective, Trump is a 9 out of 10. Al Franken is about a 2 out of 10. Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane is about a 5 out of 10. Bill O’Reilly is about a 7 out of 10. Who’s a full blown 10 you might ask? Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly. So don’t be a creeper no matter what the level. How did this all go down you might ask? Here’s how.

Yet another woman has come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate physical contact.

Sofie Karasek, an advocate for sexual assault survivors, penned an op-ed in The Washington Post Thursday detailing the backstory behind a viral photo of herself and Biden after the 2016 Oscars, the “sense of shame and belittlement” she began to feel about it and calling for Biden to take greater responsibility for his overly physical behavior in the past.

Karasek had just appeared onstage at the Academy Awards alongside survivors of sexual assault and advocates while Lady Gaga performed a song from a documentary about assault on college campuses. Biden had introduced the group, and Karasek wrote that afterward she told him the story of a woman who days before had died by suicide after being sexually assaulted.

In response to her story, Karasek wrote, Biden “leaned down, took my hands and put his forehead to mine.”

Yeah here’s the thing guys – if you don’t want to get pegged as a creeper, maybe, I don’t know, don’t do creepy things. See, I talk to women in the workplace like I’m in a sexual harassment training seminar video. “Oh I had a very nice encounter in the break room, Sara, I hope that you will report this to HR as such, and let’s do this again some time!”. Notice how unintimidating that was? It sounds a hell of a lot better than “Hey Christina, want to hear a good rape joke?”. That would earn you a one way ticket to a meeting with HR. But this wasn’t just a single encounter with the former VP, it’s painting a disturbing pattern of creepy old guy behavior.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has now been accused by two women of making them uncomfortable with unwanted behavior, potentially creating a challenge for his 2020 campaign if he does make his widely anticipated entry into the presidential race.

Biden addressed the allegations in an interview on Sunday, saying that in his four decades as a politician he has "offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort" but that he doesn't think he ever "acted inappropriately."

None of Biden's potential 2020 Democratic primary opponents have said the allegations should keep him out of the race but none of them have rushed to his defense either. White House adviser Kellyanne Conway has already attacked him as "Creepy Uncle Joe" despite President Donald Trump's own history of alleged sexual misconduct.

Here is a look at the allegations against Biden and the responses so far:

Excuse me a minute… but see? Nobody is excused from creeping no matter what your race, gender, creed, social, or economic status. If you’re a creeper, you’re a creeper. I mean Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy and walked in on underage girls getting dressed in a locker room. And you know what? We made that guy president! So there is hope for Joe Biden after all! I’m an optimist. But leave it to this guy to turn a creepy situation even creepier! I’m of course talking about Trump and what he did regarding Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has tweeted an edited video of Joe Biden, apparently showing the former vice president sneaking up on himself during a video in which he addresses sexual misconduct allegations.

The president's tweet comes just a day after Mr Biden posted his original video, in which he addressed accusations from at least four women that he had touched them inappropriately in the past. None of the women accused Mr Biden of sexual assault or harassment, and Mr Biden said in the video that he plans on being more cognisant of personal space going forward.

"WELCOME BACK JOE!" Mr Trump wrote alongside the video, which showed a superimposed of the vice president sneaking up on Mr Biden and then appearing to massage his shoulders.

The accusations against Mr Biden first emerged after former Nevada state assemblywoman Lucy Flores came forward, saying that she felt violated by Mr Biden at a 2014 campaign stop in which he approached her from behind and kissed her on the back of the head. Ms Flores was joined by at least three other women who similarly said that they felt uncomfortable by the way the former vice president had touched them.

You know what? We got to show that tweet, because it’s a whole new level of ick factor, and I say this as a male myself. Let’s show that:

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww… Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Wait… ew. You know here’s where I could point out all the people who’ve come to the former VP’s defense. But we don’t have that kind of time, there’s still 3 entries left this week! Plus we got Simple Creatures waiting to perform! So instead I’m going to tell you why women need an extra layer of defense against creepers – the creepiest news host of all time, Tucker Carlson. Who last week said something so jaw dropping unbelievably creepy that you can’t help but wonder what he does when the cameras aren’t looking.

Days after facing widespread ridicule and criticism for saying primetime cable news competitor Chris Hayes is “what every man would be” if feminists had absolute power, Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered Thursday how America wound up being a country where “feminists do science.”

During Thursday night’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the conservative primetime star shared a clip—full of scary music and eerie effects—of Democratic politicians warning about the dangers of climate change, mockingly noting that it’s “so bad they’re running out of adjectives.”

Carlson then highlighted a recent study that asks whether “toxic masculinity” is a driver behind climate change by arguing that “when men’s gender identity was threatened, they tried to reassert their masculinity through environmentally damaging choices.” The report added that once this “unconscious bias is revealed, it has the potential to help society shift our increasingly precarious relationship with the environment for the better.”

Or, the way Carlson sees it, “if we want to save the environment we have to suppress men.”

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[font size="8"]This Fucking Guy
[br] [/font]

Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s return America to the good old days of the Gold Standard! Said nobody ever. Except for the guy who we currently call president, Donald J. Trump. He thinks it’s a great idea! Because he knows more about economics than anybody. It’s gonna be huge, believe me, folks! Even actual economists say this idea is completely fucking insane. But in this administration, who needs “facts” and “experts”? Which is why Trump wants to take control of the Fed and put this fucking guy in charge of it. Herman Cain. Yeah you don’t put a guy like Herman Cain in charge of the Fed, a government agency that can topple whole economies with a two word tweet! Why put a guy like Herman Cain in charge of the Fed? Because he’s Trump, and he doesn't give a fuck, that’s why!

The Federal Reserve — our nation’s central bank, or the bank for banks — has enormous power. That’s why, at its founding in 1913, it was deliberately created to be a step removed from day-to-day politics.

With his verbal attacks on the Fed and plans to nominate two yes-men to be members, however, it’s clear that President Donald Trump does not respect that distance. The question is whether we should be alarmed, given the Fed’s immense authority to control the U.S. economy.

The Fed can literally create money out of thin air, by buying Treasury securities. It simply creates deposits on its own account to pay for them, thus expanding the money supply. When it wishes to shrink the money supply, it sells securities from its portfolio and private bank deposits are extinguished.

The Fed regulates banks and controls the interest rate that banks charge each other on overnight loans, called the federal funds rate. It also controls the interest rate on loans it makes to private banks, known as the discount rate. And the Fed controls the percentage of deposits that banks must keep in reserve to make sure they always have the resources to pay depositors who need their money.

That’s just how volatile the nation’s central bank is. And what makes Herman Cain qualified to run the nation’s central bank? He could barely run a pizza parlor chain! And in case you’re wondering what some of Cain’s greatest hits are, well, here’s a couple of them!

Yeah so a guy who spends money on insanely creepy campaign ads, can’t remember how to properly pronounce “Uzbekistan”, and came up with an insane economic theory is somehow qualified to run the most powerful bank in the world. But he’s a friend of Trump! And Trump loves him some loyalty! Maybe that’s the art of the deal?

Former pizza chain executive Herman Cain, U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick for a position on the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate setting panel, runs a political fundraising group that has spent more than half its money supporting Trump’s reelection.

Cain, himself a former Republican presidential candidate and a long-time conservative activist, chairs America Fighting Back PAC, a political action committee created “by a group of President Trump’s most committed supporters,” according to the group’s website. Its mission is to fight “disrespectful, dishonest and destructive news” about Trump and bolster a movement of voters to fight for his reelection in 2020.

Trump, who described Cain as “a friend” on Thursday, said he plans to nominate the former head of Godfather’s Pizza to one of two vacancies on the Fed’s seven-member Board of Governors. Trump just two weeks ago said he would nominate conservative economic commentator Stephen Moore to the other vacant seat on the Fed’s board.

Trump’s plan to nominate an overt loyalist for a spot on the Fed board comes as Trump over and over again lambastes the central bank for raising interest rates four times last year and could checker the Fed’s long-cherished standing as an independent, apolitical body. Moore is also a longtime Trump ally who has joined him in criticizing last year’s rate hikes.

And Trump is trusting this guy with the Fed? I wouldn't trust him with $5! So what’s he going to do, exactly if he’s put in charge of the Fed? Put ads curing your erectile dysfunction on ATM machines across the nation? Yeah that’s the last place I want to see an ad for boner pills is when I’m at the ATM getting some cash. Really, this fucking guy.

It has been more than two years since those giddy weeks when the political press brimmed with stories about Herman Cain, front-runner for the Republican nomination for president of the United States. But Cain die-hards can still stay abreast of the ex-candidate’s positions, via his e-mail list. Roughly 360,000 people receive the messages, which are sent through Best of Cain, the online media venture he set up after the campaign. The e-mails from Cain and the website’s small stable of writers arrive at a steady clip, many of them elucidating the Cain take on the news of the day. “A serious leader would have abandoned Obamacare long ago,” one proclaimed in December, clearing up any doubt about where Cain stood on the Affordable Care Act’s less-than-smooth rollout.

But sometimes Cain’s digital missives, like a conversation with a weird uncle, veer into the unexpected. An example—there are more and more to choose from—is a message that Cain sent to his followers last July bearing the subject line, “BREAKTHROUGH: REMEDY FOR ED!”

“ED” stood for, yes, erectile dysfunction. As for the all-caps-worthy remedy, its details were not immediately clear. Language in the body of the message identified the potion as a product of Natural Breakthroughs Research LLC; a link farther down led to a website urging men to submit their e-mail addresses in order to receive “a cool free report” on impotence abatement. Sitting through a lengthy video finally yielded more information on the wonder drug, TestoMax 200, a putative natural testosterone booster. The e-mail’s final offer varied by recipient—a common marketing tactic—but could be $69.95 for a month’s supply, or $47 for something called “The Potency Programme.” Not interested? Are you sure? “Women get lonely very easily,” began one version of the pop-up windows barring the exit. “Once you leave this page, your chances of getting your manhood mojo back will decrease dramatically.”

The erectile-dysfunction ad is one of more than 50 similar pitches for miracle cures and easy-money tricks that Cain has passed along to his e-mail followers over the past two years. While he has been particularly unabashed in his embrace of the practice, he is not the only past presidential candidate hawking sketchy products. Newt Gingrich now pings the e-mail subscribers to his Gingrich Productions with messages from an investment firm formed by a conspiracy theorist successfully sued for fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mike Huckabee uses his own production company’s list to blast out links to heart-disease fixes and can’t-miss annuities.

I’m pretty sure that’s future footage of Trump there! And by the way, speaking of Trump, you know he sure can pick ‘em folks! And you know what they always say about judging the kind of person you are by the company you keep. If Trump is a serial sexual predator, guess what? Herman Cain is a guy who has had multiple affairs!

Payments to women who complained of sexual harassment. Accusations of groping. Allegations of a 13-year extramarital affair.

As President Trump moves ahead with his plan to nominate Herman Cain, a 2012 Republican presidential candidate, for a seat on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors, Republican lawmakers are being forced to confront a fresh round of uncomfortable allegations of sexual misconduct against women as the 2020 campaign begins.

A day after Mr. Trump made the choice of Mr. Cain official, Senate Republicans expressed quiet anxiety over the prospect of another #MeToo minefield even as the White House exalted the decision.

“President Trump’s statement that Herman Cain is ‘a truly outstanding individual’ is a message that the president of the United States is willing to ignore the allegations of a number of women who alleged that Herman Cain either sexually harassed them or had an affair with them,” said Gloria Allred, a lawyer who represented two of Mr. Cain’s accusers. “This message is an insult to women and should be condemned by the Republican Party and all those who care about respect and dignity for women.”

Hey Gloria, let me fill you in on a little secret about the modern GOP: They have absolutely no respect for women! Other than the cute, 125lb blond women who populate Fox News reports every night, they can stay, the rest, they don’t really care for! So that out of the way, once again Trump nominates someone who could quite possibly be the least qualified person for the job! Because, reasons.

That should be the Senate’s response if President Trump actually nominates his friend Herman Cain, the former pizza magnate turned failed Republican presidential candidate, to the Federal Reserve Board, as Trump said he plans to do.

Cain would be Trump’s second proposed addition to the Fed in as many weeks, the other being longtime partisan operative Stephen Moore. Even before this month, though, Trump had ample opportunity to reshape the Fed in his anti-institutional, anti-intellectual image. Thankfully — surprisingly, in fact — he had refrained.

For other executive branch appointments, Trump seems to have selected nominees based on who would be the absolute worst person for any given position. But until recently, his Fed choices seemed ... totally reasonable. He has picked four out of the five already-confirmed Fed board members, all of whom are competent, well-qualified professionals — all reliable Republicans, too, but Republicans who have performed their jobs apolitically. Exactly as members of the central bank, which is politically independent, are supposed to do.

Of course, that benign neglect led to some policy outcomes the president has disliked — specifically, higher interest rates. Perhaps hoping to pack the Fed with more pliant appointees, Trump has now homed in on these two.

Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Wait a minute, ew. That right there is a total creep face, and pretty much everyone in the Trump administration has one. That’s Herman Cain, this week’s This Fucking Guy!

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[font size="8"]People Are Dumb
[br] [/font]

Hit it!

Of course you know by now people are people, and people are dumb. I want to start with this bizarre story out of Rogers, Arkansas. You know, you might think you know what true boredom is, but until you see this story, these guys take it to a whole new level! But as we’ve seen countless times on this program, don’t be surprised at all when you give an idiot a gun and they do something stupid with it, and there’s lots of these stories out there. But this one might be one of my favorites so far, just because it’s so jaw-droppingly stupid that you can’t help but wonder how they manage to even get dressed in the morning. Enough of my rambling, Let’s get to it.

Two Arkansas men have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after police say they shot each other while taking turns wearing a bulletproof vest.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that 50-year-old Charles Ferris and 36-year-old Christopher Hicks were arrested Monday.

A police affidavit says the two men are neighbors and were drinking on a deck Sunday when Ferris told Hicks to shoot him with a .22-caliber rifle while Ferris wore the vest. The affidavit says the shot left a red mark on Ferris' chest and that he was angry because it hurt.

The affidavit says Hicks then put on the vest and Ferris "unloaded the clip" into his back, causing bruises but no serious injuries.

Yeah so that happened! Next up, what would a People Are Dumb segment be without a visit from our good friend Florida Man? Look, I get it, you don’t want to go to work, you’d literally rather be just about anywhere but sitting in front of a desk staring at a computer screen all day. Well, don’t do what Florida Man did. Hell, that should be a meme right there. Just don’t do this!

Brian Anderson, 32, told deputies with the Polk County Sheriff's Office two unknown suspects had taken his money, necklace, and his phone before jumping into a car and driving away.

Deputies responded to the scene however shortly realized it never happened. Anderson confessed he made up the story because he didn’t want to show up for his 11:00 a.m. shift at a Hardee's where he works.

The sheriff's office joked in a Facebook post "On the bright side, Brian didn’t have to go to his 11:00 a.m. shift at the restaurant."

"He's already a pedigree thug. Forty-one felony arrests, eight misdemeanor arrests, been to prison four times," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

"What if somebody really needed that deputy at a crash scene to do CPR? What if somebody really needed that deputy to save their life? And he has got not only this deputy, but patrol deputies who are setting up perimeters, helicopters that are going to be flying in and trying to locate the suspects. Drone units, K-9 units, possibly all tied up."

Of course these days, George would probably be taken out by a SWAT team and there would be at least a few hour standoff. Jerry might be taken into custody too. Next up – of course we got to stick to Florida because they crazy. Remember that movie Spaceballs? Remember the late great John Candy’s character where he was a half man – half dog? Well here’s one Florida Man who is his own best friend.

A forensic psychologist says a former college student believed he was "half-dog, half-man" when he fatally attacked a man and woman at their home and was found biting one of their faces.

The Palm Beach Post reports Dr. Phillip Resnick made the conclusion in a 38-page mental-health report released this week by the Martin County State Attorney's Office.

Investigators say they found Austin Harrouff, now 22, biting John Stevens' face while making growling noises on Aug. 15, 2016.

Resnick's report says the fact that Harrouff persisted in biting Stevens "in the presence of police officers, in spite of threats of being shot, being tased and receiving multiple kicks to the head, suggests that Mr. Harrouff was actively psychotic."


Ah, I love that movie, I have seen it a hundred times, I could see it 100 more. Next up – dumb police officers! Yes, even the Po-Pos aren’t immune from stupidity. We go to the great city of Detroit for this story. Look, if you’re being trained to analyze the blood alcohol of a person, maybe I don’t know, don’t show up to the training seminar drunk! It’s that simple!

A Detroit Police officer attended a Michigan State Police training class with alcohol in his system, officials confirm.

WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) reported that the training took place Thursday, and Detroit Police Chief told the TV station that an internal investigation would be conducted.

“The bottom line is that he showed up to work under the influence of alcohol,” Craig told the television station. “This was a Michigan State Police training, he blew a .08. Certainly that’s a problem, it’s a problem for me, and it may be a problem on how it was handled after that.”

The officer was not disciplined by MSP at the event.

There’s a Simpsons clip for everything! Next up, we have to go back to the Sunshine State for this one, and maybe this is one way to unclog a toilet without having to call Roto Rooter? But once again, if you give an idiot with a gun, don’t be surprised when they do something stupid with it!

A man from St. Petersburg, Florida, shocked his roommate Saturday when he fired a gun inside their house and shattered a toilet.

Police said the bullet tore through numerous walls before it destroyed the porcelain throne, local station WTSP reported Sunday. Police arrested Ryan Rawson Montgomery, 40, who, according to an affidavit, claimed he was playing with the gun when it unexpectedly discharged.

After the incident, Montgomery tossed the gun in an area of water nearby. A visitor, Sheryl Jackson, 64, took the bullet, later telling police she wanted to hide it.

Police charged both Jackson and Montgomery with tampering with physical evidence. Also charged with culpable negligence and violating probation in Charlotte County, Montgomery is being held on a bail of $2,250. Jackson was released on a $2,000 bail, WTSP reported.

Ah, gotta love Cousin Eddie! Finally this week remember the movie Fight Club? When Edward Norton and Brad Pitt started fighting with each other but then it turned out… oh come on, do I really have to do a spoiler for this one??? Yeah, it turns out that Edward Norton was really fighting himself the entire time because, multiple personalities. Well, this guy may be a member of Project Mayhem because this happened.

Police in New Jersey have arrested a man they say was "fighting himself" at Wawa.

It happened on Tuesday around 9 p.m. at a Wawa located in Little Egg Harbor Township.

Police say they arrived to find 37-year-old Jason Cramer reportedly acting suspicious.

Cramer allegedly told a witness that he was under the influence of something.

Officers who spoke with Cramer sent him on his way after he supposedly made arrangements to get home.

But 15 minutes later, police were back at the same Wawa after Cramer was reportedly fighting with himself, punching his face and scratching his eyes.

That’s it this week for:

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Stupidest State Contest: Selection Sunday
[br] [/font]

16 states will enter and only one state will be crowned the new Top 10 Conservative Idiots Stupidest State!

Last week we wrapped up Round 1 coverage and it was quite exciting! Georgia knocked off last year’s champion Texas with a 3 pointer buzzer beater in double overtime with one of the highest scores of the tournament. Meanwhile, Alabama wasted no time showing Oklahoma who owns the Family Values conference and routed Oklahoma by a whopping score difference of 15! This week, we begin the expanded Round 2 coverage. The Elite 8 has been set. Now who will advance to the Final Four? We shall see. This week it’s a Gun Nut Duel To The Death as Florida takes on red hot Oregon to advance to the Final Four. But who will come out on top? Let’s find out!


[font size="4"]Florida Vs Oregon[/font]

[font size="4"]Florida[/font]

The last time we checked in with Florida, they’re still dealing with the horrifying tragedy from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland. But you know what? Florida isn’t doing jack shit about it, as you might have guessed and instead are taking their frustrations out on – wait for it – immigrants. But has Florida learned anything? Have they really? Well guess what? While we’re all (rightfully) paying attention to the aftermath of the Parkland tragedy still unfolding, House Republicans in the Sunshine State have something extremely horrifying being planned!

A bill (SB 1238) that would allow people to carry concealed weapons at churches operating on the same grounds as schools hit a roadblock Monday, as the Senate Criminal Justice Committee temporarily postponed its consideration and then adjourned for the rest of session.

“This is our last meeting,” chairman Sen. Keith Perry said, shortly after announcing without explanation that the bill would not be heard.

The NRA-backed measure still has life in the House, where a companion (HB 403) is slated to be heard Tuesday by the Education Committee. The House Criminal Justice Committee advanced the legislation along party lines in early March, with members saying the proposal — deemed too controversial to take up a year ago after the Parkland school shooting — would help make churches safer.

Although no reason was offered, some observers speculated the Senate measure was pulled because the five-member panel included Sen. Anitere Flores, the deputy Republican leader who famously has killed gun legislation in past years. Without her support, the two Democrats on the committee could have terminated the legislation outright.

That they may, but I don’t think that they mention anything about packing heat and shooting first and asking questions later! Where’s our house pastor at? Oh he’s gone for the week? Damn it! At least this bill failed. But you know what didn’t? A bill that would give teachers – wait for it – guns! Yes, they are going to arm teachers. It’s bad enough bullets are flying in one direction!

A Florida House committee voted Thursday for a broad school safety bill that would expand an existing guardian program to allow classroom teachers to volunteer to carry weapons on campus if local school boards approve.

The Republican-led legislation adopted 11-5 along party lines by the House Education Committee builds on a law passed after last year's mass shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Teachers would not be required to carry guns, but those who volunteer would have to undergo 144 hours of firearms training, possess a valid concealed weapon permit and pass both a psychological evaluation and drug test.

Currently, teachers whose sole focus is classroom instruction are excluded from the program that as of January numbered about 726 armed volunteer guardians in 25 Florida counties, according to a committee staff analysis.

OK Homer might have a point here. And by the way guns are such a hot topic in Florida that this whole issue of arming teachers might have ruffled a few feathers. But that’s putting it lightly. People are pissed and rightfully so. That money should definitely be going elsewhere.

Everytown for Gun Safety, the bipartisan gun-control organization created and financed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says it’s spending $200,000 to pressure Florida lawmakers not to allow classroom teachers to carry a gun at school.

On Sunday, an Everytown political committee bought full-page newspaper ads in opposition to Senate Bill 7030, a school safety bill that includes a proposal to tweak a controversial but limited provision in last year’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act to train and arm non-instructional school faculty.

Everytown is also buying digital ads and renting a rolling billboard “emphasizing the dangers of arming teachers” to circle the Florida Capitol until Thursday.

“We should let our teachers teach, instead of putting guns in their hands,” Gay Valimont, head of the Florida chapter of Everytown’s Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said in a statement.

[font size="4"]Oregon[/font]

You might be thinking “Hey! Oregon is a blue state! What the hell???”. And you might be right. But they do have the city of Portland which is home to two classes of individuals – hipsters and white supremacist right wing militia types! And these two groups do not get along, in case you were wondering. In fact Portland is the home of a group that you might have heard of, that is always looking to stir shit up. They’re called “Patriot Prayer”, and they’re the uber-religious counterparts to Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys. Yes, we try to keep track of all of the hate groups because, Trump. So why does the city of Portland tend to attract these types?

Neo-Nazi organizers viewed a 2017 Portland rally by the right-wing group Patriot Prayer as fertile recruitment grounds to grow their white nationalist movement, according to private messages leaked to an alternative media nonprofit.

The online chats, published in batches between August 2017 and March 2019 by Unicorn Riot, show that self-described neo-Nazi groups regarded Vancouver, Wash.-based Patriot Prayer as an "alt-light" group—that is, not extremist enough to be taken seriously, but attractive to people who could be further radicalized.

“Thinking about heading down to the ‘alt light’ event in Portland this coming weekend to do some recruitment work for [the Traditionalist Worker Party], show up wearing the shirt & handing out TWP literature/door hangers & talking NS to any receptive white men/women,” wrote a user who introduced himself as Matt, and used the screen name “My Name is Hate.”

The Traditionalist Worker Party is a neo-Nazi hate group that espouses anti-Semitic and white nationalist views.


Now here’s the thing – we’re not saying all gun nuts are white supremacists. But all white supremacists are gun nuts! Now you might be thinking – what does the shooting in Christchurch shooting have to do with Oregon white supremacists? Well a whole hell of a lot, actually!

America has a central role in the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto. He claims he used guns to stir up America’s debate over gun rights versus safety in hopes of dividing the country over racial and cultural lines, writing, “This balkanization of the US will not only result in the racial separation of the people within the United States ensuring the future of the White race on the North American continent, but also ensuring the death of the ‘melting pot’ pipe dream.” (He also expresses some anger about the United States’ involvement in the 1990s war in Yugoslavia.)

In general white nationalist rhetoric, Europe is “lost” in racial terms because of nonwhite immigration and low birthrates among white Europeans across the continent. But America — alongside New Zealand and Australia, to some within the movement — is viewed as perhaps the last hope for white nationalists to create an idealized “white homeland.”

Over the last 50 years, those ideas have been further developed with a surprising degree of specificity. David Lane, whom I mentioned earlier, was in favor of the so-called Northwest Imperative, the white nationalist idea of creating an “Aryan homeland” in the Pacific Northwest. The man who stabbed two people to death on a train in Oregon in May 2017 was reportedly an adherent of this idea, posting on Facebook before the attack that America should be “balkanize(d)” — the same word used by the Christchurch shooter.

So, Oregon has a massive white supremacy problem. What are they going to do about it? Well, remember that Patriot Prayer rally from last year? It turns out that Oregon’s police might have been in on it. In fact, they may have been protecting the fascists from the protestors! It’s going to take a hell of a lot to sort this mess out.

After public backlash, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, is no longer asking the city's police chief to lead an investigation into friendly text messages between a lieutenant and the leader of a far-right group that some officials say confirm "collusion" — a criticism later mocked by the group's leader.

Officials and activists also voiced concern about the texts and demanded that Mayor Ted Wheeler order an independent investigation — and not one headed by Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw as he first suggested. The mayor relented late Friday and said he will be working on how the new inquiry will take shape.

"I will order an independent investigation to review the existence of bias in the actions of the [Portland Police Bureau] leading up to and during demonstrations involving alt-right and anti-fascist protesters," he said in a statement, adding that he has "heard from the people of Portland" and will also work with Outlaw to implement training for police in identifying white supremacy.

[font size="4"]And The Winner Is…[/font]

Oh my god… Florida has utterly routed Oregon by a score of 25! I don’t know what they are giving Florida Man but if they keep it up they will be repeating as our Stupidest State this year! Sorry Oregon, you may be the king of the West Coast racists, but Florida owns this dance! They advance to the Final Four easily.

[font size="4"]Next Week:[/font]

Next week, we are taking a much needed break. And that was omitted on the original schedule, for which the people responsible have been sacked. But when we come back on 4/24, we are going to continue Round 2 coverage with the Family Values Conference Championship. And what is more fitting than that for a Bible Belt showdown between Mississippi and Alabama? We’ll be live at the home of the Sacramento Kings, the fabulous Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, for all the action! Stay tuned!

[font size="8"]And Now This:[/font]
[font size="8”]Simple Creatures[/font]

Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is a brand new band and the coming together of the bands Blink 182 and All Time Low! Their debut EP called “Strange Love” is out now! Playing their song “Drug” from that EP, give it up for Simple Creatures!

Thank You New York City! We are taking a short break next week and we will be running a Best Of, we’ll be back on 4/24 with a brand new edition live from Denver with the Wheel Of Corruption and Stupidest State Round 2 Week 3! See you in two weeks!


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