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Tue Mar 26, 2019, 10:47 AM

What I wrote about Mueller in my book, First We Destroy the GOP...

In a chapter called "Praise Mueller, But Don’t Rely on Him":

If we’re extremely fortunate, Robert Mueller's investigation will be instrumental in taking down Trump, Pence, and a whole slew of other Republicans.

Thank heaven for Mueller, his team of lawyers, and their efforts. And may the scores of damaged, treasonous soon to be ex-politicians brought to justice be many.

That said, we all must work—in so many ways and as soon as possible—to drain perceived and actual power from those unworthy of wielding it.

Let us speak of power.

Specifically the power of the president.

A president is, by the very etymology of the word, one who presides. Not one who rules, dictates, or commands.

The privilege of acting in a presiding capacity and the power to do so are granted for a short time.

It is by social agreement alone that this power exists at all. And when the social agreement—for example, the vow to protect and defend the Constitution—is broken by one who has sworn to abide by it, citizens have the right, indeed the obligation, to strip the oath-breaker of his or her power.

Here’s my advice to each one of you, advice I hope you’ll take to heart and act upon with all the personal power you possess.

Give Donald Trump no power.

He deserves none.

Defy him.

Give him the raspberry, the finger, massive amounts of obscenity hurled smack into his face.

And finally, with all deliberate speed, drive this squatter from the People's House.

Respect the abstraction that is the office of the Presidency all you like. But give nothing but well-deserved disrespect to Trump. God knows he has earned nothing else.

Think of it this way.

The populace grants political power to whoever sits in the White House, and such granting typically beginning at the Inauguration.

That power is only taken back by means of impeachment and removal or via the 25th amendment to the Constitution.

But these times are anything but typical.

And there’s nothing to prevent us from waking up, rising up, and en masse as a body of patriotic and compassionate Americans stripping this asshole and would-be tyrant Trump of any and all power.

Here’s a critical point: You have the power, as an individual, even if it’s only in your own mind, to strip any “powerful” person of his or her power. Trump has only as much power as you cede to him. Cede him therefore no power at all.

Trump is a zero, a nothing, a nullity. He, an emperor solely in his deluded mind, has no clothing. In that word “clothing,” I include the trappings of power.

Our social contract, in normal times, asks us to buy into the story of a leader imbued with power. But when a leader reveals himself to be the very definition of unacceptable, horrendous, and monstrous, it’s our duty to set aside—for as long as it takes to rid ourselves of him—that “normal” social contract and pull out the one that drains him of power utterly.

We are living through such a time as this.

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