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Wed Feb 20, 2019, 11:50 PM

Different ways of voting.

Different ways of voting.


Plain old majority wins.

Might require a runoff.


Duverger's Law and the Two-Party System Explained

This can actually help a third party.


How does ranked choice voting work?



How Does the Electoral College Work?


For Presidential elections, we do not actually vote for the candidate.

We are voting for an elector who has ‘committed’ to voting for the candidate.

Funny thing…. The Electoral College elector is not legally bound to vote for his supposed candidate.

Some low population states actually have more proportionate voting strength than bigger states.

Candidates/parties know this and concentrate their efforts for those particular Electoral College votes.

It is possible to lose an election and actually get more popular votes than the ‘winner’.


Some parties of states can select, for state office holders, whether they want a

1. Primary. .. all voters (or all voters of that party) can vote for their choice.

2. Convention… Representatives from around the state/country select their choice.


Which method of voting do the people/candidates prefer?

The one that they feel gives them the best advantage.


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