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Fri Nov 16, 2018, 03:29 PM


Today I realized there is no limit to how far the evil corrupt occupants of our white house will go for any personal gain. Calling them a family would imply some humanity. There isn't any. What would you call multiple leeches abiding in the same jar?
It didn't start here but a leech went to Saudi Arabia maybe armed with a list to barter or bribe. Exactly what was it worth to him? A couple days later enemies started being rounded up.
We don't know all the names on that list. We probably couldn't prove there was a list. Then another enemy is taken in Turkey. He is butchered. Was his name on that list? There are no words to describe the shame, disgust and sadness that something like that happened and the name of our country is used in the same sentence.
Then we have the news today. In our name, to protect the butchers from the ire of Turkey. To protect the deal made by the leech in Saudi Arabia, with the blessing of the whole jar of leeches, we'll give Turkey a gift. We'll give another man to be butchered. Does anyone believe that wouldn't happen?
Maybe none of the leeches really knew what would happen in Turkey that day. They know what will happen if the plan to protect their deal goes through.
They have caged kids, cut medical care to millions, worked to cause people to go homeless and hungry. Now they want to aid and abet torture and murder. This nightmare needs to end.

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