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Tue Nov 13, 2018, 07:47 AM

I hate sports analogies and rarely use them BUT...

we landed significant body blows to the Rethug Body Politic last Tuesday and they're somewhat winded and gasping A BIT. By no means are they going down...just yet. They are dogged, resilient fighters, with much endurance and energy and always expect to go 15 rounds with them.

Now is the time to do two things, keep hitting them in their now-broken ribs where it hurts the most and go for the head punch, softening them up with blows about the face and skull.

That last sentence I mean almost literally in the metaphorical sense. The Rethuglicans were always primed to use language and slogans against us: Recall the Gore/Lieberman signs which they altered to say Sore/Loserman. Stuff like that there...

I say we go after them in the same manner, insulting them profusely, getting under their collective skins, - think Kipling's How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin: Wrap them in a near-intolerable skin of itchy language from which they cannot escape. Look: we have a lot of creative, thinking, intellectual individuals who are gifted, evidenced by the torrent of late-night humor directed against this asshole in the WH and his minions. I think they should spend some time creating viral memes which pertain to individuals in the Rethuglican Party which are "catchy" and "sticky". Tarred with these unending strokes, they will have trouble beginning a sentence without people snickering.

I love Michelle Obama, but when she said the Low-High thing, I thought of all the lost elections we have endured because we are just too classy. I think there's room for low humor and belittling of these terminal hypocrites and liars. if they use language to denigrate us, the gloves come off AFAIC.

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