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Mon Nov 12, 2018, 08:08 PM

Democrats need offense in Florida

Kick them in the radio.

Democrats need to protest somewhere where it counts. Somewhere different that can get media attention and threaten the Florida political machinery.

In Florida these 5 universities broadcast sports on at least 20 Republican/Limbaugh radio stations — Florida 10, Florida St. 4 Miami 2, South Florida 2, Central Florida 2.

They’re renting their brands, logos, mascots to those radio stations. That boosts the stations’ community credibility and helps them attract advertising.

Those stations deny global warming and work to defund public education. Now they're all going to follow Laimbaugh's lead in helping Scott and Desantis.

Those stations would have a lot harder time attracting advertisers if the schools were pushed to rethink those absurd toxic associations. The stations know that and the GOP knows that. Local Florida GOP would freak out merely at the suggestion of such a discussion starting. That’s what protests would do. Media would cover it, and they would immediately feel the threat of the possibility of advertisers telling their ad agencies to put them somewhere else.

If any one of those schools is forced to rethink their support for others will follow, not only in Florida but in most other states where at least 88 major universities endorse more than 260 similar stations.

How valuable are those radio stations to the Florida GOP?

If Florida GOP paid $1000/hr each station x 15 hrs = $15,000 x 20 stations = $300,000/DAY, FREE media, to generate outrage in their base to intimidate and enable election officials and judges, etc.

How does that factor into close elections?

And like everything else the Republican base has been used to push the last 30 years it’s steeped in lies, distortions, and exaggerations.

With the orange asshole piggybacking it they will reinforce and enable Rick Scott and the Florida GOP in doing everything it can to make sure those votes are not counted. If they are and the Democrats win those stations will be used to delegitimize the Democrats and suggest violence.

Here’s the Grand Poobah Laimbaugh at the end of last week leading the way with a load of bullshit blasting out of those university-endorsed stations:

I really hope I'm wrong, but once the commie babe pulls ahead out there and they tell us there are 500000 ballots yet to be counted in Phoenix in Democrat areas in Phoenix it doesn't look good. But you never know. It's not over yet. Nothing official. And we got people on our side say don't get all worried about it, (that) this is standard operating procedure for Arizona, (that) over 60 percent of the votes are by mail, it takes a long time to count them.

Well that's be fine if counting the votes is what was happening in Arizona but it's not, they're not counting votes in Florida either, they're looking for them. And in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they're if they're trying to find some blank ballots to still mark down there call on provisional ballots. ..... down here.

Today he led with some global warming denial in case any dittoheads were wondering about the California fires, then he went right back to claiming Democrats were stealing the Florida elections.

All those stations will follow Limbaugh’s lead and are used by GOP and its think tanks to blast out anything they want to make up. They learned that it worked great back in 2000 in Florida when it comes to elections. RW talk radio has been shown to use paid callers.

They can direct that outrage to individuals or groups who are particularly troublesome. They’re already naming election officials they don’t like. Their families will be threatened by nuts and the blowhards know it.

Those stations helped Republicans like Scott get elected. All their political messaging is antithetical to the interests of the university, faculty, and students — from global warming denial, to defunding public education, to racist attacks on kneeling athletes.

Protesting those universities is a direct threat to Scott and the Florida GOP. It would be a unique and different way Democrats in those states to go on the offensive.

10 universities in AZ, FL, GA help GOP, Trump with voter suppression, recount obstruction

Artificial intelligence will force ad industry to kill RW radio. Dems can accelerate the inevitable.

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