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Thu Nov 8, 2018, 10:22 PM Nov 2018

Can you spell OPTIMISM

I have come to find out how big a victory we had in the election Tuesday. For me it means there is so much to be done by each Democrat Congress”person”. When you consider the Russia investigation and all of the cheating, lying scumbags that perpetuated the crime against Hillary Clinton and this country. Then there is the general everyday government business of how we need to take this country back from the looming debt and a list of other stuff.

Along with Optimism we also need to include Opportunity. The two paired together gives us the positive outlook and the means to start turning things around. Not only for these two years but we can usher 45 out of OUR White House and elect a Democrat in there.

Can you spell OPTIMISM (Original Post) apkhgp Nov 2018 OP
Yes; W.I.N. nt Xipe Totec Nov 2018 #1
W.I.N.! apkhgp Nov 2018 #2
I've consulted with our judges, and we'll accept it. In It to Win It Nov 2018 #3
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