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Tue Nov 6, 2018, 07:12 PM

Whatever happens tonight

Right now, things can go either way. I personally know that there is enough discontent with Mr. Trump toeasily fuel a "blue wave", especially since the history of mid terms never favor the incumbent, as what the midterms have become is a way to either restrain, or outright thumb their nose at whoever is in office.

That being said, regardless of tonight, good or bad, we need to stay consistent. Part of the reason we are in this mess is because we let polls try to hypnotize us, with either happy narcotics or severe depressives. To paraphrase Kipling, we need to look at triumph and disaster, and greet these two imposters just the same. Regardless of what the polls say, we need to get out there, vote, and then continue to maintain pressure on whoever is in office. We need to be loud iof we need be, and reinforce what what we know, that THE FACTS do favor the left.

We know what party let presidents balloon the deficit in the name of low taxes and the ABUSE of the military.
We know the reason they focus on abortion and gay marriage is because the economy they made has made it very hard for ANYONE to feed a family, never mind afford to educate them.
We know that letting anyone buy an ar-15 has made a world where we are much more likely to be shot by our co workers than any foreign terrorist.
We know that our election system needs protection from foreign influence, as frankly the boy geniuses who were supposed to be i charge, be they in newsrooms or silicon valley, failed. Whether or not they failed or were bought is irrelevant, the facts say this is NOT acceptable.

We also need to feel free to put pressure on "our people." Obama did not support Gay Marriage without everyone, including Joe Biden and Rachel maddow, telling him he needed to listen to US, and not the triangulators and their calculators. Even if you do consider yourself a "moderate", it is a fact that in order to have your centrists friend on the right work with you, they need to feel abit of pressure from the left, as opposed to the unloosed wild horse momentum of the right. The same goes for the hard left; we need the people you dislike in your own party because they put badly needed pressure on the right wing. We need to stop shootign at each other and at least wait until we secure power and clean up some of the damage before we can fight, and we need that fight to be a fair, honest fight, a boxing match as opposed to the streetfight that was 2016.

OK folks, let's get out there and make a difference. Keep on rockin in the Free World!

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