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Wed Oct 31, 2018, 05:01 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-18: Wheel Of Corruption & The Deathly Hallows Pt 1 Edition

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Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-18: Wheel Of Corruption & The Deathly Hallows Pt 1 Edition

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! You don’t have to review our privacy policy here because we don’t have one! What’s up Smashville??? Yeah there I said it, oh, and happy fucking Halloween! Whew, after the events of last week, we made it! By the way, I must explain my costume today. See, I am not Donald Trump. Instead, I took my own advice from last week and went out and got the much jankier “Costume Candidate” costume. See how fake my wig is? And my comically oversized tie? It perfectly accentuates my girth! Oh my hat says “Make America Good Always”. Yes, it’s finally Halloween and time for my big Halloween show! So do I really need to congratulate the Red Sox for winning the World Series? No? Good! Because the international symbol of choking should be changed from this – to this. Yeah sorry Dodger fans but it’s true. This is only Boston’s 180th championship in the last 15 years. They win so much I’m sick of it! Do we have time for the thing? So… yeah Post Malone, what are you doing? Our good friend Post Malone is back in the news and I don’t know if you saw this or not but Post has been in the news for spending like a baller! And it’s mainly on the site Postmates. See? Post? Postmates? Get it? Ah! Ah! OK so what did he buy exactly? Just about anything and everything. Tons of booze, tons of fast food. Dude, Post why are you so tired all the time? I don’t know – maybe eat a salad or two instead of $900 worth of Popeye’s chicken. Or maybe drink some water and coffee instead of $4,000 worth of booze. But here’s where it gets weird – he asked Postmates to go to Target and buy the most expensive chess set. Although my favorite thing is that he asked Postmates to bring him… a mariachi band! Yeah you really can’t make this stuff up, though we really question Post’s spending habits at this point. OK enough of the intro. We got a lot of idiocy to get to but first Bill Maher is back and he asks – did we reach Peak Florida?

So where do we begin this week? Well I’ve been teasing this segment for a while now but we got to do it – “What’s Up With Brazil?” because Brazil just elected an ultra far right Trump / Putin stooge as their new president and we’ll tell you all about what you can expect from Jair Bolsonaro (1). In the second slot, unless you’ve been living under a rock we had a terrorist attack from a far right crazy man last week, and we’ll tell you all about the #MAGABomber (2). In the third slot is of course the guy who we currently call president and that’s Donald J. Trump (3). Did you know that China and Russia have been secretly listening in on Trump’s calls that he makes on his unsecured iPhone? I can guarantee that I am not in any way, shape or form shocked at these events. At number 4 this week we’ve got a new installment of “How Is This Still A Thing” and after Megyn Kelly’s revelation about Blackface, we’re going to ask “Blackface – how is this still a thing?”. For the 5th slot this week is of course our weekly investigative piece Top 10 Investigates (5) and this week it’s a week before the midterm election and we’re going to talk voter intimidation. It’s an extremely scary subject. At number 6 is our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in “Holy Shit” (6) and this week our resident pastor is going to tell you, by way of the Christian right – who is god voting for? The answer may (not) surprise you! At number 7 we’ve got a new segment of one of our favorites – “Beating A Dead Horse”. After every attack and shooting, the right and alt right are lightning quick to call these shootings “false flag operations” and they’ve used the term so much that it’s lost all meaning. Taking the 8th slot this week we’ve got a new installment of “This Fucking Guy” and this week we’re going to profile the cohost and co-conspirator of Infowars, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown. Yes, this guy is a pastor! At number 9 (NEIN!!!!) this week is of course our favorite segment, People Are Dumb (9) ,because people are dumb. Finally this week we’ve got the next installment of Deep State Diaries and we’re going to check out how our elections are monitored as we visit the Federal Elections Commission. Yes, we need this one! Plus, for our big Halloween bash, the guy who is synonymous with Halloween – Marilyn Manson is going to be stopping by! Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

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[font size="8"]Jair Bolsonaro
[br] [/font]

Hey everyone say it with me: It’s time for the WHEEL OF CORRUPTION! YAY!!!!!

Of course you know the rules by now – I spin the wheel and we have to talk about whatever it lands on. Of course if it lands on the guacamole option, you know that it costs $1.50 extra. So here’s what is on the wheel this week:

- Guns
- Abortion
- Crime
- Poverty
- Election Theft
- Buy A Vowel
- Clip Without Context
- Greed
- Spying
- Food
- Elections
- Donald Trump
- Clip Without Context
- Chance
- 5,000
- Bankrupt
- Community Chest
- Donald Trump
- A Random Tweet
- Something Random In The News
- ‘Merica!
- Golf
- 10,000
- Morally Bankrupt
- Guacamole
- Clip Without Context
- Talk Shows
- Holy Shit
- Beating A Dead Horse
- This Fucking Guy
- How Is This Still A Thing?
- Harry Potter
- 15,000
- People Are Dumb
- Donald Trump
- I Need A Drink
- Infowars
- T-Shirt Cannon
- Lightning Round
- Bonus Spin

So let’s get this shit going! Spin that shit! Come on no whammy no whammy no whammy… stop! Clip without context!

Really, Jim Bakker’s channel is really just the Home Shopping Network for douchebags. Spin it again! And it lands on… wait for it… elections! And with that it’s time for our new segment:

So what is up with Brazil? You know we did our exhaustive World Tour back in the 3rd season of the Top 10 and we visited Brazil back in Idiots #3-13 and noted how Putin’s far right influence was rearing its’ ugly head in South America’s largest country. Well, last week, Putin scored another victory as Brazil elected a guy who’s essentially a tropical version of Trump.

Brazilian politics lurched to the far right Sunday after congressman Jair Bolsonaro won the presidency of Latin America’s largest nation. Bolsonaro, 63, is a former army captain who has appalled critics and thrilled supporters over his views on abortion, the environment, immigration, race, women and more.

He won 55.2% of votes cast with a promise to restore law and order and prioritize family values. Conservative Michel Temer has led Brazil for the last two years. His relatively brief tenure follows the impeachment of left wing President Dilma Rousseff.

Bolsonaro is a pro-gun, pro-torture, small-government politician who said he is "in favor of dictatorship." He has been charged with hate speech by Brazil's attorney general and was stabbed and nearly died while campaigning for the presidency.

We can only guess that’s an actual artist rendering from Putin’s reaction watching the Brazilian elections. So guess what? Not even 24 hours in and Bolsonaro is met with some huge protests, hey it’s the Trump election all over again!

Tens of thousands of women have taken to the streets of Brazil to protest against the far-right presidential election front-runner Jair Bolsonaro.

The words Ele Nao (not him) were seen on stickers and banners and were shouted by the crowds.

Mr Bolsonaro was stabbed at a rally earlier this month and is currently leading in the polls ahead of the first round of elections on 7 October.

But a run-off vote is likely to be much closer.

A former army captain, Jair Bolsonaro is a hugely controversial figure and has sparked outrage with homophobic and misogynist comments.

He once told a congresswoman she was not worth raping and has equated homosexuality with paedophilia.

Some have compared the 63-year-old to Donald Trump. He enjoys the backing of millions of evangelical Christians who praise his anti-abortion stance

Holy shit! He couldn’t be more like Trump if he were cloned! In case you’re wondering where Bolsonaro stands on the issues, well, guess what? Once again he’s just like Trump. Let’s delve into more.

Lots of the international media coverage of the rise of Jair Bolsonaro has lazily branded him Brazil’s answer to Donald Trump. But the truth is Bolsonaro, who swept to election victory Sunday night, is much more extreme. The far-right has conquered the world’s fourth biggest democracy, and the consequences of that will stretch far beyond Brazil.

During a bitter election campaign between Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad of the left-wing Workers’ Party, each candidate claimed that the other would destroy Brazil. On Sunday, Bolsonaro’s vision—of eradicating corruption, driving down crime, and promoting traditional family values—led him to victory, with 55.2 percent of counted votes to 44.8.

One fair comparison with Trump’s victory is, this morning, that one half of the country will be elated and the other devastated. During Bolsonaro’s 27-year career as a congressman, the far-right politician has been known for celebrating the brutal military dictatorship that ruled Brazil for two decades and for repeatedly attacking the country’s black, gay and indigenous communities. He will now be their president.

In the past, he’s told a female representative in congress that she was too ugly for him to rape, and he’s publicly admitted that he’d rather have his son die in a car crash than be gay. He’s backed torture; said he’d have to kill 30,000 people to get the country back on track; and claimed having a daughter was a personal “moment of weakness.”

I’d tell him where I would like to stick those thumbs. But really you should be very concerned with the direction that Brazil is heading in as they have joined the ranks of Turkey, the Philippines, China, Japan, in that far right populism and fear and economic anxiety is defeating progress. Yes, we are in for some dark times ahead.

The election of neo-fascist presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is raising fears that Brazil could be the latest country hit by a wave of far-right authoritarians. Bolsonaro, though, represents something scarier than Donald Trump, the politician he is most often compared to. Following the election on Oct. 28, the world’s fourth-largest democracy is in danger.

Bolsonaro is a seven-term congressman who surged into the popular consciousness as a hardline law-and-order figure with outsider credibility because of the swirling crises that have engulfed Brazil over the past five years. His racist, misogynist, homophobic outrages are numerous and well-known. Horrifying as these are, merely repeating them does not tell us everything about why Bolsonaro was such an unsuitable candidate — and now will be an unsuitable president.

Bolsonaro’s eulogies to the military dictatorship and its torturers tell us a bit more. Brazil’s “day that lasted 21 years” did not go far enough, in his mind: The dictatorship “should have killed 30,000 more,” he said in 1999, while serving his third term as a congressman. Within the military establishment, Bolsonaro represents an extremist tendency; former military-dictator Ernesto Geisel labeled him “completely beyond the pale” and a "military evil."

Meet the new boss, WORSE than the old boss! Oh so much worse, right? And if you think that we’ve only just begun with Bolsonaro, think again! because he’s got a new BFF in the White House! Get your gag reflexes ready!

Brazil’s new president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, is an ardent admirer — and shrewd imitator — of his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump. And that could usher in one of the warmest bilateral relationships in the Western Hemisphere.

Trump called to congratulate Bolsonaro on Sunday night, shortly after the far-right congressman scored a resounding victory at the polls, winning 55 percent of the vote following a mud-slinging campaign with a leftist rival.

Bolsonaro and Trump spoke of “a strong commitment to work side-by-side” on issues affecting Brazil, the United States and beyond, the White House said.

Trump has bullied and wrangled with other leaders in the Americas, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

But in Bolsonaro, Trump will find a doppelganger whose world view and pugnacious style are strikingly similar to his own.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]MAGABomber
[br] [/font]

Let’s give the wheel a nice strong spin shall we? Ooh, that was a good spin there. And it lands on… A Random Tweet!

Really? We had two terrorist attacks in a week and you’re concerned about baseball? Also interesting use of the word “shellacked” there, Trump! Because that’s exactly what is going to happen to you next week! Thank you audience! Spin it again! Donald Trump. And you know this week they caught the MAGABomber, and oh yeah, he’s exactly who you’d expect – a loner weirdo living full of Trump stickers with Trump’s enemies list in crosshairs in a van who got kicked out of his home because his mom was afraid of his support for Trump. So here’s more.

A man arrested on suspicion of being the MAGA bomber has been named as Native American Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc, 56. Sayoc, of Fort Lauderdale, is belived to have been arrested in Plantation, a suburb of Miami, Florida, Friday on suspicion of sending 12 pipe bombs to top Democrats and high-profile figures critical of Donald Trump. Online records show Sayoc has owned companies called Native American Catering & Vending, as well as Proud Native America One Low Price Drycleaning.

Bodybuilder Sayoc is said to have been traced by DNA and phone records, and was flagged as a suspect after making previous terror threats to judges. Meanwhile, photos have emerged of a van linked to Sayoc covered in pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton stickers.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/26/police-seize-van-covered-in-donald-trump-stickers-after-arresting-suspected-maga-bomber-56-8078782/?ito=cbshare

OK let’s go through the list and see if he meets the profile. He’s a creepy homeless guy living in a van covered with Trump bumper stickers and was a stripper. As Bill Maher said – have we reached peak Florida? Probably! And by the way we may need to play a game of “Blame Game Bingo” at some point because the GOP refuses to blame anyone but themselves. But this might be the stupidest justification of the incident:

An attempt to assassinate at least 14 of President Donald Trump’s most prominent critics did not succeed, thank God. But this direct attack on our democracy also failed to move Missouri GOP Senate nominee Josh Hawley to so much as tweak his portrayal of violent political rhetoric and actions in this country as an exclusively Democratic phenomenon.

At his final debate with Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, both candidates were asked whether voters deserve better than the current sub-basement level of discourse. Absolutely, said Hawley. “You hear leaders of the Democrat Party like Hillary Clinton saying that you can’t be civil with people you disagree with. You have Eric Holder, another Democrat leader, saying the new Democrat Party kicks people they disagree with. When you see these mobs popping up in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings. The screaming, the shouting, driving people out of restaurants, confronting them, this is terrible ... I am disappointed that the Democrat Party seems to have embraced this.”

Let’s see, why were Clinton and Holder in the news in recent days? Oh yes, for having bombs sent to them. Yet in a protracted back-and-forth over incendiary words, neither Hawley nor McCaskill ever mentioned incendiary devices.

So if we extrapolate, Clinton was responsible for… inciting violence when Trump constantly has rallies where he screams “LOCK HER UP!!!”??? Are you fucking kidding me? We might need to play a game of Blame Game Bingo next week. Because the excuses coming are far and furious. By the way in case you’re wondering the kind of character Caesar Sayoc is, Michael Moore recently unearthed footage of him at a Trump rally:

Filmmaker Michael Moore posted a video clip of suspected pipe bomber Cesar Sayoc at a rally for President Donald Trump last year, apparently chanting “CNN sucks” with a group of Trump supporters.

It was filmed in Melbourne, Florida, at the first Trump 2020 re-election rally, which was held just a month after Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

“Who we needed to understand were our fellow Americans, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a pile of lies so large and toxic that we wondered if there would ever be a chance that we could bring them back from the Dark Side,” he said.

Sayoc, 56, was arrested Friday for allegedly sending more than a dozen pipe bombs in the mail to Democratic political figures and other Trump targets. The van in which he was living was plastered with photos of Trump, pro-Trump slogans, “CNN sucks,” and photos of the faces of Trump critics marked with gunsight crosshairs.
Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/michael-moore-posts-clip-of-cesar-sayoc-at-trump-rally-chanting-cnn-sucks_us_5bd631b7e4b0a8f17ef915dc

And you know what? Skip the meme for this one, we need to show you what his van looks like:

Yes that is fucking insane. You think this guy might be Trump’s #1 fan? Depending on how the trial goes, he’ll either have a cell waiting for him at Supermax or he’ll have a cushy job at Fox News. Sadly, that seems to be the way things are going these days. And by the way, Sayoc’s story started out so innocent – he was just an innocent food blogger who turned to the dark side!

Until 2016, Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr.’s life on social media looked unremarkable. On his Facebook page, he posted photos of decadent meals, gym workouts, scantily clad women and sports games — the stereotypical trappings of middle-age masculinity.

But that year, Sayoc’s social media presence took on a darker and more partisan tone. He opened a new Twitter account and began posting links to sensational right-wing news stories, adding captions like “Clinton busted exposed rigging entire election.” On Facebook, his anodyne posts gave way to a feed overflowing with pro-Donald Trump images, news stories about Muslims and Daesh (also called the Islamic State), far-fetched conspiracy theories and clips from Fox News broadcasts.

By the time he was arrested in Florida on Friday, charged with sending pipe bombs to at least a dozen of Trump’s critics, Sayoc appeared to fit the all-too-familiar profile of a modern extremist, radicalized online and sucked into a vortex of partisan furor.

In recent weeks, he had posted violent fantasies and threats against several people to whom pipe bombs were addressed, including Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and former Vice President Joe Biden. His vehicle, a white van plastered with right-wing slogans, came to resemble a Facebook feed on wheels.

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[font size="8"]Donald Trump
[br] [/font]

Let’s give the wheel a nice spin shall we? And it lands on… wait for it… Chance!

Eh… unlike Trump and Fox News fans, I am actually fine paying my taxes! Spin it again! And it lands on… spying! OK… Ok… OK…. Here’s my whole thing. Remember back during the campaign when they said Hillary was using e-mail servers illegally? Well guess what. I’ll give you five guesses on what Trump is doing with an iPhone. But I always thought he was an Android guy. Yeah that’s exactly it, sir! Trump got hacked, yo! And guess who’s doing the hacking?

In the wake of the 2013 revelations of the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance program, and amid increasing worries that private firms are using our phones to eavesdrop on us, it’s understandable that many people are now paranoid that their private communications can be intercepted. The president of the United States, however, is apparently not among them.

The New York Times (paywall) reported yesterday (Oct. 24) that Donald Trump wouldn’t restrict his phone calls to more secure lines available to him, such as White House landlines, preferring to conduct many communications—including calls to Fox News—over one of three iPhones. None of the three cellphones are completely secure, though two of them have been altered by the NSA to limit vulnerabilities, while the third, personal phone is the most insecure. As a result, Chinese and Russian intelligence have allegedly been able to listen in, the paper reported, citing unnamed current and former officials. The paper said the officials came by the information via informants in other governments and their own eavesdropping on other governments.

The report said China has been using the information gleaned in this way to form a list of personal friends Trump speaks with frequently, as well as “what arguments work,” hoping to lobby these networks over the two countries’ trade war. That suggests that outsiders are able to access not only the phone numbers the president calls, but also the content of the calls themselves. Stephen A. Schwarzman, chief executive of private-equity giant Blackstone Group, and casino magnate Steve Wynn are on the list put together by China, the Times said.

So that happened. And of course the White House is going out of their way to actively deny this is happening. What’s the solution you might ask? How does one keep their phone secure when they’re being spied on 24/7? Well China’s got a solution!

A New York Times report that Chinese and Russian spies are often listening in on U.S. President Donald Trump's conversations with his friends made on his unsecured iPhone drew an unusual response from the Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman.

If Trump is concerned about the security of his iPhone, he can consider switching over to a Huawei, or cut off communications altogether, Hua Chunying, the foreign ministry spokeswoman, said in response to a question about the Times report. She dismissed the report as another example of “fake news."

“Seeing this report, I feel there are those in America who are working all-out to win the Oscar for best screenplay,” Hua said at the ministry’s regular briefing in Beijing on Thursday.

American spy agencies had learned that China and Russia were eavesdropping on the president's cellphone calls, with China seeking to use what it learns from the calls to prevent an escalation of a trade war with the U.S., according to the Times report, which cited several former and current officials.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/10/25/china-denies-spying-trump-iphone-938785

Really? A Huawei? He might as well have a sign on his back that says "hack me!" I mean come on we covered Huawei in the Top 10 before and how they’re probably (read: definitely) spying on you through their crappy phones that nobody wants! But of course Trump’s White House is actively going out of their way to deny this is happening.

The White House on Thursday flatly denied that President Donald Trump's cellphone was compromised after a New York Times report suggested Chinese spies were listening to his phone calls.

"The article written by the New York Times presented inaccurate information about the President's cell phone and its usage," White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement.

Current and former US officials warned that Trump's personal Apple iPhone was monitored by Chinese spies, according to The Times' report published Wednesday. Trump reportedly used two iPhones that were programmed by the National Security Agency for official use, but also kept a third, personal phone that was unaltered — much like the normal iPhones on the consumer market.

Trump was said to use the unaltered personal iPhone because of its ability to store contacts, the officials said in the report. One of the two official phones was designated for making calls, and the other one was for Twitter.

I mean come on! It’s absolutely no surprise that Trump fails at understanding how technology works, the guy can barely work an umbrella!

Yeah that happened! So why expect him to be able to work an iPhone?

"They didn't care about emails," he said. "If they did, they'd be up in arms right now as the Chinese are listening to the president's iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart."

Obama had a few other burns for Trump, too.

"Their promise to drain the swamp, that was not on the up and up. Nobody in my administration got indicted."

The former president was in Milwaukee stumping for Sen. Tammy Baldwin, who led her competitor, state Sen. Leah Vukmir, by 15 points in a recent poll.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]How Is This Still A Thing?
[br] [/font]

Let’s spin the wheel again shall we? Wheel goes ‘round, wheel goes ‘round… And it lands on… A Random Tweet!

Worst Social Distortion cover ever, by the way. I don’t remember hearing those lyrics in “Ball And Chain”! Spin it again! Oh hey it’s time for “How Is This Still A Thing”! It’s time once again to ask:

This week: Blackface. How is this still a thing? The idea of applying makeup to your skin to appear of a different race is nothing new, and in fact as old as time itself. But in the era known as 2018, some might think of this practice as… being a bit racist. So why would you? Or why wouldn’t you? Well the reason that Blackface is in the news this week is because of Halloween. And one person in particular – NBC’s Megyn Kelly doesn’t appear to believe that the concept of Blackface is racist.

Sometimes "I'm sorry" just doesn't cut it -- a hard lesson that NBC Today show host Megyn Kelly now understands. Reportedly, Kelly's morning show "Megyn Kelly Today" may be cancelled, according to CNN sources and Variety reports.

Kelly, who never really seemed like a good fit for the NBC morning show, overplayed her popularity earlier this week when she passionately defended people who don blackface costumes for Halloween -- a thing that most Americans understand is definitely not okay, unless their intention is to offend.

"But what is racist?" Kelly asked on her show. "Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character."

The backlash was swift. Kelly was roasted across social media and more importantly her colleagues and bosses were appalled by her comments. NBC executives forced Kelly to apologize first, internally to her colleagues, and then to the viewers.

That’s a good point. You can’t be racist if you hate everyone equally. But here’s the thing Megyn, if you have to ask what is racist? You probably don’t know what is racist! However you can’t say something like that in this day and age and not expect the “backlash machine” come after you.

Megyn Kelly is out at NBC after making controversial comments about blackface and Halloween costumes during an episode of her morning show Tuesday.

“‘Megyn Kelly Today’ is not returning,” according to an NBC statement. “Next week, the 9 a.m. hour will be hosted by other TODAY co-anchors.”

During her 9 a.m. hour of the Today show Tuesday, Kelly claimed that blackface was acceptable in the context of Halloween costumes, saying it was “OK when I was a kid as long as you were dressing like a character.” The backlash was swift and even drew criticism from longtime Today co-host Al Roker, who said, “While she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country because this is a history going back to the 1830s.”

During her Wednesday show, Kelly tried to make amends, saying, “I want to begin with two words: I’m sorry. I defended the idea [of blackface], saying that as long it was respectful and part of a Halloween costume, that it seemed OK. Well, I was wrong, and I am sorry.”

So how racist is blackface? Well it’s been around since the 1920s. And it *ALWAYS* gains controversy at this time of year, every year. And why do people keep doing it? Well they think it’s funny and they always try to pass it off as a joke. But the people it hurts aren’t the ones who are laughing.

It happens all too frequently – often at Halloween, but not exclusively – as in 2016, when two white teenage girls in Maplewood, N.J., posted a photo of themselves online in blackface. One student told a reporter, "They thought it was a joke, but it really just was not funny at all."

One of the girls' mother said, "The two girls had no idea of what blackface was, or the history of it."

The history of blackface is long and complex, and deeply ingrained in our culture – in vaudeville and minstrel shows and in movies. Even Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd blacked up.

For more than a hundred years, white (and then black) performers wore dark makeup, creating not only a popular theatrical form, but stereotypes that are still with us today.

Eric Lott, a professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, admitted that blackface makes him uncomfortable. "It does make me feel uncomfortable to talk about these things because they are incredibly disturbing, and revolting," he told DuBois.

Lott says blackface represents a strange mix of envy, fascination, desire and fear.

Oh they knew it was racist, they just don’t care. But just because Megyn Kelly said it, that doesn’t make it OK. In fact if you’re in a public profession, don’t do it. Hell, if you are in any profession don’t do it. It just makes you… racist.

An Iowa teacher is under investigation by the Davenport school district after she was pictured at a public Halloween party wearing blackface, according to the Associated Press.

Megan Luloff, a first-grade teacher at Walcott Elementary, was dressed as Lawfawnduh, a black woman character from the movie "Napoleon Dynamite," as part of a group costume at the Walcott American Legion Friday night, according to the Quad-City Times.

Luloff didn’t return messages left Thursday by the Associated Press.

Davenport School District Superintendent Art Tate responded to the situation, saying “blackface is never appropriate in any circumstance by any person.”

So that happened. In fact Blackface is something you shouldn’t do no matter what the cause is. Even former first daughter Jenna Bush was horrified at Megyn Kelly’s insensitivity.

When Megyn Kelly made the comments about blackface that led to Megyn Kelly Today’s cancellation, she was on a panel with three other people: Jacob Soboroff, Melissa Rivers, and Jenna Bush Hager, talking about inappropriate Halloween costumes. Now, Jenna is speaking out about how Megyn's remarks made her “sad.”

In an interview with E! News, the Today show host said she was disgusted by Megyn's comments. “Well, it was, you know, horrifying, because it wasn’t what we were there to talk about,” she said. “And obviously, in this day and age, but in any day and age, when there's talk of something that would make somebody feel bad, it's not something we stand for ever. Not then, not now. And it made me sad."

“We don’t know what is ahead for her right now,” fellow anchor Hoda Kotb added, “and we don’t really know what the outcome of this is going to be.” Their interview was held before NBC announced Megyn Kelly Today would not be coming back.

There you have it, when a member of the Bush family calls you out for being racist, that’s pretty damn racist! That’s enough to make you ask – Blackface:

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Top 10 Investigates: Election Tampering
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Let’s spin it to win it! And it lands on… buy a vowel! OK, I will buy an E. OK that looks good, can I solve the puzzle? Halloween! Yes, happy Halloween everybody! And it’s time to announce the winner of our costume contest – winner will get a Top 10 Halloween t-shirt and tickets to enjoy a future Top 10 live production. And that winner is… Chris from Brentwood! That is an amazing Frankenstein costume, give it up for Chris everybody! Spin it again! And it lands on… Top 10 Investigates!

The 2018 midterm elections are merely a week away. But are you ready? Is your local polling place ready? Have you already voted? These and many other questions are ones that you need to ask. But there’s plenty of reports out there that voters are being harassed and intimidated as they attempt to participate as they go to the polls.

Tempers are flaring during early voting in Dallas County, Texas, and reports of voter intimidation are on the rise. The county’s nonpartisan election administrator said that the harassment — including name-calling and interrogating voters waiting in line — is the worst she’s seen in decades.

“I’ve been here for 30 years, and this harassment that’s going on, I haven’t ever seen the likes of this,” said Toni Pippins-Poole, the county’s election director. “I’ve seen some other things, props being used and whatnot, but nothing like this type of mentality or aggressiveness or demeaning type of actions.”

At the Lakeside Activity Center in Mesquite, Texas, election administrators received complaints of a partisan poll watcher looking over voter’s shoulders as they cast their ballots and questioning voters on their politics. The person was later escorted out by Mesquite Police Department officers on Monday after refusing to leave the premises, according to Pippins-Poole.

Well that was 2 elections ago. but this election as we have a president who has thrown all sense of common decency and rules and laws regarding ethics out the window. So what can you expect when you go to the polls next week? In fact it’s happening all over the country.

As early voting began Monday in Georgia, a group of black senior citizens gathered for a voter outreach event at Jefferson County’s Leisure Center. Members of Black Voters Matter, one of the groups behind the event, offered to drive the group of about 40 seniors to the polls.

But shortly after the seniors boarded the organization’s bus, county officials stopped the trip, prompting new accusations of voter suppression in a state already dealing with several such controversies.

The event, according to ThinkProgress’s Kira Lerner, was a part of Black Voters Matter’s “The South is Rising” bus tour across seven states to host voter outreach and engagement events. Black Voters Matter is nonpartisan, and the group’s leadership did not encourage the senior citizens to vote for a particular candidate or political party, according to LaTosha Brown, the organization’s co-founder.

And then there’s places where it gets violent. Because this is 2018 and you can easily come to expect that someone with a gun will be at a place where you can vote. In fact there should be more police present at polling place, shouldn’t there?

Early voting nearly turned violent in Charlotte on Wednesday, when a Republican volunteer reported being confronted with a gun and racial slurs at a Mecklenburg County polling place.

Derek Partee, who is black, said three white people angrily approached him at the Steele Creek polling place, which is southwest of Charlotte near Carowinds, in the 11100 block of South Tryon Street.

Partee posted photos of the three on Facebook, including a photo in which one heavily tattooed man can be seen openly carrying a pistol in a hip holster. A few hours after Partee called police, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced it had arrested a 28-year-old Charlotte man named Jason Donald Wayne in connection with the incident.

That happened. So what can you do about it? What can you do to report problems at the polls? Well here’s how it’s going to work because next week we can expect a lot of these stories coming very fast and furious.

This election season, ABC News is joining a nationwide effort to look out for problems that might delay or hinder your vote.
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More than 70 news organizations across the country are participating in Electionland, an initiative from the news nonprofit ProPublica, and will monitor and investigate reports of problems casting ballots or irregularities at the polls.

During Electionland’s inaugural coverage in 2016, two women denied the ability to cast their ballots were able to vote, New York restored access to its elections hotline during early voting, and a Texas poll worker misinterpreting the state’s voter ID law was set straight, according to Pro Publica .

With absentee and early voting already underway and Election Day a week away, readers who experience issues while voting — such as registration problems, purged voter rolls, broken machines, long lines, voter intimidation and changed voting locations — can report those concerns to local election officials.

Don’t do that. Instead if you see something, say something. Take the same precautions for voter intimidation that they do at the airport. That’s it for Top 10 Investigates. Good day.

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[font size="8"]Holy Shit
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Let’s give the wheel a good strong spin shall we? And it lands on… wait for it… Oh it’s another clip without context!

Whoa, I don’t remember that passage in the Bible! Spin it again! Oh hey it’s time for Holy Shit!

Gather around, my fair brothers and sisters of Nashville, it’s time to take a seat in the pew and pass the collection plate! For the Holy Church of the Top 10 has convened and it’s our weekly duty to remind you why the holiest among us are also the most full of:

So my fair congregation, I ask you – who is GAWD voting for in next week’s election? There’s two sides to this debate, and the other side wants to claim GAWD for themselves. But it says right here in the Good Book – “GAWD shall not factor into any election for there is separation of church and state”. I know it might not say that in their book, but it definitely says so in ours! But my fellow zealots are claiming that a vote for the other side is a vote against GAWD himself!

American Pastors Network leaders used their “Stand in the Gap” radio show this week to promote a national day of prayer for the midterm elections on October 30. The group says its daily radio program airs on 425 stations. “Exactly one week before Election Day will help focus and calibrate people’s thinking and energy—and we pray they will put that energy into going to the Lord on behalf of our country,” said APN president Sam Rohrer.

Pennsylvania Pastors Network Executive Director Gary Dull was quoted in a Monday email message from APN saying that he is personally “burdened” about the elections, “particularly since we’ve heard of evangelical pastors who are traveling to 30 cities in 10 states to tell Christians to vote Democrat.”

On Monday’s radio show, Dull said, “I fully believe that the left-leaning politicians, the left-leaning media, will do everything that can be done to try to thwart any election that is going to perhaps strengthen the policies of Donald Trump and those of us who conservative and indeed, conservative Christians.”

If liberals have their way, he warned, religious freedom will be “squashed.” He urged listeners to “pray, pray, pray for the election, and then vote, vote, vote for the biblical perspective.”

Now see conservatives? How hard it is to vote the way that JAYSUS would actually want? It’s not that hard, is it? But of course it means that you should only vote for the Dark One, whose name shall not be named in my church! But apparently that’s not what GAWD wants! At least not according to these people!

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr posted a video on her Facebook page last night in which she urged conservative Christians to join God in voting in the midterm elections because “God is going to vote Republican.”

Apparently unaware that the Democratic Party and the Democratic Socialists of America are two different things, Kerr accused Democrats of secretly changing the name of their party in order to conceal their complete embrace of communism.

“I happen to have heard from a very reliable source, they’ve had people sort of undercover checking out the Democratic Party,” Kerr said. “They’ve changed the name of their party … Their new name—because before they kind of hid what they were doing—now, they’re just throwing it all, they’re the Democratic Socialist Party of America.”

“It means communism,” she said. “A socialist republic is communism. They don’t have any rights, they have no freedom, they don’t have arms, they can’t control their own business, they don’t have the right to make as much money as they want to. It strips away everything you have and great oppression sets in.”

Kerr went on to celebrate the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh because now God supposedly “has a seat on the Supreme Court.”

Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Let’s back it up here, Kat! Brett Kavanaugh is not GAWD, he’s just a mere mortal, and GAWD would certainly not approve of Brother Brett’s treatment of women! I can guarantee there’s no passage in the Good Book or the Bible where JAYSUS went boofing and 4F-ing. If you’re wondering the kind of candidate that GAWD would approve of, there’s always this guy!

We reported this week that national anti-Muslim activist Philip Haney claimed to have been on “special assignment” in Minnesota smearing state attorney general candidate Rep. Keith Ellison as the Sharia-promoting “face of Hamas.” In addition to his status as a progressive leader and the first Muslim elected to the U. S. Congress, here’s a big reason the Religious Right and its allies are so interested in taking down Ellison: Ellison’s opponent, Doug Wardlow, is an Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer who has aggressively opposed legal equality for LGBTQ Americans. The Alliance Defending Freedom opposes LGBTQ equality in the U.S. and around the world and has been designated an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Wardlow is intensely opposed to marriage equality. After the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling, Wardlow characterized the ruling as a “totalitarian impulse” and published an op-ed at Fox News warning that the court’s decision promoted “a dark and dangerous principle”—“the flawed notion that the state does not recognize and protect—but rather creates—our fundamental institutions, rights, and relationships.” He said the decision would force Americans “to choose between their God and their government.” In a 2013 speech to a Tea Party group, Wardlow said, “You cannot have liberty without strong families. You cannot have liberty with marriage redefined to include homosexual marriage.”

Yes, see JAYSUS would want everyone to get married regardless of who they choose to be with. For it says in our good book and it also says in the Bible “Judge not lest ye be judged!”. But this might be one of the craziest justifications I’ve seen to vote for the Dark One. Really, does Brother Rick protest too much? Yes, he does and this is not the first time he’s suggested such insanity!

Yesterday, the YouTube page run by crazed conspiracy theorist and End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles was terminated for violating the website’s community guidelines and Wiles reacted to the development by warning that this is the first step on the path toward publicly executing Christians and conservatives in the streets.

“America’s leftist snowflakes are furious that half the country no longer listens to their idiotic Marxist propaganda,” Wiles said on his “TruNews” program last night. “My ancestors were German Reformed Church members who fled religious persecution in Europe in the 1700s, risked everything to come to America so they could freely worship God. There’s freedom running through my veins. My ancestors were not silenced, and I won’t be silenced by YouTube. Every generation has its tyrants. We have tech tyrants.”

“I have warned for years that a spirit of Nazism is rising up inside the USA,” he added. “The new Nazis are here. America is on the verge of a French Revolution-style upheaval during which leftist mobs will seek to execute Christians and conservatives in order to purge American society.”

There you have it folks, the Christian right is so concerned with losing power that they think that a real life purge is happening! But we don’t want you dead, we just want you out of power and out of our lives! Mass has ended, may you go in peace! That’s it this week for:

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[font size="8"]Beating A Dead Horse: False Flag Conspiracies
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Spin that shit! Wheel goes round, wheel goes round, wheel goes round… and it lands on… another clip without context!

This is my new favorite thing! I could seriously watch this all day! Spin it again! Hey it’s time for Beating A Dead Horse:

You know there’s nothing conservatives love than a good conspiracy. They love that shit. And their favorite conspiracy – their go to – is the false flag conspiracy. Or maybe it’s a conspiracy involving left wing billionaire George Soros. Or maybe it’s a combination of the two, but either way they are lightning fast to any attack – whether it’s the MAGAbomber or the MAGAshooter, to call it a false flag. But they’ve been calling literally *EVERYTHING* a false flag! So in case you’re wondering what a false flag is, it’s a conspiracy wherein the source of the actual attack is being disguised by someone or someone else. But be warned – these types of theories are everywhere!

Just hours after the news broke this week that explosive devices had been sent to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other prominent Democrats, a conspiracy theory began to take shape in certain corners of conservative media.

The bombs, this theory went, were not actually part of a plot to harm Democrats, but were a “false flag” operation concocted by leftists in order to paint conservatives as violent radicals ahead of the elections next month.

“These ‘Suspicious Package’ stories are false flags, carefully planned for the midterms,” tweeted Jacob Wohl, a pro-Trump internet troll who writes for Gateway Pundit, a right-wing news site.

By nightfall, as more explosives were discovered addressed to Representative Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, and Eric H. Holder Jr., an attorney general under Mr. Obama, the fact-free explanation had gelled: The bombs were props, planted by Democratic operatives and amplified by a biased liberal media. A woman arrived at a debate between the two candidates for Florida governor, Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum, with a sign that read “Democrats Fake News Fake Bombs.” Lou Dobbs, the Fox Business host and confidant of President Trump, echoed that line in a tweet that he later deleted.

Yes, yes it does! And just a matter of fact let’s go through all the times Alex Jones called every mass shooter ever a false flag operation:

And that was just in a short find on Youtube! And you know why they’re quick to call everything a false flag? It’s because they can’t deal with reality! They can’t deal with it!

Almost immediately after news broke that explosive devices had been sent to a variety of President Donald Trump’s critics, a “false flag” conspiracy theory began to percolate on the far right, emerging from fringe message boards and gaining traction on social media before edging into the mainstream press.

The theory, as many on the far right posited without evidence, was that the bombs were the work of a Democrat who was hoping to make Republicans and Trump look bad a few days before the 2018 midterm election.

But with the arrest Friday of Cesar Sayoc Jr., a suspect who vehemently supported Trump, some conservatives are calling for a dose of reality.

“There was every reason to doubt that the bomber was a legitimate Trump supporter before we knew anything about him,” tweeted Matt Walsh, a widely followed writer for The Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet. “But now that we do have info on him, it would be kooky conspiracy theory territory to stick with the ‘false flag’ hypothesis. Clearly the guy is just a nut.”

Nah. See here’s the thing conservatives – you’re the party of Trump now! These freaks are your base. Why not own that shit? I’ll tell you why they don’t – they simply don’t care. And these are *HIGH PROFILE* conservatives shouting this stuff. You can only yell about something for so long before people start to tune it out!

A range of high-profile conservatives continue to endorse the conspiracy theory that mail bombs sent to 14 prominent Democrats are a “false-flag” hoax by left wingers following suspect Cesar Sayoc’s arrest.

Commentators, radio hosts, a Trump family member, and other pro-Trump figures - say that the mail-bomb campaign was staged to advance the political goals of the very people it seemed intended to hurt.

But the FBI's arrest of Mr Sayoc pointed to the hollowness of these claims, raising questions about why they were voiced on such a fraught issue in the absence of evidence.
The bombs were not “hoax devices,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said. The suspect, 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc, “appears to be a partisan”, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

And images circulating of the suspect's van, which was plastered with pro-Trump and anti-Democrat imagery, and what was believed to be his social media feed, painted a portrait of a distinctly right-wing ideology.

Hoax device? The hoax device is the alt right who continue to not see reality! Everything they do is fake, and everything that Trump does is fake! I mean come on, even Trump himself is buying into the false flag nonsense! Well it makes sense – his hair is fake, his teeth are fake, his weight is fake, why wouldn’t his sense of reality be fake as well?

As the total number of suspicious packages sent to Democrats and other Trump critics ticked up to 12 on Friday, President Donald Trump had a new message: The pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats, including two former presidents, were a distraction from his midterms message.

“Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this ‘Bomb’ stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows - news not talking politics,” Trump tweeted. “Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!”

On Wednesday, Trump urged unity and condemned “acts of political violence.” But he quickly abandoned that message to focus on the media. Now he’s implying that what’s “unfortunate” about the bomb attacks is that the “news [is] not talking politics” as the midterms approach.

These are also Trump’s first remarks after two more packages were uncovered bound for former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at CNN’s offices and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ); he spent the rest of the morning tweeting about immigration and his loss of Twitter followers.

Trump dismissively referred to suspected explosive devices sent to 12 locations as “‘Bomb’ stuff,” appearing to nod to “false flag” conspiracy theories that have taken off in right-wing circles on the internet, from radio host Rush Limbaugh to Alex Jones’s Infowars. These pundits are claiming the pipe bombs are essentially a Democratic plot to “frame” Trump and his base ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, and help drive liberal voters to the polls.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]This Fucking Guy: Rodney Howard Brown
[br] [/font]

Let’s spin it to win it! And it lands on… Woohoo, I win 15,000 of something! What that is I don’t know, but still, 15,000! Spin it again! And it lands on… This Fucking Guy!

This week’s “This Fucking Guy” is the resident pastor of Infowars, Rodney Howard Browne. This fucking guy. He’s not only the resident pastor of Infowars, he’s also a co conspirator! Yes, any time Alex Jones is out literally yelling at a pile of shit… no we did not make that up, that footage exists!

Maybe it's Alex Jones, maybe it's a false flag! In fact I think some guys in white coats need to come have a nice chat with Mr. Jones. But anyway I’m getting off topic here, this fucking guy Rodney Howard Browne is the type of crazy that Christian conservatives go to and say “that’s pretty fucking crazy!”. So here’s some of the things Mr. Browne has said:

During the final night of the week-long “Celebrate America” revival event that he recently held in Washington, D.C., Rodney Howard-Browne issued a “restraining order” to the Antichrist and the secret cabal that controls the world, spiritually binding their efforts to destroy America.

Howard-Browne, a right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year, declared that he had been ordered by God to “issue [this] restraining order, and this one is to do with these entities, these groups, the part of the cabal that is running the planet.”

“I don’t care what people think,” Howard-Browne said. “I’m here to deliver a message whether people like it or not. I’m not going to change anything. I’m not looking to be accepted, I’m already accepted by Him. I’m just the messenger boy … I’m just here to deliver the message. If you don’t like the message, go talk to the one who gave me the message, I’m just here to deliver it and to stand and to issue the restraining order.”

“I take authority over every system that has been set in place by the globalist agenda to destroy America,” he proclaimed, “[and] to take this nation through our schools and our universities and our education system, from the day care all the way to the universities and even to the seminaries. I execute a restraining order against you.”

I can only imagine that it kind of went like that. But that’s not the only thing that Mr. Browne has been saying lately. I mean did you know that the people who rule the planet right now worship Lucifer, drink blood, and perform human sacrifices? Neither did we!

During a “Ministers and Leaders Conference” at his Florida church yesterday, right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne declared that the world is controlled by blood-drinking Luciferians and that many members of Congress are involved in pedophilia.

Howard-Browne, who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year, asserted that Trump has been obligated to withhold information about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy because otherwise “they would have to pick up George Bush senior in his wheelchair right now and stick him in Guantanamo prison because the Bush family is a crime cabal.”

Howard-Browne said that despite the fact that Republicans currently control all the levers of power in Washington, they still can’t get anything done “because the whole thing is controlled through the Luciferian structure of the globe.”

“At the highest level, the people that rule the planet worship Lucifer,” he said. “These people perform human sacrifices and drink blood.”

Well that’s actually one of the more sane things that Mr. Browne has said and that’s putting it lightly. Mr. Browne really is that batshit fucking crazy. In fact he’s so insane that he actually said that those who criticize laughter during sermons are straight up going to hell.

Rodney Howard-Browne is a right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year and who is probably best known for leading a so-called “Holy Laughter” revival in Florida in the 1990s.

Over the course of several weeks, Howard-Browne led multiple church services during which attendees were reportedly so overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit that they collapsed into fits of uncontrollable laughter. Some Christian critics have declared that Howard-Browne’s “revival” was nothing more than heresy and Howard-Browne lashed out at them recently, warning that they are going to hell for blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

During an appearance on Sheila Zilinsky’s podcast yesterday, Howard-Browne was asked how he deals with the “complete jackals” who criticize his Holy Laughter revival and he responded by warning his critics about the unpardonable sin mentioned by Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels.

In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus warns that any sin can be forgiven except for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which Howard-Browne asserted is exactly what his critics are doing.

But here’s probably the craziest thing that Mr. Browne has said lately. So in addition to admitting to being behind one of the dumbest religious movements in history, he’s also going full Hitler and suggesting that Trump’s political opponents be executed for blah blah blah treason something.

On Monday, right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne guest-hosted “The Alex Jones Show” on InfoWars, during which he asserted that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be shot for treason.

Howard-Browne, who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year, was interviewing right-wing activist and commentator KrisAnne Hall, when he attacked Gingsburg for daring to suggest, back in 2012, that Egypt should “look at the Constitution of South Africa” when drafting a new constitution, rather than the U.S Constitution.

“If you hear Bader Ginsburg talk, she talks about the Constitution of America being totally flawed,” Howard-Browne complained.

After Hall recounted Ginsburg’s 2012 statement, Howard-Browne asserted that Ginsburg should have been removed from office because “that was high treason.”

“She should have been impeached, immediately,” Hall agreed.

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There you have it, that’s Rodney Howard Browne – this week’s:

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]People Are Dumb
[br] [/font]

Let’s spin that shit! Come on no whammy no whammy no whammy no whammy… stop! Bankrupt? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Spin it again. Hey it’s time for People Are Dumb! Hit it!

So of course you know by now people are people and people are dumb. And we can never go one week without seeing some ridiculously dumb people. Who is stupid this week you might ask? Well let’s start with this story from Fresno. Look…. Look…. If you see a spider, I know your first instinct may be to try to kill it, but really, yeah, don’t be like this guy. Can we all agree on that one?

A house caught on fire after a man tried to kill spiders and get rid of webs, according to a fire department.

Fresno firefighters said the man was house sitting for his parents and used a blowtorch against black widows, KFSN-TV reported.

Fire department spokesman Capt. Robert Castillo said the man used the open flame outdoors, starting at a brick veneer section of the approximately 4,000-square-foot home. He eventually noticed smoke coming from the attic.

Fire trucks inundated a street by the home Tuesday night. About 27 firefighters responded.

It caused an estimated $10,000 in damage.

Yeah so maybe spiders and blow torches don’t mix. Although it is Fresno, they elected and continue to support Devin Nunes. Next up – we’re going overseas to the country of Belgium. So here’s the thing about heists – if you’re in one, maybe don’t return to the scene of the crime? Because that’s exactly what these guys did.

A gang of robbers walk into a shop. The owner asks them to come back later when he has more money, and when they do...

It feels like the makings of a joke, but for a Belgian e-cigarette shop owner this was a frightening reality.

Six people entered Didier's shop in the suburbs of Charleroi in daylight with the intent to rob him.

The salesman told the group to return at the end of the day, when he could give them more money. In the end though, he got them arrested instead.


This might be the dumbest heist since they bought the wrong masks in Baby Driver! Next up we go to Cleveland, Ohio. I don’t know if anyone saw Always Sunny In Philadelphia last week but Charlie got himself caught in a bear trap while going Home Alone against two burglars. Yeah that scene is clearly not to be imitated!

A 68-year-old man accidentally shot himself with a gun rigged at his back door.

Edwin Smith was caught in his own trap at about 11:30 a.m. Monday, at 124 Blevins Drive off of Stony Point Road outside of Shelby.

According to investigators, Smith had a shotgun set up facing his back door. He went outside to feed some squirrels. At some point, he opened the door and the gun fired and hit his right arm. Cleveland County Sheriff’s deputies did not immediately know if the contraption malfunctioned or if he forgot the weapon was rigged to fire.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Capt. Jon Wright with the Sheriff’s Office.

First responders cautiously went through the home to be sure nothing else was rigged with weapons. The man was taken to Atrium Health in Shelby.

Wright said Smith was severely wounded but alert when he was transported.

Next we go to of course America’s penis, the state of Florida for this one. And you know we’re going to Orlando next week! But this might be one of the most Florida Halloween stories ever. So if you are going to a costume party or other Halloween party, and if you see two people fighting on the street dressed in costume, you’re in Florida!

A 19-year-old Florida man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Saturday night. According to the cops, the man, Patrick Gallway, did it while wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume. The incident started when Patrick Gallway demanded that he and his girlfriend go to a Halloween party, and she told him she didn’t want to go, according to the Smoking Gun

The police report filed by the St. Lucie police department states that the girlfriend told Gallway that she thought she and Gallway should spend the evening with friends and watch movies versus going to the Halloween party. That’s when an argument was initiated between the pair, and Gallway proceeded to hurl his new cellphone on the couch, breaking parts of it. The girlfriend then walked out of the living room in an attempt to defuse the escalating argument.

That’s when the dinosaur-clad Gallway followed her and attacked her, according to the police report. The document states that Gallway shoved her to the ground and held her there by her neck. The report additionally states that he made punching motions and flailed his arms toward areas of her face while holding her down.

Excuse me a minute! Finally this week we’re also sticking with America’s penis – and also speaking of penises – the Buffalo Bills have a very odd tradition going on with the team everyone loves to hate – the New England Patriots, and well, we question his methods of getting a dildo into a stadium.

ORCHARD PARK, NY-- A Florida man is facing charges for allegedly throwing a sex toy onto the field during Monday's Bills' game at New Era Field.

Erie County Sheriff's deputies say Michael Abdallah, 34 of Oveido, Florida was identified by witnesses and in-stadium video surveillance footage.

Abdallah is charged with disorderly conduct – creating a hazardous/offensive condition. He was taken to the Erie County Holding Center pending his arraignment in Orchard Park Town Court.

That’s it this week for:

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[font size="8"]Deep State Diaries Episode 18: The Federal Election Commission
[br] [/font]

Let’s spin the wheel one final time this week! And it lands on… Oh hey Donald Trump!

What? Trump can’t work an umbrella and just leaves it there! I mean I could seriously watch this all day and it’s not getting old! Spin it again. Oh hey it’s time for Deep State Diaries!

It’s time for episode 18 of Deep State Diaries. Yes we’re touring the 24 branches and services that make up the United States government. Everything from the FBI to the IRS to the Pentagon to the CIA to the DPW to the DVA to parks and recreation and all branches and services in between. Of course if you’re here you probably already know more about our government and how it works than your average Fox News loving Trump supporter does. So that’s what this segment is going to address. We are going to do a deep dive into all that makes the United States the United States. Because we here at the Top 10 love to educate as well as entertain. Because we care.

[font size="6"]The Federal Election Commission[/font]

Why are we talking about elections so much? Because there’s a major one happening next week and Trump and his fans and goons are going out of their way to make sure it doesn’t happen. But there’s one agency that can stop them. That is the Federal Elections Commission. You might remember them from such SCOTUS cases as “Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission” – the infamous case that declared that corporations are people and that they can spend unlimited money on campaigns. So how does the FEC monitor PACs?

Political action committees organized by the 20 largest energy companies in Houston by local employee count have donated more than $5 million to candidates up for election in federal office since the start of 2017. That is nearly four times the figure for similar donations during that time from the employees working at those companies.

Corporate PACs run by energy companies with the 20 largest Houston headcounts contributed $5.18 million to federal campaigns since the start of 2017, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics published on OpenSecrets.org. Individuals who worked at those companies donated about $1.62 million during that period, according to the data.

But the individuals and the PACs often had different contribution priorities — about 78 percent of the PAC funding went to Republican candidates, while the employees sent just 34 percent of their funding to Republican candidates, according to the CRP data. That left 22 percent of PAC funding and 66 percent of employee contributions for Democrats.

But of course with that much money exchanging hands there’s *MASSIVE* potential for fraud. Take a look at what happened when a complaint was filed against a North Carolina candidate:

The state Republican Party may have fumbled a complaint that its executive director said he filed last month against Democratic congressional candidate Kathy Manning.

With some fanfare Sept. 5, state GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse put out the word that he was lodging a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Manning’s campaign in the state’s 13th Congressional District for allegedly coordinating improperly with the Swing Left political action committee.

But the FEC said Tuesday that it has yet to receive any such complaint. There’s no immediate deadline, so the protest could be resubmitted.

The Washington-based Swing Left group was formed about two years ago with a goal of electing Democrats to seats in the U.S. House of Representatives that are now filled by GOP officeholders.

So then what happens when you see that kind of fraud? It’s way different from polling place fraud and intimidation in that reporting it can get caught up in a very messy and tangled bureaucratic nightmare and can take years to sort out. Look at what happened in this one case from Rep Mia Love in Utah.

The FEC's letter stated that the funds collected by Love's campaign will either need to be refunded or designated for the general election, CNN reported. The process of redesignation has to be done within 60 days of receiving the money. However, all of the donations Love received were collected more than 60 days ago.

"It seems clear that any contribution designated for the primary election received after the convention would have to be refunded or redesignated," Brendan Fischer, the director of federal reform at the Campaign Legal Center, an organization that supports campaign finance reform, told CNN. "I think there is an argument that, Mia Love knew earlier than the convention that it would be an uncontested primary, but their letter suggests there may have been some ambiguity. So they might be able to get away with it but it's certainly problematic because of this sort of quirk in Utah law that allows a candidate to raise money above and beyond the federal limits that would apply in elections in almost any other state."

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Next week we’re going to check out the biggest governing body of them all, the Department Of Defense!

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Ladies and gentlemen my next guest is a man who is synonymous with Halloween. You can see him live in Reno on Dec. 29th and New Year’s Eve with Ozzfest at the LA Forum, playing his song “Saturnalia” from his album “Heaven Upside Down”, give it up for Marilyn Manson!

Thank you Nashville! This was awesome! I knew I picked the right city for a big Halloween show! We are off to Orlando next for our post election special! That's it! Go out and vote! Get out the vote! See you next week!


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