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Sun Oct 28, 2018, 03:30 PM

Updates on my bc board about health care:

I've always prioretized having health insurance and consider myself fortunate that I could do so. My premiums started out just over $100 and are now almost $700 and Obamacare had nothing to do with it. It's a for profit company and they raised the prices because they could, not because they had to. It terrifies me to think that I would die if Iost my health insurance right now and it sickens me to know that people have died and still do die in this country due to lack of access to medical care.

Maybe the ACA does have flaws which makes it non viable in the long term. I haven't really looked in to it. But many first world nations have universal health care that works just fine, or at least no worse than what we put up with here already with some of the HMOs. I really don't understand what the objection is to adopting one of their systems.

How can we call this a great country when people die from even infections because they can't afford antibiotics? People like to victim blame the poor but the reality is that even affluent individuals can quickly see their resources wiped out due to a single medical emergency. That's not great at all, and it doesn't have to happen.

I'm sure this post will be offensive too many and I'm sorry for that.

This discussion is more about our world view or the personal philosophy or faith that informs what we believe or how we respond to humanity.

This will be my last post on this thread since no amount of discussion or fact will change minds.

I'm beginning to read some of the talking points that promised to doom Obamacare from the first day it was passed. So sad . I too worked for an insurance agency.

Keep in mind that health insurance is not concerned about our health, if we can pay a premium, or even if we have coverage. It is strictly for profit and to maximize that profit. If they sale junk policies that don't afford an individual real coverage that is part of the scam of insurance.

We are sold a bill of goods by Congressional lobbyists for insurance companies that assure us that Obamacare or single payer is awful. That is true in one sense. The private company could no longer make obscene profits to return to investors on the stock market at the expense of the sick and dying. They could no longer deliberately sabotage medicare, medicade, Obamacare or any other program -though flawed but fixable.

A house left to the elements, uninhabited will soon fall down. Since these programs haven't been repealed, the only way to kill it is to starve it. The down side is that we are included in the starvation.

The insurance company is an entity with no thought, no heart , no compassion. Commercials are worded to make us feel warm and secure because they care, but they can't care. Only human beings can care and make a difference. ((: -(( Jo


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