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Tue Oct 9, 2018, 10:20 PM

This Last-Minute Surge in Voter Enthusiasm is Brought to You by Post-Kavanaugh Gloating &...Tay-Tay?

Hey everybody, no blog tonight, I just don't have anything to say, honestl-oh hang on, the Soros check just showed up, special delivery! I guess I can continue with my paid activism which is only purchased and certainly not sincere now!

(And as always, you can find this post, with news links, at: http://showercapblog.com/this-last-minute-surge-in-voter-enthusiasm-is-brought-to-you-by-post-kavanaugh-gloating-and-taylor-swift/)

Well, we began the week with the Unseemly Victory Lap phase of the Kavanaugh debacle, I guess because Republicans were worried they weren't getting crotch-punted out of Congress hard enough.

Folks, I'll be honest with you, I consider Mitch McConnell to be an evil political genius. Far and away the most dangerous Republican since I've been paying attention to this crap. But he's more the Arcane Procedural Maneuver genius than the Electoral Politics genius, as demonstrated by the fact that though he's accomplished a truly tremendous amount of fuckery, his own party still generally hates him.

So I look to my right, and there's Yertle and his Band of Living Fossils, high-fiving one another over the brilliance of the “Brettwurst is the real victim here” strategy, but when I look to my left, I see Every Woman I Have Met or Heard Of so fired up with post-Kavanaugh rage that they'd each tear a six-foot-thick steel vault door off its hinges, single-handed, for the chance to vote every Republican in sight straight off the fucking planet...and I just wanna give Mitch the biggest megaphone in all creation for his gloating.

(And if YOU'RE pissed off, why not check out the ol’ Action Guide, and fight back: http://showercapblog.com/vote-goddamn-midterms/)

...especially when he picked this week of all weeks to (dishonestly) insist that it was Senate Republicans who were “under assault.” Fuck, Mitch, how many millions did you raise for us with THAT little quip? You're a One-Turtle Democratic Turnout Machine. “These things always blow over?” Sure. Twenty, thirty years...we'll have moved right past this shit, I promise.

And let's shine a fat fuckin’ spotlight on the Wall Street Journal's editorial team, who marked the Douchebro SCOTUS Ascension with...A CELEBRATORY RAPE JOKE!

Lindsey Graham, suffering from a potentially-terminal case of cancer of the decency, lamented that roles were reversed now, and that this time is was the MAN who was the “slut whore drunk,” when it is most typically slut whore women who are called “slut whore drunks,” with their slutty whorishness/drunkenness/sluttiness and whatnot. Insightful fellow, that Lindsey.

But the classiest take of all came from West Virginia city council Republijag Eric Barber, who couldn't contain his explosive glee, posting “Better get you’re [sic] coat hangers ready, liberals,” because what's funnier than women risking their lives after an oppressive theocratic government denies them the basic human right to govern their own bodies, right? RIGHT? TIP YOUR WAIT STAFF!!!!

In what I'm sure is Completely, Totally, Absolutely Unrelated News, a CNN generic congressional ballot poll released today showed women prefer Democratic candidates to Republican ones by a 63%-33% margin. How did this happen? Some things are simply beyond our ken.

And of course, at an inappropriately-politicized “swearing in” party, Shart Garfunkel himself declared Kavanaughty to be “proven innocent” which is 31 flavors of not true. The President rambled on, insisting that his new SCOTUS lackey invented toast, won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1985, and once climbed Mount Everest using only his dong. Whatever.

Oh, and Tangerine Idi Amin actually APOLOGIZED to the creepy drunken freak. Hasn't apologized to Dr. Ford, or the Khans, or Serge Kovaleski, or Katy Tur, or Megyn Kelly, or...fuck, I can't keep this up, I'll never finish this fucking blog.

Hey, remember that time Mike Pants went to a football game (well, the part right before the game, anyway) just to put on a little show about how he doesn't think the first amendment applies to black people? Turns out, that cost taxpayers at least $325,000!

I guess maybe vanity isn't a sin if somebody else foots the bill? Anyway, I for one am really looking forward to endless lectures on fiscal responsibility from the folks who pissed six figures away so the Vice President could wank off on the Constitution for ten minutes.

So, there was some big WAKE THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLES climate change report, right? I'm gonna level with you folks. I didn't read this. I'm kinda up to my eyeballs in fecal matter just keeping up with the day-to-day madness here, and I don't think it's wise to risk my already-precariously-teetering mood any further. It might lead me to switch out my beer for ether.

(I also haven't had time yet to read this piece about Trump and Alfa Bank, but it seems important. Tell you what, you read it, make up your own jokes, only find a place to say “Shart.” It'll be just I did the work, only...I didn't.)

I see Melania popped up just long enough to whine about people talking about how she dresses, which was extra amusing considering she was taking her Sexy Allan Quartermain Halloween costume out for a test drive...in Africa.

Oh hey, you're never gonna believe this, but one of Government Cheese Goebbels’ high-level appointees has done a bunch of racist/conspiracy theory crap online. I hope you had smelling salts on hand before you read that.

There is a hot new enemy of the state on the scene, and her name is Tay-Tay! Yes, Taylor Swift, who I am told is a pop star of some note, wrote a post about how Marsha Blackburn is hot trash, (because Marsha Blackburn is hot trash) and endorsed Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee Senate Race.

The good news is, Swift's message seems to have led to a spike in new voter registrations, even from young people! The even better news is, this sparked a massive (and massively hilarious) meltdown in the loser white nationalist community (I repeat myself), who had decided she was somehow one of them...for no real reason. Anyway, they're mad, and it's funny.

Now, as much fun as I had laughing at these bumbling assclowns, I honestly wonder...when white supremacists get together, does anyone ever point out, like, “Hey, waitasec...we're all morons. Every single one of us. How can a wobbly wad of blithering idiots be the master race?”

Former Trumpal security blanket Hope Hicks has been revealed as the Player to be Named Later in the swap between the Shart House and Fux Nooz, which landed Disgraced Pervert Enabler Bill Shine in her old job, because the whole right-wing political/media complex is just one big fever swamp full of the shittiest people on God's green Earth.

Seems Former Stooge/Current Stoolie Rick Gates solicited digital fuckery pitches from an Israeli company during the 2016 campaign. Once again, we seem to be in “We tried really really hard to collude with foreign operatives, but being the largest collection of malicious fuckwits ever assembled, we somehow failed to pull it off” as the "best" defense territory.

While we're on collusion, our old pal Peter Smith popped back up. No, he's still dead, shit isn't THAT cray (yet), but boy howdy he was up to some shady-ass shit trying to get ahold of Hilldawg's e-mails.

Hey, I know y’all haven't heard from Bill at the Abject Horror Desk for awhile. The Kavanaugh hearings were...hard on Bill. I found him behind an art supply store, sucking paint thinner from rags. How you holdin’ up, Bill?

Bill at the Abject Horror Desk: WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET ME DIE IN PEACE, CAP?

Gosh, I'm sorry Bill, just wanted to see if there was any abject horror the folks at home should know about?

Bill at the Abject Horror Desk: Any abject horror? ANY ABJECT HORROR?

That's the question alright, Bill.


Oh...fuck. Yeah, Bill. Yeah it does. Jesus. Let me buy you a fresh bottle of paint thinner and leave you to your...day, I guess.

Checking in on the Big Dumb Trade War, the Bloated Blockhead's ego-driven tariffs have cost Ford A BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS already, and somewhat unsurprisingly, they're about to start laying workers off. Because, y'know, the President's ego trip is more important than YOUR job.

It makes sense, when you think about it...after all, it was Obama who saved the auto industry, and we all know how much Fat Q*Bert loves undoing his predecessor's accomplishments...

Oh hey, make sure you find time for this new Fire Ted Cruz ad from the great Richard Linklater. I'm all for firing Ted, of course...the tricky part might be finding him. Fucker keeps running away from scheduled debates.

Didja see this bit of petty Obamacare fuckery? Once again, these rat bastards are scheduling unnecessary “maintenance time” during the already-shortened ACA enrollment period. Because your government doesn't want you to have health insurance, even though you're entitled to it. Your government is pro-You-Dying. Some call me a bleeding heart, but I think that's sort of a dick move.

I guess the big news of the day was Nikki Haley resigning as Shartboy's dutiful messenger/disappointment magnet at the United Nations. There were takes, my friends...dear lord, there were TAKES.

There's this weird need in almost every corner of the media to paint Haley as "the adult in the room” or “one of the good ones” because she doesn't use a letter opener carved from a human femur like Stephen Miller. Everyone's desperately ascribing noble motives like “Oh she quit in protest after the treatment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,” or “She just couldn't support his trade policies anymore.” Oh, you dear, sweet, children.

Nikki Haley is a garbage person. She was a garbage person long before Donald Trump came along. She's a lying authoritarian who has always used her power to the benefit of her wealthy donors, at the expense of everyday folks. She is 100% complicit in the Marmalade Shartcannon's disastrous foreign policy, which will damage this country for decades to come. She sucks. There are no bonus points for being Slightly Less Shitty Than Steve Bannon.

Like, if you're at a party with Cancer and Ebola, maybe hanging out by the cheese plate with Emphysema seems like your best option, but the point is that the party sucks.

Never-Trumpers feebly fantasized about a Haley 2020 primary challenge, vanquishing the Emperor of Outhouses and restoring Republican honor once and for all! You just want to pat them on their little heads, don't you? Sweetie. The fucker vanquished your entire primary field, from Jeb(!) to Pataki, by out-racisting and out misogning them. This is what your base IS. More grown-ups believe in the fucking Tooth Fairy than imagine the ravenous white nationalist GOP electorate would EVER back a non-white woman, especially while they still have Cheeto Jesus to bow before.

Speaking of the Never-Trumpers, by the way, recent days have yielded a bumper crop of “Wait, I think maybe we're the bad guys” think pieces from everybody from Colin Powell to Tom Nichols. My personal favorite was by Max Boot, who, bless his heart, has started to wonder if there isn't maybe a little racism in the Republican Party.

Racism? From Republicans? Surely you are mistaken, sir!

Anyhoo, on her way out, Haley gushed about how America had never been more respected by the rest of the world, as demonstrated by the fact that the Saudis certainly weren't kidnapping/murdering/dismembering critical journalists, and China totally wasn't even thinking about detaining the head of Interpol, because of all the Respect for America that keeps such things from happening.


Oh, and because we live in Hell, we even had to talk about Princess Ivanka maybe replacing Haley at the U.N. Donnie Two-Scoops clearly wants it, but he worries he'd be accused of nepotism. Hey, even a stopped clock, right?

Anyway, yeah, the Blue Wave has the Ratfink Brigade quakin’ in their boots, so their last desperate plan is to paint us as a violent mob that will surely break down your doors and set your Ted Nugent posters on fire, and also simultaneously just paid* protesters because gosh who could look on everything that's gone down these last couple of years with anything but gratitude and reverence?

Heh. It's too late, fuckheads. We're already INSIDE THE HOUSE. It's a (metaphorical) slasher movie, motherfuckers. We're picking you off, one at a time (non-violently, of course). A couple of you might survive (electorally, I mean), but the rest of you, we will END (with votes).


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Tue Oct 9, 2018, 10:40 PM

1. Excellent! You have brilliantly captured the mood of many of us!

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