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Mon Sep 17, 2018, 08:47 PM Sep 2018

Redirecting the message against Trump and the Republicans.

Lol, so who do we have to talk to? Because, it still seems like the messaging is off, or maybe it is just to me (always a possibility😁 .

It just seems to me that there are so many topics being hijacked by the Herr Strümpf, and his cult of personality.

It seems odd to me that even a older story like Patt Tillman which now keeps coming up because of the NFL's anthem fauxrage. They treat him and his story like it's something honorable and revered, which HAS ALWAYS BLOWN MY MIND!

His story is a tragedy, a friendly fire incident that they tried to cover up and make into a puff piece bullshit patriotism story. I keep seeing the memes that have him kneeling and some BS meme with him and Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, how long has he been left out to hang by himself? Thankfully he is and will be known for what he really did in tomorrow's history books. Why arent these people being told that if you have a problem with a black man kneeling to try and bring to light the systemic racism. That if they have a problem with that, they are lumping themselves in with the actual KKK. I posted a pic a few days ago of a guys pickup lynching a football, with patriotic slogans plastered over his truck.

The hijacking of the word snowflake was fantastic, I hardly ever see it used and if it is, the very next comment is a picture of an avalanche.

The next phrase that needs to be taken over, is Trump Derangment Syndrome. We are not suffering from some rare derangement syndrome because we are laser locked on trump. Anyone that is a follower of Trump are the actual ones suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They are completely unable to see what he is doing to this country. They are all suffering from a mass psychosis in their denials, and stories, when it comes to Trump.

Why, is it in this country that mental health care is next to impossible to get and E V E R Y DAMN TIME there is a shooting, it's always blamed on bad mental health? If and when you do get some, your in a room for 30 minutes and come out with a dozen different prescriptions for mind altering drugs that the side effects have only been scratched the surface of, unless you're lucky enough to be able to afford Dr Katz and his $1200 an hour rate at the Hamptons(actually not sure of his rate, nor do I know Dr. Katz😂

The messaging against Trump and his ilk are being treated with baby talk. I see as like, "so and so voted with Trump %99 of the time...oooh scary
No! Trump signed into law a tax bill that increases our debt while giving his swamp buddies a HUGE TAX BREAK! Then he has the audacity to say that the we cant afford a cost of living increase for .Gov workers. Then over the weekend, he gets a full face of well deserved blowback, and then tries to make it look like he is gonna fix that problem
One that he created himself. Why is it that we have the funniest damn comedians, yet a pathetic message? It's very frustrating.


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5. Pretty much on point
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 09:12 PM
Sep 2018

And who doesn't enjoy a good rant? My complaint is our candidates are following the GOP practice of not putting the party's name on political ads. Now is exactly when every sign needs to say "Proud Democrat" Or "Democrat Serving the People". That is how you build a brand...

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