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Mon Sep 17, 2018, 03:03 AM Sep 2018

Trump derangement syndrome

I'm sure we have all heard the term. At one time it kind of pissed me off that somebody would claim that about me, of course it would, who wouldnt it?

They say insanity is doing something over and over and over again, expecting a different result.

Everytime something comes from Trump, like a claim that Obama is a Muslim, or his kids post a disgusting tweet, maybe his administration says something incredibly racist like, "there are bad on both sides".Of course that is going to enrage a normal person. They are expecting a normal human, or president to do differently. But time and time again, we are served a nice plate of Trump. Why wouldnt this make me pissed, enraged, etc.

That's what is happening right now. Normal people are being driven insane by a litteral cartoon president.

Trump derangement syndrome (Original Post) Separation Sep 2018 OP
Defending his behavior like it's something normal is the derangement. RandySF Sep 2018 #1
Exactly!! Separation Sep 2018 #2
The gop is responsible Scarsdale Sep 2018 #3
There is nothing normal about anything wendyb-NC Sep 2018 #7
"served a nice plate of Trump" bucolic_frolic Sep 2018 #4
How much lower can the rethugs go! Timmygoat Sep 2018 #5
Steaming, no less. It's the new swear word. "Go trump yourself!" "Go tr**p yourself!". . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2018 #6
Claiming people have Trump Derangement Syndrome is a symptom of acute Trump Coddling Syndrome Snake Plissken Sep 2018 #8
Frankly, I'm for retiring the "derangment syndrome" phrase JHB Sep 2018 #9
Which is exactly why.... Separation Sep 2018 #10
It's nothing like the TrishaJ Sep 2018 #11
To be honest Separation Sep 2018 #12


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3. The gop is responsible
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 04:20 AM
Sep 2018

for this nightmare. Look at how they are pushing through the SC nominee, knowing full well he is not qualified. They already got their obscene tax cuts for themselves and other wealthy people. They managed to keep the Helsinki reporting closed. Imagine if a democratic president had done ANY of these things? At the very least, they could have pushed an intelligent, normal acting candidate into the WH. This joke that is in there now, along with his family "advisors" is a big F_U to any person with a few brain cells. Putin must be so proud. He got the dumbest, craziest looking ass into the WH, and is destroying the USA with help from the gop. In a very short time, the credibility of this country has been destroyed. We are a worldwide laughingstock.


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7. There is nothing normal about anything
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 05:51 AM
Sep 2018

the orange scum has done ever, since moving into the White House.


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4. "served a nice plate of Trump"
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 04:23 AM
Sep 2018

a turn of words for the ages

"Waitress, what did you do to this stuff? The burger's cold, the fries limp, I ordered onions and cheese not diced peppers and mayo. You have "served a nice plate of Trump"!"


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5. How much lower can the rethugs go!
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 05:25 AM
Sep 2018

Hope everyone has seen the letter Cruz is sending to the elderly in his district, it looks like a summons, and it is conning the elderly
saying they have to send money, there is a picture of the envelope on Juanita Jeans website!

Snake Plissken

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8. Claiming people have Trump Derangement Syndrome is a symptom of acute Trump Coddling Syndrome
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 06:04 AM
Sep 2018

It's a reflex defense mechanism of the species known as the Trump cult member , I wouldn't give it a second thought, it's really not worth it.


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9. Frankly, I'm for retiring the "derangment syndrome" phrase
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 06:16 AM
Sep 2018

Let's not forget that it first sprang up in the Bush administration as "Bush derangement syndrome", a smear about people who opposed Bush's policies and actions in office. It painted people who criticized the administration because they had damn good reasons for criticizing the administration as if they were merely doing so reflexively for some strange, scatterbrained nonsense reasons.

It's even more so as "Trump derangement syndrome". But it feeds the wingnut base, so they vomit it forth.


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10. Which is exactly why....
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 07:38 AM
Sep 2018

It needs to be brought out loud and proud. If it is a slander by people who are a part of this cult of personality by Trump, it needs to be thrown right back in their faces. Notice how snowflake isnt thrown around just willy nilly any more?

Throw this back into their face! They are the ones suffering from it. It's why they arent able to see this being done.

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