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Thu Aug 16, 2018, 02:49 PM

No, Artem Klyushin didn't have inside info on Trump's enemies list; Yes, he still bears noting.

As per the Toronto Star's Daniel Dale (a reputable source), SHS had already released the names of the enemies list before Klyushin tweeted them out. So it wasn't a hot tip or signal from the Kremlin when Artem sent his tweet.

That's not to say Klyushin shouldn't be looked into. He likely knows a good amount about both Trump and the Russians who worked to fix the election in his favor.

Klyushin and his then-wife Yulya Alferova were constantly at Trump's side during the November 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. Alferova even got access into business meetings with Trump.

Both are associated with Konstantin Rykov, the former Russian parliamentarian turned key Kremlin online propagandist who bragged about running a Russian operation to get Trump elected using Cambridge Analytica, Wikileaks, and hackers.

Klyushin attended an election night party in Moscow with Rykov and was sitting at Rykov's table when Trump was projected as the winner.

Alferova (the PR rep for the Agalarovs, who hosted Miss Universe and later set up the Trump Tower meeting) began promoting Trump as a Presidential candidate over social media very shortly after the 2013 pageant. Even before the pageant, she was enamored with Trump and was communicating about Trump over Twitter with Rykov on Election Night 2012, when Rykov claims he was inspired by Trump to set up an operation to get him elected.

Alferova is also friends with the now-indicted Russian spy Maria Butina.

One thing about Klyushin that still remains a mystery is what exactly he does. Some have called him an "oligarch"; others say he is merely a fixer who works for oligarchs. Either way, he does seem to enjoy the high life, if his pictures of his frequent visits to Dubai's famed Burj Khafila hotel are to be believed. His Facebook page claims he has government jobs with the Russian Public Council for Youth Affairs and Ministry of Culture, but what exactly he does is a mystery. During the time period of the 2016 election, he would only say he was working for the Kremlin on a "secret project." He would occasionally check in on his friend Rykov during that period.

Some have gone as far to speculate that Klyushin was in fact the person who offered to supply Trump with prostitutes during his November 2014 visit to Moscow.

Recently, Klyushin--like many other notorious figures of Russian social media circles--engaged in harassment of former Ambassador Michael McFaul after Russia apparently made demands that McFaul be questioned on issues purportedly relating to Bill Browder.

So, while Klyushin rattling off the names of Trump's Enemies List might not be the big breaking story that people thought, it should at least give incentive for people to look further into what exactly Klyushin knows.

Because, chances are, he likely knows far more about Donald Trump than most people do.

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