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Sat Aug 11, 2018, 07:12 PM Aug 2018

Need some help from the intelligence and wit that abounds here.

I'm going to have some t shirts made at a local shop. They are running a special nothing fancy just a couple lines. I live in a pretty red area and want to convey a message. Right now my line is, Hey IQ45 Mueller knows everything. But I'd like to hear some from DUers before I make a final decision. Let me hear yours.

Need some help from the intelligence and wit that abounds here. (Original Post) gibraltar72 Aug 2018 OP
How About Just This? Leith Aug 2018 #1
+1 JonLP24 Aug 2018 #18
+2 backtoblue Aug 2018 #21
some lines vlyons Aug 2018 #2
We used to laugh at Archie Bunkers ignorance Glamrock Aug 2018 #3
I got a couple. LuvLoogie Aug 2018 #4
Fuck Trump! ProudLib72 Aug 2018 #5
MAGA whistler162 Aug 2018 #6
Because Orange just doesn't cut it. hedda_foil Aug 2018 #23
Monsters Are Governing America Squinch Aug 2018 #7
If you live in a pretty red area, be the gray man. You don't want to risk getting shot. Kaleva Aug 2018 #8
2 lines: guillaumeb Aug 2018 #9
Elect a clown ornotna Aug 2018 #10
Fump Truck GeorgeGist Aug 2018 #11
Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him. CaptainTruth Aug 2018 #12
Remember what the Republicans used to have on their T-shirts? tavernier Aug 2018 #13
Now it's 'rather be russian than democrat' keithbvadu2 Aug 2018 #19
My brother has a tee-shirt that says something like: krispos42 Aug 2018 #14
That last word DFW Aug 2018 #29
Ah well, it's just an example. krispos42 Aug 2018 #31
Hola GOPinkos nt Grasswire2 Aug 2018 #15
Vicente Fox for President lpbk2713 Aug 2018 #16
Make Science Great Again oasis Aug 2018 #17
Science! NBachers Aug 2018 #27
Lol! oasis Aug 2018 #28
In the UK "Trump" means "Fart" Generic Brad Aug 2018 #20
Vacant for Trump Awsi Dooger Aug 2018 #22
"Don't Blame me. Totally Tunsie Aug 2018 #24
I like your own line best as it is insulting and on target in a sly way wishstar Aug 2018 #25
Using odious traitor's name gives him free advertisement...your idea is good, drop RestoreAmerica2020 Aug 2018 #26
"How do you know I don't support Trump?" DFW Aug 2018 #30


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2. some lines
Sat Aug 11, 2018, 07:24 PM
Aug 2018

Republicans set to win 70 seats
in prison

Trump = Loser

Donald Trump
Fake President

Donald Trump
Soon to Perp Walk
To a Federal Prison

Donald Trump
A Name that Will Live
In Infamy


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4. I got a couple.
Sat Aug 11, 2018, 07:26 PM
Aug 2018

You stepped in it. Now eat it.

You not only screwed the pooch.
You cooked him breakfast and took him home to meet your Mom.


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5. Fuck Trump!
Sat Aug 11, 2018, 07:44 PM
Aug 2018

There, you appeal to the wit and intelligence that abounds here on DU, but you forget who your audience will be. Deplorables are the lowest of the lowbrows. They only understand single syllable words.


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13. Remember what the Republicans used to have on their T-shirts?
Sat Aug 11, 2018, 08:42 PM
Aug 2018

The only good red is a dead red.

Now they would rather vote for Putin than a Democrat.

Don’t poke them... they are all insane and would willingly hurt you.


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14. My brother has a tee-shirt that says something like:
Sat Aug 11, 2018, 08:48 PM
Aug 2018

делать америку снова здорово

"Make America Great Again" in Russian. That's me playing with Google Translate so I'm not claiming its good Russian.

The shirt, of course, is red.


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26. Using odious traitor's name gives him free advertisement...your idea is good, drop
Sun Aug 12, 2018, 01:40 AM
Aug 2018

.everything, just Hey45MuellerKnows. It''ll be kind of like bebest slogan.. be best what? Mueller knows what? Keep them guessing--like WTF!

Yet, as suggested, it's perhaps wise not to poke the hornets' nest while living amongst them--it's 100% likely that you''ll get stung! Why engage with them at any level? Isn't it best to just ignore; join a protest or boycott for an injustice; promote our democratic agenda e.g. be part of a voter registration drive wearing a t-shirt that has a positive democratic message. As posted on du..awile back, a shirt read: Why am I a Democrat? Shirt is powerful, lists all the things we are...(sorry can't find link.)

During the 2016 there was one mantra on shirts or signs that would just drive me bonkers ...while in another election cycle may have been seen as aiding the cause not promoting the opponent as this did...LOVE (odious' name here) HATE. Isn't it so, that when we repeat his name...his hate propaganda, we are doing his bidding for him?

Yet, if you must have a t-shirt--tre45on works, however as suggested...his followers may be too dense to get a quick-witted quip. Sure #FUCKTRUMP may be simple enough to get their attention and man-oh-man that you will-- then you my friend may just be sporting a big blackeye, or missing a few front teeth. For me, as a person who qualifies for 50+ discounts keeping what little teeth I have is critical and avoiding the emergency at all costs--well...is just plain smart. Be safe out there!


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30. "How do you know I don't support Trump?"
Sun Aug 12, 2018, 07:42 AM
Aug 2018

"This shirt was made and printed in America"

(Make sure it really was before you have that done)

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