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Fri Jun 29, 2018, 08:19 AM


THE NEW WORLD ORDER... is still in process!!!


It will be great if the minute Kennedy walks off the Court, that he is Indicted, along with his son
To indite and prosecute Justice Kennedy and his Son.. would be "getting justice".

The number of players in this Russian Money Washing Machine, seems to go all the way to the Supreme Court, and its family ties.

The real truth of this massive vile is uncovered in pieces; and all of the pieces are marked, what we need is the puzzle to come together; from the Panama Papers to the massive $800+ Billion Dollar Equivalent of Russian Ruble that was put in the Money Washing Machine, over a single period during the struggle of Russia to try and save value to its falling Ruble Valuation. Then... we need to look at how much has been washed since that marker point in time.

We all know when President Obama put the sanctions on Russia and Natural Gas became plentiful and during that time Russia's Currency fell, the Russian sent that money around the globe in the "Dirty Money Game".
Tata said, "The sanctions that we put on (Russia) for the Crimea annexation and meddling in Ukraine ... have absolutely crushed the ruble by 50 percent. And GDP from 2014 to 2016 is 50 percent down in Russia, as well."

There's far more to it, because $800 Billion had lots of hands with the mud from dirty money on it, and if truths are told, eventually the "Drug Money Links" will become exposed as well. There is the Global system of the wealthy who has washed money from a broad number of countries.

The $wealth numbers of wealthy did not rise by honest means, because if it had been by honest means, then the economies of America and the American Peoples incomes would have risen in concert with honest growth in wealth.
The same would be true in other countries, because money has to circulate in and through the hands of individuals within the society general population to generate the volume of wealth that is now calculated in the $Billions held by wealthy individual. While we still have federal minimum wage remaining just $7.25 per hour.

This $7.25 is equivalent to what it cost to "House and Feed A Slave".... or the rate that "Indentured Servants was Paid", it is the equivalency of what it "Cost to Maintain a SERF".

The Authoritarian Mentality of Trump... is no different than the mindset of the historical American Slave Owner and the Republican Congress functions as a Modern Day, "Antebellum Supporting Confederacy".

What we are witnessing is a Global System of "The Wealthy Power Brokers", Reshaping The World !!!!! And within that process working to install in America an "Antebellum Supporting Confederacy" . It has now come to be about "Seizing The Poor"... yes, that means (Poor Whites along with Poor Minorities and Poor Multicultural People from around the world, who reside in America.) with the march to create a "three class society" which consist of "The Wealthy", "The People in Professions" and "the working poor and dire poor are grouped together" and kept off balance to not be able to amass, by the use of race and ethnic conflicts instigated to exist among them".

The pursued view of the wealthy's aim is: "The Poor and Working Poor People of General Society" don't deserve any liberties unless the wealthy allocate them to us.

As they work to gain full control of the Supreme Court, and Fill the Federal Court with Authoritarian Supporting Right Wing Justices... American can be "RESHAPED" to fit and model the aims desired by the wealthy.
More than 40 yrs ago, the wealthy told Americans, that they no longer needed their labor, because labor could be extracted from poor countries from around the world, and they moved industry to those location to extract that labor for cheap cost.

The Re-education process has been underway in America for the past 40+ yrs, from diminished Civics Education all the way to current day, dismantling and diminishing the quality of public schools. University Cost that only the well to do can afford, and the discrediting of Vocational and Technical training to the level of low wage programming. Trump already introduced the Idea of turning "your" children into Apprentices ( Indentured Servants), and then propose to lower the age they can be inducted into the program.

The Republicans pushed Health Care plan, demonstrated within its details, how it would get rid of the elderly, by simply letting them die out, because they are no longer income producers, and if young kids were not from a well to do setting, they were to be allowed to die out if they could not become income producing labor.

Americans must rally Americas... to the support of Democratic Ideas ... "everyday !!!" until we can educate and inform all of American society to the values of Democracy and the Integrity of the Democratic Process and its platform.

Information is the key... get it, give it and share it, and spread it.... the people can understand, if we give the efforts to help the understand. The power of the people is tremendous, when they know the information and are given the efforts to help them understand whats at stake, and what Democratic Ideals can do to strengthen our Democracy.
When people can understand how supporting the Democratic Ideals can improve their lives.. they will bond and unite.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri Jun 29, 2018, 09:16 AM

1. A good link and message



Obama, urged Democrats to focus on the November elections and to stop pining for a new political savior, Politico reported from the closed event. ďDo not wait for the perfect message, donít wait to feel a tingle in your spine because youíre expecting politicians to be so inspiring and poetic and moving

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri Jun 29, 2018, 12:57 PM

3. K&R nt

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri Jun 29, 2018, 04:08 PM

5. The Decline of Civility - Its our choice to bring civility to the madness...



We must become people who "express our point of view", "our thoughts" and "our ideas" and "present understanding of what supports our Ideals"....
then we can begin to regain civility... but we also have to listen... as well as we want to speak.

In years to come, someone will stumble upon these writings that are made today within these forums, because everything is backed up on servers, and those servers are backed up, and bots are scanning the internet to collect and preserve data, by many means..... and the people in the future will have access to see how we think, by what we express and they will judge our era of society accordingly.

there will be software and bots that scan commentary, and re-catalog it in ways we have yet to consider, and it will have the ability to associate and assimilate much, based on key words and various other encoding used to store data, idea concepts and even the anguish that people express in their puns and jokes and sarcasms.

We need to be careful in this site as to how other systems may scan and use data, to use the anguish people spew in puns and sarcasms, to find ways to make use of it, to misdirect and distract those of such anguish, to be led on tangents that move then to a distance, while other agenda is being promoted right under their noses...

Analytic's is a very intricate thing, and its would be wise for people to realize its potentials for both good and for not so good things that can and has generated harm.

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #5)

Fri Jun 29, 2018, 07:25 PM

7. Nothing is nice in how we may be forced do what must be done.


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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri Jun 29, 2018, 07:20 PM

6. Sometimes its necessary to take steps to fix past mistakes....


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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Sat Jun 30, 2018, 10:07 PM

8. people here don't like reading, but we must become people who are always willing and eager to learn.


We must never diminish the will and want to learn..... and we must stop being condescending when people try and share information, because it does not benefit our learning nor does it benefit out expanse of thinking, so we can learn more.

I've seen more democrats get nasty when someone tries to talk about stuff, or urge them to talk about stuff, as if they are above the continuing of learning. And some want to take it as a insult, just because someone tries to prompt and urge them to keep learning, and invest in expressing their thought and ideas, so others can learn from them...

Yet, we have many who have the audacity to say Right winger are uneducated, as if we are so above, continued learning and so above the needs to present and share our thoughts and ideas.

Black people and other multicultural non white people have always been open to learning from and with white people, but SOME white people are so arrogantly groomed from a history of living with delusions of white superiority, until they resent learning from black people and learning from multicultural non white people... "some" think there is nothing they can learn from black people and some think there is nothing worth learning from black people.... its why they have such a difficult time understanding black people and multicultural people. that's a form of racist mentality, and many don't even know it, and yet they do it, and never think deep enough to know its an attitude borne of racism.

Musicians have long been wise enough to know there is learning from black people they can benefit and gain from...

In this site, some people attack stuff, because it came from black people... because they think black people have nothing worth learning from...

The younger generation is becoming far more intelligent and for more aware because they are willing to learn from "All" people. But many from the Baby Boom Era and the First and Second Generation after the baby boomers, are still hung up on the delusion of white superiority in the sense they think there is nothing they need to learn from black or multu cultural non white people....

Its the dumbest thing ever..... and many who think like that, don't realize its just another element of racism to even think in such ways. but they will say they are not racist... because they don't understand and some don't want to understand just how many ways racism exist. Racism is not just showing prejudice in public or private, its a way of thinking, that shows itself in so many way, when they learn that... they may learn how to become less racist... and they may even self reviwe and understanding how racist they have been groomed to be, but never thought about how it infected their whole life in the ways they think and things they say and do.... when dealing with non white people.

Even when it comes to Democrats.. generally black people don't have a wavering mentality, it was very few if any black people who stand as democrats who gave their vote to Republican or threw them away on other candidates that did not have a chance of winning... Black people knew, that as Democrats you vote for the Democratic Nominee... Because that Nominee is the Representative Nominated to Represent the Democratic Party.....

We need to get it right and get our perspectives right before NOVEMBER !!!!! The Democracy we know depends on it.

(now watch some asshole come and attack this too)...

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