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Sat Jun 23, 2018, 03:15 PM Jun 2018

My published LTE. Hard by Hillsdale College.

I have written many letters over the years but never about religion. I have steered clear for several reasons, but mostly because I am a recovering Evangelical. It is a long story and I won't get in to that here. To sum up I just couldn't hate enough, I guess. I have been puzzled for over a year, I assume there are still some good "christians". Why are they not attempting to reclaim their brand? The humanitarian crisis in our country right now has forced some to speak. I believe the Baptists just said they have made a mistake being a one party church and want to be more inclusive. The Methodists made a statement regarding tearing children away from their parents. The Catholic church has been decrying this for some time.
In the meantime professed christians Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders wave the holy book and take scripture out of context to excuse human rights violations in our country. Reaching back in my memory hole I seem to remember these same people uttering something about Gods law superceding mans law. As a child I won many contests in sunday school and church that we called bible drill. I still remember many verses. But I don't remember the one where Jesus said Suffer the little children to come unto me. So I can kidnap and hold them hostage so I can build a wall. Of course I admit my memory isn't what it once was.
If you went to church today and the message wasn't about the attrocities that are being committed in your name you are in the wrong church. If it was and you didn't feel uncomfortable in your pew you are in the wrong country. On a positive note the Whitehouse job fair went pretty well. They hired a German translator to transcribe some texts from Germany circa 1930 to about 1945.

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