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Mon Jun 18, 2018, 06:17 PM

The Drug War Moved South to El Salvador, Hondorus, Guatamala

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This is the reason the majority of those recently seeking asylum are from those three countries.

Asylum Seekers are now treated as criminals and traumatized by those working Border Patrol. Are these Border Patrol people heartless mercenaries, private contractors, or are ther really American moms and dads that would rip an 18 month old fro, a mother's breast. I suspect private contractors, but not prrof.

Although, Blackwater/xe/Academi did open a traing facility on the San Diego border

If ever the shoe is on the other foot, and Americans need to cross that border to survive, Will Canada and/or Mexico welcome us with open arms and humane treatment?

Why are Central American parents risking everything to enter the USA?

When you try to make sense of parents sending their children on such a dangerous undertaking, just remember it is just another despicable result of the war on drugs with few solutions.

The Economist recommends the repeal of the war on drugs and the legalization of drugs globally as the solution. Its second best solution is for the United States to finance an effort to rebuild the institutions (i.e., police, courts, prisons, etc.) and infrastructure (i.e., military, transportation, and education systems) in the countries of Central America:

Such schemes will not, however, solve the fundamental problem: that as long as drugs that people want to consume are prohibited, and therefore provided by criminals, driving the trade out of one bloodstained area will only push it into some other godforsaken place. But unless and until drugs are legalised, that is the best Central America can hope to do.

In other words, ending the war on drugs is the only solution.


What we don't hear much about is the HUGE Us/Israeli collaboration to secure our southern border during President Obama. With little help from the obstructing GOP


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