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Thu Jun 14, 2018, 06:47 AM

White Fragility Digest #18: 14 June 2018

Black woman brutally assaulted by white couple at little league event fights more injustice when son is banned from team

By Kia Morgan-Smith

A mother of two is still haunted a year after a white couple brutally beat and attacked her in Los Angeles. The woman said she suffered from a concussion from the vicious assault now has memory loss.

Katrina Ross can’t find a reason why a white woman and man would beat her down without cause and says she did nothing to antagonize them after she attended a charity event for the Del Rey American Little League, reports the LA Times.

Instead she said the two confronted her as she tried to leave the event on April 29, around midnight.

Ross said the husband and wife duo started beating, choking and kicking her repeatedly. She said she was brutalized so badly that she started bleeding from her head and face. And during the attack they screamed racial slurs. She said she does not know the couple and they attack was“unprovoked.”

“How much hate do you have in your heart?” she asked wiping away tears, during a press conference in downtown Los Angeles.

Attorneys Britany Engelman and Rodney Diggs, who are representing Ross, sad the league failed to provide security at the event. They are pressing the LAPD to present a case to the Los Angeles County district attorney. They also say they have witnesses who can corroborate Ross’ claims and they want an immediate arrest of the offenders. She says the woman is the parent of a child who plays in the league with her son.

According to Ross’ attorney, a police report of the incident says that she was “punched and kicked” and suffered “visible injuries” but made no mention of the attack being a hate crime.


"White people in North America live in a social environment that protects and insulates them from race-based stress. This insulated environment of racial protection builds white expectations for racial comfort while at the same time lowering the ability to tolerate racial stress, leading to what I refer to as White Fragility. White Fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium."

Robin DiAngelo, Ph.D

The next Digest will be published as needed.


















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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 06:47 AM

1. White Girl In 'N***er Hunting' Video Wants You To Know She Has Black Friends

Tabatha Dobson is a 20-year-old, pro-Trump, raging racist.

Parker Riley

UPDATE: 3:30 p.m. EST — The 20-year-old who was on video babbling about “n****rs” is now speaking out after losing her job at a “breastaurant” and potentially being kicked out of the Air Force.

She claims she isn’t racist with most predictable excuse of all time — her Black friends. According to The New York Daily News, Tabitha Duncan said, “I have Black friends, I have Black people in my family, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know that I was being (recorded).”

Didn’t know she was being recorded? She smiled into the camera, let us remind you:

Source: YouTube screenshot / youtube screenshot

She then threw the other racist under the bus, claiming she barely knew them — even though one of them said she would soon be his sister-in-law.

Tabatha also blamed it on the alcohol, “It taught me a lot of lessons. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody, I was drunk. I need to seek help.”

Tabbie didn’t hurt anyone but herself now she will have to endure the public shaming like the other racists.


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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 06:48 AM

2. These Workers Were So Racist That They Created A 'Whites-Only' Fort To Keep Out Blacks

Teshawn Solomon faced months of severe racial discrimination at a solar energy company.

Clarissa Hamlin

A Black man has spoken out after he faced months of racist harassment from his co-workers at a California solar energy company. The racism was so malicious that Teshawn Solomon, 36, was taunted by employees who even created “whites-only” forts.

Solomon detailed the racist abuse during his time as a warehouse specialist at Vivint Solar in Sacramento last year to The Washington Post. An unnamed supervisor once referred to him by a racial slur, he recalled. Another unidentified supervisor also dangled a banana in front of him before reportedly saying that “Monkeys like bananas,” he said.

Aside from management, Solomon encountered hatred from his co-workers who spraypainted “whites-only” on makeshift cardboard box forts placed around their desks for two weeks, the Mercury News reported. The racism was overwhelmingly terrible, the man said.

“I was terrified,” he said. “The only other African American employee was usually at other warehouses, so I was alone, at night, looking over my shoulder, wondering what else could happen to me.”

Solomon was so beaten down by the harassment that he went to Vivint Solar’s management company for help. However, his specific complaints went unaddressed, forcing him to leave the position in March.


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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 06:48 AM

3. Black actor Darris Love held for seven hours after he is mistaken for burglar

Darris Love was shopping at a Los Angeles-area mall when he was arrested at gunpoint. Now he's planning a civil rights lawsuit.

Dennis Romero

LOS ANGELES — An African-American actor says he was racially profiled and wrongfully arrested last week as a suspect in a burglary ring whose members led sheriff's deputies on a freeway pursuit that was broadcast on television.

Darris Love, 38, along with his girlfriend, Ayesha Dumas, 39, who is also black, said they plan to file a claim with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department within a week as a likely prelude to a civil lawsuit. Love's lawyer said his client was held for hours despite evidence that he had been many miles from the crime scene.

Love said he and Dumas were at a suburban Los Angeles mall Wednesday when the arrest took place. "We were just shopping, just doing what normal people do in the mall," Love said at a news conference Tuesday. He was accompanied by one of the national founders of Black Lives Matter, Melina Abdullah.

He said he was terrified when deputies, with their weapons drawn, surrounded him and barked orders. "If you do anything wrong — breathe wrong, look wrong — you could be dead," he said.

The two were detained after a suspected burglary crew in a black BMW sedan led deputies on a chase from suburban Tarzana to the Glendale Galleria mall, about 20 miles away.


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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 06:49 AM

4. #HouseHuntingWhileBlack: Ex-NFL Player Arrested in California After 'Overreactive' Neighbor Calls Po

Angela Helm

An ex-NFL player who was looking to help his mother-in-law find a new home was not only stopped but also arrested by police in Southern California.

Kellen Winslow Jr., 34, who was chosen in the first round of the NFL draft in 2004 and played for several pro teams, was arrested Thursday afternoon in the city of Encinitas, Calif., and booked on suspicion of burglary.

Winslow was reportedly house hunting for his wife’s mother and was stopped, then booked, by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department after a woman called the fuzz.

NBC reports:

A person called the sheriff’s office at around 2:39 p.m. local time and reported a possible residential burglary and “the reporting party indicated a black male adult had walked into a neighbor’s residence,” and that person confronted the man because they “did not recognize him as being the resident who lived there,” according to the sheriff’s department.

Winslow left after being confronted, the sheriff’s department said, but was stopped by deputies as he drove nearby and he was arrested.

Representatives for Winslow vigorously dispute the allegations. Winslow was home shopping for his mother-in-law, he never went inside, and the residence in question belongs to friends who attend church with his wife, spokeswoman Denise White of EAG Sports Management said via email.

“An over reactive neighbor called police after she saw Kellen walking around a mobile home,” his spokeswoman, Denise White, wrote in an email to NBC News.

It gets better.


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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 06:49 AM

5. Study: You're More Likely to Be Hired if You're Referred by Someone White

Michael Harriot

Here’s a trick question: Two people of the same race apply for a job. Both have identical skills, education and experience. Both are referred by someone who already works at the company. Which one is more likely to be hired?

Answer: The one with the white friend.

Everyone knows it’s always good to have a white friend. As soon as they perfect android technology, I’m going to buy a Caucasian blow-up robot to keep in my glove compartment. Until then, I keep a notarized letter in my pocket signed by all of my white friends. I even take it on job interviews.

“The Strength of White Ties: How Employers Reward the Referrals of Black and White Jobseekers,” a new study by Fabiana Silva, confirms all of my ideas about keeping mayonnaise-adjacent compadres, and all of your ideas about racism in the workplace. The study takes a new approach to measuring the results of implicit bias by focusing on how employers treat people based on the employee referrals of different job applicants.

Silva, a researcher at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, conducted an ingenious experiment to test whether or not the race of the person who refers an individual bears any weight on the hiring process.

To test her theory, Silva found 228 white, non-Hispanic people who are responsible for hiring at their respective companies. Before participating in the experiment, each person was tested for implicit bias. The testing didn’t eliminate anyone; it was simply used as a metric for later in the experiment. The participants didn’t even know that the implicit bias had anything to do with the experiment because Silva waited 60 days after they took the training to inform them that they were chosen for the research.


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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 08:32 AM

6. K&R

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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 09:56 AM

7. Thanks for this important service. Thanks for turning me onto Root.

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