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Wed Jun 13, 2018, 07:22 AM


Nevada's most famous pimp, wins GOP primary

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Nevada's most famous pimp, wins GOP primary

GOP and Right Wing White Evangelicals again represent their sense of values to the American Public. Surely all that moral stuff they speak of brings one to wonder how do they interpret the word "moral values", "wholesomeness" and how do they really view sex? Surely the hate the spew against homosexuals is about their concerns about sex, which seems to differ a great deal, when it comes to "sex being traded for money". They may even become the number one proponent of making "sex work" legal across america.

Who knows, we may actually come to have more freedom in people to open up massage parlors and not have them raided on the frequency that was historically done.

Based on their interpertation of morals, we might be even faced with them lowering the age of consent to fit any agenda they may have. Heck, Trump already wants to make your kids into "Apprentices" (Indentured Servants).

Now, people can see why they have no issue with Trump and the Porn Star(s)....

Their sense of hypocrisy is an astounding thing. Or it might tell why there have been so many Republican caught up in issues concerning sex abuse. It might even explain why Pruitt, thinks he can waste government money on whims and see no problem with it.

It might even help to understand their values, which too might be why it has become so acceptable in the Red States and Rural Red Zone for Opioid's to be the drug of choice along with crystal meth.
We know many things that are not so featured in the context that maybe it should be, which is... why they so frequently wipe out the whole family, engage in the increased frequency of road rages, and why they seem to have increased activities of child molestation's, and grooming mass shooters; we might even find that some of the high frequency of teacher pursuing students may be from the same ideological mentality of the Right Wing mindset. Maybe someone will do a little research and find the actually historical tally.

This might be revealing what MGMA is all about. We know its an angle to try and get the Russian money to flow free in America, and to ensure that we have no International Allies as we've had in the past. Maybe the agenda is to only make allies with Nations that have Dictatorships and Authoritarian Systems.

We've seen the rabid likes of types like Roy Moore be embraced, We've seen the words that "there were nice people among the Neo Nazi and we've seen 'hate groups" get a reprieve to run rampant.

When they claim they detest Liberal Concept of Respecting Individualism and Individual Choice? Are they really advocates of And Extreme Form of Liberalism beyond anything that Liberal even consider, as long as they can cling to Racism! Are they promoting more means to set up for women to be Objectified by the promotion of a Pimp? We already know, that during the long history of where they sprang from within the Confederacy, they advocated and engaged in nightly rapes of slave children, women and men, and they considered that acceptable standards, they had no concern for fidelity, because white women were deal with as mere possession, with a main role to produce an heir, she had no rights.

We already know when they claim the fiction of being Fiscal Conservatives, what they really means, is they only want tax money to be spent on "White People" and "White Communities". their aim has always been to cut any public service that might help minorities. Before 1964, they had absolutely no problem creating and funding public services, and schools. Now, they have a problem with it, because minorities have equal access to it.
As we've continually seen them squander public money, from Trump flying and Promoting his Resorts. We've seen Kushner sell out any policy for a loan and means to increase his profits, we've seen the so call American First be made to mean, Ivanka gets copyrights in China approved in numbers.

We'e heard Trump and the Son boast about all the money they made selling properties to Russian Oligarchs. We've watch a string of "criminals" be brought into the Administration, and only by the act of public disclosure, we've seen them ejected only as a saving face measure by the Current Administration. We even watched as Guiliani was brought back in to show how manically depraved they can seek to try and twist the law and historical policies by drama antics, expecting to change policy by pushing "drama in the media'.. Certainly we all know, that the Presidency has been reduced down to "Management by Twitter Utterance". It's like the "Reality TV Show" operates from within the Whitehouse and its Administration.

While Ivanka struts around like she has been made Princess of America, and had the audacity to get on Stage in Germany with well Accomplished Foreign Female Leaders and Prominent People with a history of public service. Gee Whiz!!!!

We even watched the lip flipping Kellyanne, spin lies and call it Alternative Facts, while he own husband has said that Mueller's Probe is Fully Constitutional. and guess what, "she has not divorced him"...
We've seen Melinia slap away Trumps hand, while Guilaini tries to tell us, that all's well on the home-front, and she has her groups to release a statement saying he does not speak for her. We even watched her go into seclusion for more than 20 days, for what ever are the reasons.

Long before that we got a direct glimpse of the hypocrisy of Republican Family Values B.S. when Pailin's daughter became Pregnant while Pailn was touting their dedications to strong moral and ethical values while trying to become the VP. Until, one truly has to ask , what did it actually mean about Strong Family Values, when the Palin son, attacked his own father.

And how does strong Family values work, when we have a twice divorced President, who each time was entangled in infidelity, and chasing porn stars while his wife was pregnant?

I guess putting a lot of American Flags in the Oval office is suppose to blind people from the Traitor Flynn being placed in position of National Security Adviser.... and then we watched as people with absolutely no high level security clearance viewing and making comments and decisions about National matters involving Security Concerns... Yet, they had the gall, to even make a comment about Clinton Emails and Private Server... while, Kushner and Flynn was trying to set up back door communications with Russia to avoid the Security protocols of Administrative Documentations.

We have to ask what does it really mean when MAGA is promoted, while it bonded with the white nationalist Bannon, was not only brought in and he was given top slots, but given a dual role along side Prebius and even sent in to be on the National Security Advisory Team.

Then there's Session, a full on throwback from the era mentality of the Southern Democrats of the 1960's, who fought with all their might to defeat the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

We can't not mention the Secretary of State Tillerson, a life long Oil Man, who had Oil agreements with Putin and was awarded by the Russian Government with a Medal. All the while we watched Trump, 'get his gold necklace from the Saudi's, and then take actions against one of their closest neighbors that Saudi did not like.

So, we certainly should not be surprised to see Nevada's most famous pimp, winning the GOP primary.

We just watched Trump go meet with N. Korea with absolutely no preparation for the meeting. ... Just after slamming the G7..

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Wed Jun 13, 2018, 08:55 AM

1. Some days I wonder ...

has Stupidity reached critical mass? Today is one of those days.

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