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Tue Jun 12, 2018, 04:20 PM

I'd like Democrats to blanket the airwaves (interviews and ads) with the following message, Part II:

The Republican Party has, for decades now, pushed the false "liberal media" narrative. We Democrats have not pushed back hard enough and the nation has paid a terrible price, but that ends right here and right now. It's not enough for late night comedians to point out what has become glaringly obvious. What we know about the mainstream media is that the bulk of it is owned and operated by just a handful of massive corporations, including Sinclair Media Group, which forces its on-air personalities to regurgitate right wing talking points. Talk radio is dominated by right wing hate mongers, some of whom have admitted to being "entertainers." The only thing they entertain is the hatred that they have helped foment in far too many of our fellow citizens. And we know that Vladimir Putin's Russia has maliciously targeted the US population by way of a massive social media campaign.

The Democratic Party will be pushing for media literacy to be taught in every school. We do not want our children growing up in a world in which they can't distinguish between facts and lies. Republicans, including Donald Trump, have a knack for projecting onto their opponents that which they themselves are guilty of. As well as a knack for obfuscation, dishonesty and, as the past couple of years have made abundantly clear, abject corruption. What Republicans, in Orwellian fashion, call "alternative facts," the rest of us call lies.

A free and independent press is a vital aspect of democracy. And, to be clear, there are many upstanding journalists throughout the United States. At this time, with Republicans alienating our allies and cozying up to our adversaries, we need quality journalism more than ever. We must guard against false equivalencies. Wanting universal affordable health care, common sense gun laws, an end to systemic racism and systemic sexism, environmental protection, labor rights and a living wage is not extremist. What is extremist is putting children in cages, depriving millions of health insurance, letting the NRA dictate gun policy, denying the prevalence of racism and sexism, stagnant wages and tax cuts for the wealthiest, threatening to dismantle Social Security, destruction of the natural environment upon which we all depend, and stating that a ruthless dictator "loves his people." That's more than just extremist; it's inhumane.

In November, we have an opportunity to restore sanity and our global reputation. We have an opportunity to combat hatred in its many forms. We have an opportunity to demonstrate that equity and justice still have more than a fighting chance. Vote for Democrats in November. Your nation needs you, and every vote matters.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, that's definitely a lot longer than Part I, but I think there would be opportunities to get that message (or something similar) out, particularly in commercials and speeches.

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