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Mon Jun 11, 2018, 08:57 PM

Trump Flings Poop in Canada, Kim Hides Poop in Singapore, Another Crappy Day of News. (Ferret/SC)

Excellent news, Comrades! The Antifa-Canada alliance has been finalized, and the launch of Operation Jade Helm II: Deep State Boogaloo is imminent! Pick up your Soros-issued paycheck at the Pizzagate joint in your neighborhood, and await General De Niro's orders!

(You know where you can find this post, and many more, with all the links n’ shit? At this link: http://showercapblog.com/trump-flings-poop-in-canada-kim-hides-poop-in-singapore-another-crappy-day-of-news/)

Paul Manafort is collecting federal indictments like he's playing Pokémon GO! Gotta catch ‘em all, right, Paulie? With new charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice, Manafort's looking at the kind of trouble that even a rich white guy can't duck (or, the rough equivalent of an African-American teen stealing sneakers).

Oh, and who is Precocious Paul accused of conspiring with? Why, Konstantin Kilimnik, the latest Russian with ties to Putin's intelligence apparatus! That's right, campers, Drumpfy's old campaign manager, colluding with a Russian spy! Add that to Friday's hearing to revoke his bail for witness tampering, and this asshole is supremely...#Manafucked.

Welcome to day one of Ajit Pai's new post-net-neutrality world! To continue reading this blog post, please deposit one (1) six pack in Cap's beer fridge, preferably an IPA, nothing too fruity or distracting.

So, the state of Florida stopped conducting background checks on people applying for concealed-carry permits. For over a year. The whole fucking state. I guess the employee in charge of running the checks got locked out of the system and figured “Meh, we're only the state where people do bath salts and try to eat other people's faces, what's the worst that could happen?” They issued about 300 permits to people who shouldn't have them, but don't worry, the official in charge of the department responsible is among the frontrunners to replace Rick Scott as Governor of the whole dang state!

Mitch McConnell threw himself a party, because “the last 16 months have been the single best period for conservative values!” During that time, his party has embraced open white supremacy, ripped hundreds of children away from their families, tried to get a child molester elected to the U.S. Senate, done all it could steal health care from millions of Americans, attacked and alienated our closest allies while coddling dictators, refused to protect the country from a hostile foreign power that attacked (and continues to attack) us, legislatively redistributed massive amounts of money to their donor class, fielded a historic number of Nazi/white supremacist candidates, continuously attacked the rule of law to shield a criminal, lied incessantly while attacking those who tell the truth, and I better stop now or I'll never finish this fucking post.

Yes Mitch, it has indeed been a remarkable stretch for your movement's “values.” They haven't had a run like this since the late 1930's.

For generations, scholars have wondered “What if diplomacy were conducted, not by learned and experienced leaders, but by spoiled toddlers flinging shit at the walls?” Well, wonder no more! Canada's gonna be scrubbing the contents of Tangerine Idi Amin's diaper out of the curtains for weeks to come!

First, Lil’ Donnie Two-Scoops threw a tantrum because the mean ol’ western democracies threw his buddy Vlad out of the club just cuz he invaded dumb ol’ Ukraine and killed a few stoopid journalists. Which Russia shouldn't be punished for, but which is still Obama's fault.

Then he stumbled around, raging and babbling and venting his greivances, going so far as to suggest he'll end all trade with our allies, if his demands (based on his totally faulty understanding of international trade) aren't met, like a dude threatening to blow up a McDonald's because he can't get his hair cut there.

So Shartolo Colon shits on our oldest and closest friends while keeping his lips firmly planted on Putin's ass, like a dumbfuck diplomatic human centipede. At this point, while the Manchurian Manbaby does Russia's bidding dismantling western alliances, I honestly just hope he was paid well. But knowing the “great dealmaker,” he probably swapped NATO for a well-done steak, a too-long tie, and a 40 oz bottle of hooker pee.

And he showed up late and left early and generally made an ass of himself, but all in all it could have gone worse. He didn't hump Angela Merkel's leg, and he even agreed to sign the joint statement. Not exactly We Are the World, but under the circumstances, it'll do.

But then the minute Sultan Spraytan's back was turned, that dastardly Justin Trudeau pissed on the American flag, kidnapped Ivanka, and ordered the Canadian Air Force to carpet bomb Seattle, so - oh wait, I'm being told all Trudeau did was give a little speech calmly explaining that he did not care for the new tariffs and would impose retaliatory tariffs of his own? In that case, I think our President may have overreacted a wee bit.

Suddenly he's rage-tweeting at his Canadian counterpart (so much braver on Twitter than he is face-to-face, isn't he?) and dispatching Shiny New Replacement Sycophants Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro to gin up anti-Canada animus on the Sunday Shoz, no doubt prompting MAGA nation to burn all their Bryan Adams cassettes.

Anyhow, Larry and Pete sure did pass their loyalty tests, (the first half, anyway...they have to murder an FBI agent by July 4th. Plus Stephen Miller's penchant for creative hazing is said to be genuinely disturbing.) dutifully raging about the Canuck menace in terms of betrayal, and even damnation.

Fat Q*Bert boldly announced that he would not extend a Shart House invitation to this year's NBA champions, days after members of both teams announced they would under no circumstances lend their celebrity and excellence to such a shitty, racist, goon. Peter Navarro is reportedly standing by, prepared to challenge Steph Curry one-on-one should his God Emperor demand it.

Buried in the middle of the traditional weekend Leaked-by-Basically-Everybody Behind-the-Scenes Peek into the Monkey Cage we Call the White House piece, we FINALLY learned how Scott “The Man of 1,000 Scandals” Pruitt manages to hold on to his job; he's carved out a little space for himself as Boss Turdwaffle's bitching-about-Jeff-Sessions buddy.

That is some next-level sycophancy there, Scotty! Show up every now and then with bag of cheeseburgers and the willingness to let a doddering old nitwit vent about how unfair it is that the Attorney General isn't burning down the FBI to protect him, and there's no abuse of the public trust that won't be gently overlooked. I salute you, sir. When the bombs fly, I expect two survivors: roaches, and Scott Pruitt.

...but I repeat myself.

And there's the Historic North Korea Summit/Commemorative Coin Sale Extravaganza. Having successfully given a tyrannical mass-murderer the long-craved legitimacy of standing alongside the American President as an equal (In exchange precisely jack shit, the Shart of the Deal strikes again!), the Poo Mistake won't bring up human rights violations, not even in a casual, “Brah. Do me a solid and shut down a forced labor camp or two, just for Christmas” kind of way. I don't know that we should be surprised, he doesn't give a shit about the people in THIS country.

Kim Jong-un, a petty little clown so broke he had to borrow a plane to get to Singapore and so paranoid he's traveling with his own personal toilet so that nobody can pick through his shit, apparently surprised Circus Peanut Sydney Greenstreet by announcing an earlier-than-expected departure, leading President Rube to scramble and bump up his own travel plans. Played like a fiddle by a third-world tyrant. It's like losing at Connect Four to a 3-year old...guinea pig.

McClatchy reports that several Putin-connected Russian bigwigs were in contact with the NRA during the 2016 election, fueling speculation that America's least favorite terrorist non-profit organization laundered oligarch rubles to support a certain bloated treasonweasel's campaign. Mueller, as we already knew, is investigating. Me, I've got a vision of Wayne LaPierre's perp walk, and it's so pornographic that Michael Avenatti is my lawyer now.

John Kelly's e-mails got hacked while he was Secretary of Homeland Security, and Trey Gowdy immediately ordered hearings into how Trey Gowdy is a sanctimonious hypocrite who pretended to care about e-mail security when he saw an opportunity to drag Hillary Clinton for a bit, but now that his party's Frankenstein Monster is wrecking havoc around the world, he's retiring and leaving the mess to others to clean up.

Just kidding. There are no hearings. Except, perhaps, in the lonely early morning hours, in Gowdy Doody's heart. And probably not even there.

But while we're on the subject of record keeping, it seems President Crotchvoid has a tendency to just tear official documents into pieces, which is so obviously, hilariously the act of a career criminal habitually used to destroying evidence, but ANYWAY, we've been paying multiple high-salaried public servants to tape them back together because the Presidential Records Act is still a thing. Oh and for good measure, a couple of the records management professionals who handled the taping were recently fired without warning or explanation. Just the latest totally normal thing from our super normal, nothing-whatsoever-to-hide administration.

This morning, Merrick Garland authored the majority opinion in a Supreme Court decision overturning Ohio's voter purge law, JUST KIDDING it turns out that a bunch of swing state voters thought it was so important to cast a protest vote for some third party shithead that they were willing to be accessories to Mitch McConnell's theft of a SCOTUS seat, and so Neil Asslicking Gorsuch cast the deciding vote instead, and now Republicans have enshrined this vote suppression technique into the very fabric of American law!

As we debate Robert De Niro's use of a naughty word, I find myself in the midst of my own deep personal struggle with obscenity. After months of running this humble poo joke blog, I feel hopelessly overwhelmed in my quest to find a word profane enough to describe the smug, smiling evil of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. I need something...German. Something with guttural retching sounds and umlauts and seven or eight syllables.

Y'know, even the most ambitious bigots would probably call it a day after reshaping the nation's border law enforcement into a machine that rips children away from their parents and throws them in cages, but Jeff is a genuine exemplar of hatred. Now he's issued a sweeping overhaul of asylum policy, withdrawing eligibility from victims of gang and domestic violence, condemning untold thousands to God knows what fate.

What depravity. What abomination. Just a few days after we learned a recently-deported high school student was murdered in Mexico. After we were told the horrifyingly tragic story of the Honduran father who committed suicide after Border Patrol agents took his son from him.

With any halfway decent human being, you'd wonder How the Fuck Can You Sleep at Night, Having Caused Such Misery, but you know Sessions will tuck himself in under his Confederate flag comforter, warmed by the thought of having carved out a little more of the world for mediocre white dudes like himself.

And now I see Jar-Jar and Princess Ivanka netted a cool $82 million in income last year, swapping state secrets and our nation's foreign policy for trademarks and cold hard cash. Meanwhile, the administration wants to make it legal for insurance companies to deny customers with pre-existing conditions again. All those extra dead people won't need money, so I suppose we might as well pass it over to the governing grifter family!

Anyway, Shartboy's in the middle of his summit now. Hope he doesn't swap your hometown to North Korea in exchange for a crayon drawing of Kim Jong-un throwing a bomb in a trash can!

PS - At the very moment I publish tonight, Dennis Rodman is on TV, crying over his buds Drumpf and Kim getting together, and shilling something called "potcoin." Real life, folks...REAL. LIFE.

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Reply Trump Flings Poop in Canada, Kim Hides Poop in Singapore, Another Crappy Day of News. (Ferret/SC) (Original post)
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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Mon Jun 11, 2018, 09:06 PM

1. Wow, my dear Ferret!

You are in fine form tonight!

I hope someday you'll get all of these into a book. I will happily buy one and hopefully get your signature in it.

Fifty years from now, nobody will believe what we are currently experiencing.

Hang in there! This IS Real Life.

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Mon Jun 11, 2018, 09:13 PM

2. K&R!!

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Mon Jun 11, 2018, 09:17 PM

3. Off to the Greatest, Ferret!


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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Mon Jun 11, 2018, 09:24 PM

4. Manafucked!

And you are correct in that listing right wing deplorable deeds could make the post go on forever!

Another good one Ferret

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Tue Jun 12, 2018, 12:13 AM

5. K&R, Ferret

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Tue Jun 12, 2018, 12:42 AM

6. K&R

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Tue Jun 12, 2018, 12:45 AM

7. K&R n/t

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Tue Jun 12, 2018, 01:43 AM

8. Dateline: Trumptopia.

Since your latest comes in the middle of the Dictators* Kabuki Prom... Um, I mean, Summit. I thought I'd give you a little on-the-spot reporting right from the orange bowels of Fox News. (Since I have been forced to experience it by the Corporate State in a scene reminiscent of Clockwork Orange except in this case I'm being sensitized to Ultra Stupid.)

Well, TF, it seems the announcement of Kim's early departure which was immediately retro one up announced by the even earlier departure of Vlad's Poodle has caused quite the uproar among the Faux Gnus Bobbleheads. They are panicking because there will not be enough time to cram in all of the planned stock footage they had queued up of Reagan and Gorby in Iceland. So, look for the excess to spill out into the former Roseanne slots on select Sinclair stations.

It's still uncertain where all of the bounty of Jack Shit the U.S. has received from NK in this historic plummet... I mean, Summit, will be spent. Paul Ryan is said to be on it, leading to speculation it will be fed to the homeless in shelters as a food substitute.

That's all from here. Back to you, TF.

* As the only fact ever confirmed by Fox News, ever. You can rest assured that whoever stated the obvious there is already being asked if they'd like fries with their Polonium.

One more thing before I get my next round of eye drops...

Golly. De Niro... Now, I know I'm on the correct side of this thing.

Tah! For now, TF. And thanks again for everything.

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Response to TheFerret (Original post)

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 08:42 AM

9. Thank you for your words of wisdom

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