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Thu May 31, 2018, 07:40 AM


The Blindness of the Conservative Minded Republicans - is obvious in every area of America

Any Republican who blinds themselves to the Insidiousness of Trump and his trashing of America is either blind, unaware of simply just can't face up and pay attention to the truths that everyone of sane mind can and do see.

This madness of white blindness, is about the same as people during "Jim Crow" who supported and followed up racism with their own individualized brands of it. It's the most insane thing in America in this 21st Century.

Trump has damaged everything he has touched in and of our government, and many of these people lusting behind a tax rip off that gives them pennies while it encumbers their offspring's for decades upon decades to come.
This is about similar to the same type of people who supported George Wallace, and some are the same types who'd praise Bull Conner. That's the true craziness of it all.
Unaware, that on one left them behind, they keep running backwards trying to 'reclaim a past" that was filled with vile and ignorance, and they idolize the same past that put them in the 'serf mentality' they are currently living today.

They simply can't hear and can't see the truths, because they love the "belligerent bluster far too much", they take such displays of ignorance to think its strength. When Trump and Republican Congress has done nothing but weaken America not just in this country, but around the globe.

Sadly, every town has these types, they've been damaging America for hundreds of years and decades, and can't see after all this time... they are the same "generalized poor white class" as were their ancestry. Each day, becoming more and more so that impacts their future generations.

It won't be until they have their benefits and social security cut, that will wake them up, and when they watch family members die due to medicare and medicaid cuts, ONLY THEN, will they wake up, and some still won't.

Other nations without this vile prejudiced mentality and biased soul, continue to prosper and grow, build and make the lives of their people better, while here in America, the poor whites will continue to become poorer. They will become as we've seen and continues to see... less educated, and they blame everything on others, when the truth is its themselves they refuse to blame.
They want to live like a TV Commercial, and the anguish of such fiction have them killing family like its a sport, and going about with their kids shooting up schools because they can't be the 1950's star of the student population, and others who want to live the "privilege of white historical past" and can't realize that it was based on nothing more than "abuse and misuse of others".

One thing for sure, Trump is not going to give any of them one dime, and they are not welcome at any property that Trump owns, and he made darn sure of that when he raised he rate for his Florida club. To ensure they don't rush there talking about having a wedding or any other kind of event, because they don't fit the profile or image of the wealthy. But many still think their white skin is suppose to afford them some privilege, and other things they've done nothing to earn or have the ability to pay for.
Credit debt is what many are afforded, and when they get sick and can't work, they find out the real truth, and become anguished at everyone but themselves. When they are themselves the ones caught up chasing a past that is gone. It was fantasy and fiction when and if they look at the truths. Poor whites have been Poor whites for 100's of years, and its only because of themselves, and they are yet to see it. Decade upon Decade they think like serf's as if the wealthy will give them something.

What many get is broken down bodies by the time they are 50, trying to go out and do the manual works of their grandfathers as if that's the measure of a man. When technology has moved life forward. It does not take a crew of 200 to lay pipes, or even to build a road, there are machines that do that work. Many who work for these biased small contractors wake up to find out, they not only don't have a pension, the advances in home building, no longer need many of the technicians, because many products don't need repair, they are simply replaced with a new part, and that part is often "foreign made". And the wealthy whites will not stop importing foreign items and parts.

So their anguish chases a past that has been long gone for 50 yrs. There is no more masses of roadside diners for people to work, because people today, use the freeways, and many towns that once had those diners, are weaker because people drive cars that don't need to stop in every whistle stop for fuel or anything else. Lust for Nostalgia has and continues to make many of these people, their own worst enemies and they blind themselves from such truth.

Reality of the past is far different than the confabulation many have conjured up in their minds.
But one would need to have kept up with the times to be able to see and know the world and this nation has long ago changed. God made a world that does not go backwards, it moves forward in time, as it always have and always will.

They think people look down on them as people, but its the Ignorance of Lusting for the Past, as to why people look down at them, because they seek to regress the nation and chase the past, and some are still caught up in what they were groomed and taught during the indoctrination within the Jim Crow Groomed madness. Which was as much a system that was designed to keep the poor whites as poor as their ancestry, while it sought to deny and devastate the minority population.

What they forget to see and know is the minority often times saw everything, and heard everything, and saw all the plots and ploys by the wealthy, which the poor whites had no accessibility among the wealthy to see or know. Yet, they can't see even today... their lives has been in a stagnanted circle of spin since the end of the Post World War II industrial boom.
They were convinced by the wealthy white to damage the same Unions that once gave their parents and grandparents some means of employment, but they stood with the wealthy and defeated themselves with the abandoning of Union shops.
They blinded themselves to the fact no one needs 10's of thousands of people to make cars, factories have robots that do the heavy work. And Technology has Modular Components, that it does not require a mass of people turning screws. Even simple things like nuts and bolts, are now made in foreign lands, and many parts no longer even use nuts and bolts, they simply have "snap together parts".

But when one is hung up on being obsessed about the past, and trying to think it will return, simply don't pay attention to the advances of the world.
No one needs telephone men, installing land lines in homes, they need a small crew to set up a prefab cell towers and wham!!! 1000's and 10's of thousands have instant cell phone service.
When companies lay cable, they don't need a mass of people digging ditches, they "bore through the ground" and have a unit to "pull the cable through the hole they bored".

This is the ways of the world, that many who chase the past, simply refuse to open their eyes and see and know. Yet, they want to play ancient racist ignorance to try and blame anyone except themselves, for their blindness to pay attention and better themselves as individuals.

Even home construction does not need a bunch of people with hammers and nails, when a few men with "automatic nail guns" can do more work in a matter of hours, than it too men 50 yrs ago to do by hand. Yet, they blind themselves to these truths. And still chase a delusion based on their skin and their expectation build upon the past, which is never to return. NO person can go back and reclaim not one second from time gone past.

Trump has deluded these people with "bully talk", belligerence and madness", while he damages every thing this government and nation spent many decades building and improving to provide a better society for people.

The death of Conservatism was always destined to die, because it is based on trying to "recreate the past" and "stagnate the future from developing". It has saw death in every generation, as the present and future will not stagnate itself, nor will it go backwards to try and recreate the past. Everyday, we see old building, renovated, old signs come down and new ones goes up, even fast food places continue to "modify their look and design", they refuse to retain the old looks and old decor and the old image. This is just the nature of mankind and life... it has always been driven to change and improve. The Conservative Madness, has always fallen behind, trying to hold on to the past.
Even their Children move forward and see the emerging future, and the disarray in their own families blind themselves to the changes in the world, and they disrupt the whole family trying to make them accord themselves to ideas of the past.
America is not going to recreate a mass of "Mill Towns" across this nation, technology guarantees that is not going to happen. Small white dominated town are not going to revert back to being stuck in the past of being small white dominated towns, with a backwards town government, it simply can't afford to, because the future already has a plan to modernize and improve upon everything.

There won't be any Model T's made, when auto technology has not moved on to battery powered cars, that is improving everyday in driver-less technology. Even Taxi's are not what the past had, because Uber and Lyft are here to stay. Conservatism in politics has always been a sham, Republican have always taken from the poor and given to the wealthy, and they are doing more of it today, than every in the past. Yet, these people can't open their eyes and minds to see such truth.

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