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Fri May 25, 2018, 12:10 PM


America has Issues..... !!!!

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(This may not be suitable for those who prefer to Duck and Run, Hide and Deny, Avoid and Push Back..... against truths that will remain truths, even still) Therefore be warned, rather than becoming agitated.


"Policing" is still based on the Model Designed to Contain Minorities and Poor Whites....

We are not the Idealistic Nation many want to think we are: At one time when Obama was first elected, and people claim they supported the "CHANGE" he spoke of and Campaigned for... but quickly fell way when it was time to push democrats to back and promote his policies, and backed up even further, when he most needed the public to help fend off the incessant Republican Attacks, and by the second term, people were out criticizing Obama, yes, Democrats included... as if they had selective Amnesia, not to know that the devastated economy and winding down wars, were items that impeded full focus on all campaign objectives. And still he was able to get Health Care, provide some protection for immigrants, put controls on banking and put control that slowed down the Wall Street Gaming and Crime Network.... all while fighting republican at every turn... with a mass of Democratic Congress people sitting on the side lines, "silent". Then trying to blame Obama because the Mid terms became dominated by Republicans who further played block and tackle against anything and everything. Democrats across the nation sat in passive mode,while the public narratives were controlled by "republican drama" and "tea party antics"... and the constant republican attack which saturated the headlines, thus giving republican a 24/7 stream of media promotion by the mere element and fact of "their actions controlling the media narrative".

We are doing the same thing with Trump... for more than 2 yrs, now... The Media is Obsessed with Trump, they can't even report on other news across the nation as every new show for hours on end, is about nothing but "Trump".... No matter how you look at its, its publicity...and Trumps attacks on the Media is to drive even more publicity, and when it seems to wane, he comes up with an outlandish comment, to 'restart the cycle of dominating the public media narrative" as a result... we are played daily for the minions we have become, and continue to find means to 'incorporate the madness into a form and manner of acceptance"...

Our Problem in America is "US"... the American People... We stand for nothing anymore, and our acceptance and incorporation of Trumps actions prove that "everyday". We might crack a joke or two, but the overall, is ... we along with the media's urging, accept it and move on like its just a part of our lives, when he has everyday, changed the whole of America.

We got "vote spliter" people talking and talking and playing "hop scotch" with the party, by claiming to be independent, while playing jump in the democrat box, and then jump out, and jump over and and jump back in, as if its a hop scotch game, to keep the people off balance, which sums up to be "vote splitting" and Message Distortion.

Then there is a mass of people attack any time one discusses the need for a proactive promotion of Democratic Narrative in the Public Sphere. One man on the media just spoke of this exact point last night. Saying, we are splintered and have no unified narrative and we have a weak position in the general public that is getting weaker every day, because we have no narrative to promote, all we are is a reactionary" to Republican's dominance and control of Public Narratives.

Now, we get crazy stuff of Trump wanting to put a label or some identity marker on Immigrants, as if the incessant harassing attacks is not enough. It's exactly how Hitlers, programming started against the Jews, and spread to include others.

Some say... "We are better than that"...
But truth and history tells us, NO we are not.

During Slavery, that was too a form of Totalitarianism as well as Dictatorship over black people, with a white society acting as a Monarchical System. Plantation society and into the Industrial Revolution showed us to be a Plutocracy when it came to whites economical disenfranchising blacks and poor whites, and being filled with Terrorist Conduct sanctioned and promoted by white Evangelical Christians upon and against black people, All the while claiming to be a Democracy. yet.. by realism function as an Oligarchy, (meaning "rule of the few", is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people.) where women and minorities were not allowed to vote, or have access to education of economic uplifting employment.
We now have an Electocracy (where citizens are able to vote for their government but cannot participate directly in governmental decision making and where the government does not share any power.)
We've accepted a Kraterocracy (a system of governance where those who are strong enough to seize power through physical force, social maneuvering or political cunning.)
We have been made and many willingly accepted us being made into a Nepotocracy (favouritism granted to relatives regardless of merit; a system of governance in which importance is given to the relatives of those already in power,)

and now... we are not much more than a KLEPTOCRACY (Rule by thieves; a system of governance where its officials and the ruling class in general pursue personal wealth and political power at the expense of the wider population)

Most white people don't want to see that truth, but what they can't do is erase it. Ignoring to frame it up, is why we still have today, a Skin Color based segments of a Caste and Class system, where people will ignore and deny much, in order not to address and certainly not to self review and work on giving up "white privilege". It was groomed into people for 100's of years as their way of life, and because it afford so many so much, they are of many who had and even today have far less interest to address it or even acknowledge it, and many become highly agitated when its point out to them.

We can say we are all Democrats who support the Democratic Platform, but there is mass silence in much of society and a deafening silence in this site except defensive bickering when any matter discuss the elements of racism that has saturated itself in American society over Centuries and Decades.

People keep saying... We are better than that...

America as a Nation has Stumbled and Fell and continue to crawl on its knees.... When will we become matured enough to stand as a unified nation and Walk in and with the Dignity of a Democracy?

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri May 25, 2018, 12:44 PM

1. Even when we get a Democratic President...


we find a way, to "allow" the republican to take over congress..... now, we've allowed them to take over Congress and the Office of the Presidency...

This is directly after "two landslide victories for the Democratic Obama Presidency. Yet, we don't think "we" have a problem, and we don't think we need to push and promote a Democratic Narrative, outside this site and into the general public sphere"...

We have a level of passivity, that continues to translate into forms and manners of accepting Republican assault upon Democracy, and the Democrats, such as we've seen done in Broad Voiced Overt Acts and Words.... and still we have a passivity,and the audacity to attack when anyone even mentions promoting a Democratic Narrative... by a few who think themselves elite because they have been here with a few thousand 'one liner jokes and puns".

Maybe what we don't get is we still have a mass of people, who lived on the "spin a pun" and jump on a point of sarcasm, with no concern of intent to be of concern about promoting a general and ongoing public narrative, to attract and communicate with those who are undecided, as well as those who may be of other parties, who are not satisfied and would or may consider the Democratic Platform if they were given commentary that helped them see more and think more about the values of what is Democratic Principles and Premise.

November may tell a story that many of us don't want to hear or see. but with the waning numbers, we are far from the vote tally to have the kind of landslide numbers that were a reality when Obama was elected.

We seem to have a dwindling margin... and no where close the actual numbers of people who claim to be Democrats.
"Clarity" tells of the claimed Party Numbers....

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri May 25, 2018, 05:25 PM

2. Finally said

Hear Hear

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