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Wed Aug 1, 2012, 10:03 PM

The Best “Straws” Money Can Buy

Romney’s Crew of Super Pac ‘adverliars’ and misinformed ‘FOXifiers - is messed up! They are so busy GRASPING FOR STRAWS - staging support for their candidate and fabricating the facts - that they don’t realize how stupid they come across to individuals with functioning brains!

Case in point – during one of his campaign speeches, President Obama commented on how business success is often linked with help from others (a teacher, a mentor, an investor, a bank or the government). While further elaborating on that point, the President issued the phrase ”you didn’t build that” and The Crew took those four words of the President’s speech to the bank (literally) claiming that the President wasn’t giving successful business persons credit for their success. The sheer stupidity of The Romney Crew’s insane reasoning is beyond words, but that wasn’t all…

Romney’s Super Pac(ers) whipped out their checkbooks to underwrite televised ‘adverliars ‘ hammering away on the “you didn’t build that” segment of the President’s speech. Then they paid for an instant replay of flying in “extras” for Romney’s NAACP Convention Insult Fest by staging TWENTY-FOUR ‘ We Did This” events across the country in which small business owners talked about business successes that were backed by government funding - I kid you not!

Wait -it gets even more insane. Romney, immediately, took to the stage giving numerous stump speeches in support of small businesses REPEATING the President’s exact words in context!?!? Mitt can’t even come up with an original campaign message without having to steal the best of someone else’s ideas.

I guess when you have absolutely nothing of substance to campaign on, the only thing you have to offer to the American people is – straws!

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VIDEO: Romney Agrees with Obama: Government Does ‘Help You in a Business’

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