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Wed Aug 1, 2012, 10:33 PM


The GOPhers can't stand the Fact that Obama Kicks Ass Overseas

Gophers are cowardly rodents, breaking out of their holes to scraw loudly. But then they retreat at the first sign of a possible confrontation. Republicans.

The Neo Con Artists are shitting their pants that Obama is making Bush look like Neville Chamberlain, taking al Qaeda apart piece by piece, something the macho "Mission Accomplished" crowd never had the balls to do.

Do I approve of extrajudicial killing? I do not. But if the Republican chickenhawks want to accuse the President of weakness on foreign policy and so-called defense, SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP!

Now, the GOPhers (not a trademark: feel free to use it!) are accusing the President of being "secretive." Yeah. Right. Unlike his predecessor, who was so fucking transparent, he kept his Master Darth in an "undisclosed location" for half of his Administration.

And now, Rmoney (thanks to the person who coined that term!) is trying to present Obama as weak? Yo! Mitty! Go the fuck back to France! And take your horse with you!

And then take the dressage horse, the one you're not married to.

Am I angry tonight? In the words of Caribou Barbie, Youbetcha!

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