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Wed Aug 1, 2012, 05:31 PM

Cloudy day, broody thoughts.

I read a post on DU yesterday, and the topic got me to thinking more about it. Could explain the GOP War against women. "Looks like Chik-Fil-A may be in more trouble"The link to the thread is here

<snip> Brenda Honeycutt, the store’s General Manager with 21 years of service under her belt, found herself frozen out of management meetings and eventually replaced in that role with a male hired by her store’s owner, Jeff Howard, earlier this year. This came after 5 other female employees found themselves demoted or terminated in the past year despite high performance metrics. The owner allegedly made it clear to Ms Honeycutt as well as others that the termination was a move designed to force Ms Honeycutt into a role as a stay-at-home mother.

Women should be having and tending babies, like in the 1950's. Baby Boomers..(translation- white race numbers on decline,)

You know guys, I had thought that in jest, then the thought crossed my mind, ahhhh what if it were true?

Could explain why they continue to pay women less for equal work, make us so frustrated we will give up...we didn't give up.

What to do?
Take away our ability to work, by keeping us barefoot and pregnant, back to a time when June Cleavers were pumping out those kids....Sounds absurd? Regressive?

Is it? You see, your Grandmothers did, they gave up all those industrial jobs, all the rights women had during the war. Knowing they helped accomplish victory. They gave that all up, when their menfolk came home from WWII. They went back to being housewives and mothers...and we had the largest explosion of pregnancies...Now you know the GOP are creatures of habit...nothing wrong with doing what has historically worked before....think about it.

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