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Wed Aug 1, 2012, 05:14 PM

Mittens is T.S.T.B.P.

Too stupid to be president.

I don't mean inherently stupid, but stupid from the standpoint that he's been running for president actively since he challenged Kennedy for the senate seat in 1994.

He did not have a fire in his belly to be a Massachusetts senator. He was looking for a way to weasel his way into government in the most expedient way possible, so that he could then leapfrog his way to the White House.

What 1994 would have taught most intelligent people was that they would HAVE to "clean up" their financial dealings, so they would be presentable/acceptable to the masses.

This could have been done pretty easily by immediately changing the way he sheltered his wealth , and by doing up some REAL charitable works...charity that did not go entirely to the Mormon church, and then straight off the taxes. (right pocket-left pocket giving is not all that).

In 1999, when he "saved" the Olympics he forgot that MOST people are only ever involved in the Olympics through their TVs and most will never travel to or be able to afford tickets to ever GO to one. And. he "saved" the Olympics with GOVERNMENT MONEY...money we all paid to the government via out taxes.

The whole Olympic-thing was just a diversion for him...a way to go back to his "real" home-state and curry favor with the Mormons there who would be on the receiving end of all the permanent goodies left behind after the Olympics cleared out.

The Utah goodie-basket benefited many businesses & communities, at the expense of the US government .

His public persona was elevated enough then to parlay the adventure into the governorship of MA.

Most of the articles I have read about his tenure as governor, lead me to believe that he was not all that thrilled to even BE governor.. It was another stepping-stone on the pathway to the White House. Apparently he spent most of the last part of his term prepping for the '08 election.

The '08 election should have been the real eye-opener for him, since he dropped out rather than "waste" his own money. Had he been willing to pour his own money into it he might have outlasted Huckleberry & Walnuts, but always the pragmatist, he bailed out.

Every one of these adventures would have taught lessons to a "normal" person, but then Mittens is not a "Normal" person. He does not learn. He just does the same thing over and over, and seems oblivious to the fact that he is an unlikable, boorish anachronism.

His tactics work perfectly in a world where he is the CEO/CFO/single stockholder/Boss-man/El Jefe. In a world where consensus, persuasion and empathy are required, he is a total loser.

He cannot learn what he cares nothing about. His money cannot buy empathy, compassion or connection.

His money can buy car elevators, businesses to pick the bones from & then trash.

His money can buy fancy houses & $100 million dollar trust funds for his slacker-sons.

His money can buy Republican primaries

His money cannot take away the stupid...

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 05:21 PM

1. I think he has a major case of political "Oedipus Complex", just like W

I sense a desperation to overtake his father's place in history. He has no real desire for the office, but the prestige of being POTUS tops his pops accomplishments. With W, it was do do ANYTHING to steal the first so he could achieve a 2nd term - doesn't matter what or who suffered to make it happen.

I'm beginning to think that candidates for the Presidency should undergo a thorough psych eval.

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 05:37 PM

2. He hated being governor. He delegated as much as possible to his idiot LtGov.

People used to joke that the Governor's mansion was in NH at his lake home up there.

That more state cops worked in NH than in MA (owing to his security detail).

And MA is a "weak governor" state, particularly if the governor doesn't see eye to eye with the legislature. If the gov and the leg are on the same page, they can get a lot done. Otherwise, the legislature can run roughshod over the governor if they so desire.

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Response to MADem (Reply #2)

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 08:45 PM

4. I have NEVER understood why MA & CA elected so damned many republican governors

We were FINE, until we got Reagan. Deukmajian & Wilson.. At least Ahhhhhnold didn't do as much damage as his handlers would have wished him to.

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Response to SoCalDem (Reply #4)

Thu Aug 2, 2012, 02:57 AM

5. MA has a deep sexist streak that we've yet to overcome.

You'd think a progressive blue state like MA would have had ONE frigging female Senator by now....but no.

A black guy, yeah...a woman, not yet.

And our Congressional delegation is nothing to write home about when it comes to women.

I hope Elizabeth Warren is the one with the glass-ceiling cracking hammer.

On edit--I'm assuming people know MA politics--Romney's gubernatorial opponent was a woman.

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 06:06 PM

3. "an unlikable, boorish anachronism...."

Bravo! Right on target......

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Thu Aug 2, 2012, 07:01 AM

6. I hope you are right, many middle class racists support him.

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