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Sun Mar 25, 2018, 08:42 PM

I think the substantial interview with Stormy Daniels today shows her team knows PR well.

(Read 2nd part of post, below, for some details about why the interview hurts the president.)

Stormy finally has a good lawyer and PR team.

Her interview tonight shows that her team understands PR and communications well. The goal is to let the information come out in a drip, drip, drip.

If you're someone trying to get your story in the news, you do NOT release it all at once.
In contrast, if you're someone with damaging news yet to be released, you release it yourself, all at once in order to limit the number of news cycles it monopolizes.
The Russian propagandists know this too. That's why they released the DNC emails in batches.

Avenatti knows what he's doing with PR. This interview is NOT the whole deal. There will be more.

Stormy and her lawyer are PR pros. Love it. So should we all.


Stormy is not a hero. She certainly has flaws. But no one deserves the kind of strong arming and NDA-jamming that a wealthy man squeezed her into.

In the past few days we've gotten a few details on both Stormy (Stephanie Clifford) and her attorney.

Substantial profile on Stormy:

Stormy still won't say if she's got photos of the president:

And a bunch more takes on what might come out:

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