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Thu Mar 1, 2018, 06:10 PM


Two Lessons (by no means all) learned from the Trump White House

1) What it is like when our government is run like an American business
chaotic, mean, grabbing, greedy, dirty, nasty, backbiting, dishonest, incompetent, needing regulation --- you supply your own adjectives

2) Why American businesses are not competing successfully in the big, wide world -- all of the above plus another day another firing.

No attempt to apply non-violent techniques to solve problems -- just more psychological and maybe even in some cases physical bludgeoning.

The Trump administration is a perfect example of the relationship between all too many (although not all) employers in the US and their employees.

Turnover under Trump's mismanagement is so rapid you can't keep track of the names of those coming and going on the White House staff. It's not possible to accomplish good things in that kind of atmosphere.

So many people are leaving the White House and so many of his top aides don't qualify for security clearances.

In addition to the fact that Trump has hired Republican fools to support his administration in the White House, there is what is becoming increasingly clear is his and his supervisors' contempt for their employees.

No one would put future employees in the position that Trump's staff has been put in with constant staff changes and constant suspicion of participation in the Russia conspiracy. Trump needs to come completely clean about the theft of Hillary's e-mails, when he knew and how, his past business dealings and financial relationships, etc. The first step is to show the American people his tax forms and come clean about his debt and that of members of his team in the White House including his family members. What do they owe, and to whom do they owe it?

Transparency. That's what we need. Right now, the American government, thanks to Trump's mismanagement, is in a tailspin.

When does it ever end? The scandals, the turnover, the confusion.

Sorry! This is not Making America Great Again. It's making us fail, and it won't be easy to pick up the pieces after this one.

George W. Bush led us into a serious recession in which many people lost their homes. Obama, ever steady, ever intelligent, and a good person carefully walked us out of that disaster. Trump is doing even worse than GWB. Another disaster that a Democrat will have to walk our country out of.

This is "business (Trump) managing government," and it is awful.

What a mess.

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