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Wed Feb 14, 2018, 12:39 AM

We Are Interdependent NOT Independent - Kick the Lie

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Individualism is not independence.

Individualism is a personal expression.

Vive la différence

Vive la country that protects la différence.

The social human species has always been and will always be interdependent.

A lie was foisted on the populace. Individualism was equated with independence.

Just for a moment, feel yourself and your family all alone. How long would you survive?

We used to be a smaller, community-wide, state-wide interdependent species.

We are now a world-wide interdependent species, am I right?

I think technologies have brought us together socially and in many other ways.

The grocery store shouts our international interdependence, true?

All that is missing, imho, is our outspoken opinions that we need each other. That each member contributing their part is valued and appreciated.

It is time for the voices of the many to speak out on behalf of each other in unison.

The lie must first be dispelled. We are not independent. We need each other now more then ever.

That said:

Thank you to all the people throughout the world that are working to cloth and feed my family.

I will try to raise awareness that we all need each other, that our contributions are worthy of a decent living standard, and that all are treated with dignity.

I will be kind to all I meet each day. A smile will reach out to all asking nothing in return.

I dare to envision and hope for a better world than the one run by Greed that greases the halls of power with the booty stolen from the hands that actually produce something of value.

Please join and do the same.


Dream of the day that generosity is hailed and wealth is shunned.

In that day the Law of Sufficiency will be freed from the shackles of the greedy and heartless.

A late night rant.

Thank you and good night.


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