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Wed Dec 20, 2017, 08:42 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Third Season: Mad Country

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Third Season: Mad Country

Season 2: https://www.democraticunderground.com/10029078791
Season 1: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1016169212

Welcome back to the complete episodic recap of the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! So we survived Donald Trump's first year of his presidency, and as you can imagine it was a huge disaster. So much that we had to devote our entire season finale to recapping the whole damn year in six short entries. Yes that's not always possible but sometimes it happens. Anyway since so much crazy shit happened in the year that was 2018, that from June when we started this season, through December, there's just too much news to be able to handle. So like we've done with seasons 1 and 2 so far, here's every edition of the half year from June - December of 2017. You had it all - you had treason. You had Vice President Peter Griffin. You had national anthem protests. You had disasters and mass shootings. And the hot workplace sex. Don't forget the hot workplace sex. Well, it was more creepy than hot. Anyway these 27 editions are here for your enjoyment and my comedy. And we'll be continuing to title our seasons to mirror that of one of my favorite shows on TV right now - Gotham. Season 3 of Gotham is titled Mad City, so we'll be calling this one "Mad Country". Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

Edition #3-1: Mad Country: The Kids Are Alt Right Edition (6/7/17)

To start season 3, we introduce our beautiful brand new set. Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Change Accord, pissing off nearly the entire world. Trump also reacts very poorly to a recent terrorist attack in London, and his ties to the Mafia are exposed when 19 members of a notorious New York Crime Family are arrested. Ivanka Trump celebrates Memorial Day with champagne popsicles. Kentucky governor Matt Bevin and the Oregon GOP offer insane alternatives to dealing with public violence. We consult the Free Speech Police about last week’s edition of Real Time With Bill Maher, where he might have said something racist. And we play a game of “Who’s The Snowflake”. And finally this week we take the first leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, with the first destination being none other than Viva La France!
Live Musical Guest: Flogging Molly

Edition #3-2: Mad Country: Don’t Beauregard That Joint Edition (6/14/17)

We pay tribute to the late, great Adam West. Donald Trump shoots himself in the foot over the Comey testimony. Meanwhile offering his own, and someone called “Reality Winner” is claiming NSA secrets. Ivanka Trump makes a case for the world’s tiniest violin. We try the new Covfefe Cocktail at the DC Bar in Washington, DC. We ask “Sharia Law Protestors – How Are They Still A Thing?”. John McCain gives bizarre testimony on Capital Hill while offering an equally bizarre excuse. Evergreen College loses control of its’ students after an inquiry about the school’s racial policies goes horribly south. We debut two new features on the show – “This Fucking Guy” where we nominate crazy religious zealots, and Megyn Kelly probably shouldn’t have had Alex Jones on her show. And finally this week we take the second leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, with the second destination being none other than France’s neighbors, Italy!
Live Musical Guest: Case/Lang/Veirs

Edition #3-3: Wheel Of Corruption: The Curse Of The Black Pearl Edition (6/21/17)

Alex Jones goes nuclear during his interview with Megyn Kelly. Dangerous political rhetoric becomes a real problem when a lone guy with a gun takes his frustrations out on a practice for the Congressional Baseball game. Trump supporters go nuclear in their hatred of liberals. Julius Caesar plays get interrupted and Trump supporters launch a wave of death threats aimed at the wrong theater. Dave Daubenmire gets this week’s “This Fucking Guy” award. Trump cries that he’s the victim of a political witch hunt and lies about his poll numbers. Gene Simmons attempts to patent the rock n’ roll devil horns. We play another round of “Who’s The Snowflake?”. Franklin Graham shows an extreme level of Christian hypocrisy. All this plus we hit the third installment of our World Tour 2017 and discuss the corporate greed and political turmoil that is hitting the ancient nation of Greece pretty hard.
Live Musical Guest: Against Me!

Edition #3-4: Mad Country: Everybody’s Lawyering Up For The Weekend Edition (6/28/17)

Details of the GOP’s healthcare bill are released, and it’s not good. In fact it gives more to the rich and less to the poor. Mike Cernovich gets caught paying protestors. Many members of the conservative media are advocating for civil war. We enlist the help of the Dude and Walter to solve the mystery of the Yukon’s missing toe. We turn the tables on those trying to get Nancy Pelosi fired. Trump gloats about the GOP’s big win in Georgia’s 6th, but exactly how big of a win was it? We also ask “Project Veritas: How Is This Still A Thing?”. And finally this week we take the fourth leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, with the fourth destination being none other than Ireland – an island country with a rich history, some of the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen, and run by some of the ugliest people you’ve ever seen!
Live Musical Guest: Depeche Mode

*Top 10 takes a week off for July 4th weekend*

Edition #3-5:Mad Country: Diary Of A Wimpy Trump Edition (7/12/17)

Trump goes to Poland as a part of his World Deplorable Tour 2017 and has supporters bussed in from all over Poland. Trump meets with Putin like a kid getting sent to the principal’s office, while Donald Trump Jr drops a bombshell about Trump’s Russian dealings. A Reddit user earns international notoriety after Trump tweets a meme he created. Jury selection for the Martin Shkreli trial begins. We open up the Top 10 Home Shopping Network to compare merchandise sold on Alex Jones’ Infowars and Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP. Alex Jones has a batshit crazy theory involving NASA, children, and Mars. Chris Christie spends his July 4th giving the middle finger to New Jersey. Hobby Lobby CEO Steve Green gets caught smuggling ancient religious artifacts to build a religious museum. We tell you about some stupid people. All this plus the next edition of our World Tour is going to Merry Old England! Keep calm and chive on, and don’t forget to mind the gap!
Live Musical Guest: Iron Maiden

Edition #3-6: Mad Country: Little Douche Coup Edition (7/19/17)

Donald Trump Jr. flat out literally admits to committing treason. Trump’s idea of a “Made In America” week backfires on him spectacularly. We explore a member of Trump’s attorney team – Rob Goldstone and his unusual love of odd hats. Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump both invite known hate groups and pastors to the White House for separate prayer sessions. Kid Rock and Caitlyn Jenner both consider running for Senate. Sean Hannity lives in an alternate universe. Ann Coulter goes apeshit after getting her seat moved on a Delta Airlines flight. We tell you some more tales of some absolutely ridiculously stupid people. And finally this week we take the sixth leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, with the sixth destination being none other than the original home of Oktoberfest, Germany!
Live Musical Guest: KMFDM

Edition #3-7: Wheel Of Corruption: Dead Man’s Chest Edition (7/27/17)

Jared Kushner lies to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his ties to Russian diplomats – again and again. Trump hires a new White House communications director who may be the most Trump-esque hire he’s had to date. Trump speaks in front of the annual Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia and turns it into a Nazi rally. Sean Spicer quits the Trump administration and steals a mini refrigerator from the WH press briefing room. Chris Christie gets added to “People Who Somehow Got Elected”. We also explore how Dana Rohrabacher is still a Congressman. The alt right holds a protest in front of CNN’s Atlanta headquarters and nobody shows up. We explore the batshit insane commentary from conservative fire brand Wayne Allen Root in “This Fucking Guy”. OJ Simpson gets paroled and we talk about a bizarre job offer for him. And finally this week we take the seventh leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, we head up north to the land of cross country skiing, death metal, lutefisk, and Vikings as we visit Norway!
Live Musical Guest: Ulver

Edition #3-8: Mad Country: Nobody Beats The Mooch! Edition (8/2/17)

The GOP’s latest attempt to repeal Obamacare and replace it crashed and burned like Wiley Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner. We explore the morning drive time banter between Donald Trump and Anthony Scarmucci in “DT & The Mooch” before he got fired. Trump bans transgender people from serving in the military, only that was a lie. Sarah Huckabee Sanders exploits a 9 year old for partisan politics and we contemplate what a Trump themed birthday party might look like. We trash Trump’s taste in interior decorating after he tells club members that the White House is a “dump”. Trump also gives an extremely divisive speech in front of a police department who’s being investigated for shady activity. Climate change deniers are in full denial mode when some alarming new stats are released in light of Al Gore’s latest documentary. We ask – “The Seth Rich Conspiracy: How Is This Still A Thing?”. We also tell you about the seedy underbelly behind the megachurch Hillsong that Justin Beiber joined. And finally this week we take the eighth leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, where we find that anything goes in Sweden – including your online privacy!
Live Musical Guest: Ghost

Edition #3-9: Mad Country: 2 Fiery 2 Furious Edition (8/9/17)

It’s quite possible that Trump could lead the whole world into nuclear armageddon by threatening North Korea. Trump also takes his first vacation, although we’re not exactly sure from what. Sinclair Broadcasting Group bring a dictator-esque version of state run television to the United States. Dan Patrick reveals that the state’s war on sanctuary cities was really just about putting democrats in their place. We detail a lot of the Alt Right’s fury including Stephen Miller possibly taking over for Angry Spice, Richard Spencer’s planned Nazi KKK rally in Virginia, 4Chan’s scam against Starbucks, the Alt Right’s Google boycott, and a t-shirt company’s ill fated attempt to bring back the swastika. Bob Murray sues John Oliver for defamation and the ACLU’s briefing on the case is one of the funniest things ever. We debut a new segment called “Holy Shit” detailing the Bible Studies taking place in the White House. We ask “Hating Colin Kaepernick – how is this still a thing?”. And we also tell you some astonishing tales of some incredibly stupid people in “People Are Dumb”. And finally this week we take the ninth leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, with the ninth (NEIN!!!!) destination being none other than the land of chocolate, waffles, and beer - Belgium!
Live Musical Guest: Portugal The Man

Edition #3-10: Mad Country: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Hitler Edition (8/16/17)

What starts as an alt right rally at the University Of Virginia turns into an absolute clusterfuck when riots break out and a Dodge Challenger plows into a group of protestors. The Alt Right makes excuses for why it turned out the way the rally did. Meanwhile, in Washington, Trump gives a speech that was supposed to denounce the violence, except he failed at that. Trump also escalates his feud with Kim Jon Un and takes the fight to Venezuela. We recap the week’s insane rantings from the religious right in a new installment of “Holy Shit”. The Alt Right makes Google their new asshole in response to the way Google fired a developer for circulating a memo questioning the company’s hiring practices. “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka gets profiled in “This Fucking Guy”. We ask how Blackwater is still a thing . We tell you about some more tales of some ridiculously stupid people including Wal-Mart’s poor taste back to school display. And we end this week with the next stop on our World Tour where we head to the land of canals, bikes, legal marijuana, and possible food poisoning as we visit The Netherlands!
Live Musical Guest: Blink 182

Edition #3-11: Mad Country: Heel The Nation (The Weeping Nazi) Edition (8/24/17)

The Alt Right’s “free speech” rallies get drowned out in various cities around the country. Alt Right activists cry foul when they’re outed as Nazis. Trump fired Steve Bannon, and he is going to war with the Trump administration now that he’s back at Breitbart. We also recap Trump's insane Afghanistan speech where he walks back a major campaign promise about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After protests in Charlottesville and Boston, Trump also attempts to “heel the nation” in a hilariously misspelled tweet. Thanks to Trump's comments, his mega mansion Mar-A-Lago is losing business left and right in response. In another segment of "Holy Shit", Jerry Falwell Jr is angering Liberty University graduates through his continued support of Trump’s reckless policies while Trump's biggest supporters - the religious right - are convinced he was installed by God. Alex Jones attempts “man on the street” interviews and they backfire on him spectacularly. We have another installment of “People Are Dumb” because there’s a lot of stupid people out there. And finally this week we take the eleventh leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, with the eleventh destination being none other than Czech Republic!
Live Musical Guest: 311

Edition #3-12: Wheel Of Corruption: On Stranger Tides Edition (8/30/17)

We talk heavily about Trump’s reaction to Hurricane Harvey which destroys Houston – and it goes about as well as you might expect. Sheriff Joe gets a presidential pardon amid rising racial tension growing in America. Fundamentalist prosperity gospel preacher Joel Osteen closes his Houston megachurch in the wake of the horrific flooding of Houston. Trump also escalates his ban on transgender troops serving in the military. A right wing protest group called Patriot Prayer plans a rally in San Francisco but gets shut down by just about everyone in the city. We tell you how you can better get to know your Alt Right. Alex Jones loses it big time, and we recommend products from the Infowars store for you to buy. We profile Roger Stone in this week’s “This Fucking Guy”. We tell you yet more tales of some really stupid people including an unbelievable broadcasting flub from ESPN. And finally this week, we end with the latest stop in our ongoing World Tour 2017 – we’re going on a safari as we head to South Africa!
Live Musical Guest: Mumford & Sons feat. Baaba Maal & Beatenburg

*Top 10 takes a week off for Labor Day*

Edition #3-13: Mad Country: Stop Making Insanely Good Sense Edition (9/13/17)

Not even a week after Hurricane Harvey utterly destroys Houston, Hurricane Irma looks to ravage Florida, and Trump is more concerned that the poor, down trodden uber rich aren’t getting their fair share. We explore Trump’s spirituality or complete lack thereof. Meanwhile in Miami, Rush Limbaugh mocks Irma as a liberal conspiracy, then skips town. Virgin Atlantic CEO’s Richard Branson’s private island gets destroyed in the hurricane. We explore a new segment called “This Week In Hate”. Martin Shkreli wants to “Bring Da Ruckus” in his security fraud trial by selling his copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s album. The Alt Right turns their creep factor up way past 11 in their lust of pop star Taylor Swift. We have a special hurricane edition of “People Are Dumb”, because even the hurricane didn’t stop the stupids. And finally this week we take the thirteenth leg of our Top 10 Conservative Idiots World Tour 2017, and we are headed to South America to visit one of the biggest countries in the world, the almighty Brazil!
Live Musical Guest: Sepultura

Edition #3-14: Mad Country: First Amendment And Boobs Edition (9/20/17)

The Alt Right's "Mother Of All Rallies" is a colossal disaster. Another Alt Right rally in Virginia aimed at protecting a confederate monument goes bust. Talk of nuclear war escalates between the US and North Korea, and Trump is only making this worse when he gives a terrifying speech to the UN. Trump's attorneys were caught openly blabbing information about the Trump - Russia investigations in front of the New York Times building. Alex Jones thinks Donald Trump's drinks are being drugged. Our segment "Holy Shit" is back because right wing religious zealots are ramping up their war against LGBT Americans in unbelievably horrifying ways. We tell you about more tales of stupid people including the Mad Pooper from Colorado Springs and a German guy who attempted to have sex with a bar bell weight. Gene Simmons wants to sell you a box set for $50,000. And we end by visiting the next stop of our world tour as we visit a country with the highest elevations and the lowest points on earth - Argentina!
Live Musical Guest: Imagine Dragons

Edition #3-15: Mad Country: Diary Of A Wimpy Trump: Dotard Days Edition (9/27/17)

Trump's Alabama rally for Luther Strange takes a turn when he denounces Colin Kaepernick from last year's kneeling protests and all hell breaks loose. This causes a divide in the NFL with teams standing against Trump and a small number of teams for Trump's insane rant. Trump calls Kim Jong Un "Little Rocket Man" while talks of nuclear war escalate, while Un refers to Trump as a "dotard". NASCAR on the other hand sides with Trump and announces it will fire anyone who protests the national anthem. In another edition of "Holy Shit", the religious right is cranking the crazy up way past 11 when it comes to the national anthem protests in the NFL. We profile Roy Moore's list of ultra extreme right wing friends in "This Fucking Guy". Alex Jones has some angry tirades on Jimmy Kimmel and the NFL anthem protests. We have more tales of incredibly stupid people to tell you about. All this plus the next stop on our World Tour - it's the land of the Statue Of Liberty, the home of musicals, and the land of the Yankees as we visit New York! (New York City????)
Live Musical Guest: Gogol Bordello

Edition #3-16: Mad Country: The Wrong Remains The Same Edition (10/6/17)

We talk about the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in US History. Alex Jones attempts to justify the Vegas shooting as a liberal conspiracy. Bill O'Reilly attempts to justify mass murder as "being the price of freedom". Donald Trump calls the Vegas shooting a "miracle". Donald Trump's trip to Puerto Rico is as much of a disaster as the hurricane itself. In another edition of "Holy Shit", we denounce the religious rights' attempts to justify the Vegas shooting as being the work of a wrathful god taking his revenge out on sinners. The alt right is back in the news and Vox Day has a line of comic books he wants to sell you that nobody is going to read. We bring up the tragic death of Tom Petty to illustrate the harm fake news does to society. We debut a new segment called "Beating A Dead Horse" - Trump still won't let the NFL protesting madness slide. In "I Need A Drink", George Foreman wants to fight Russian bot Steven Segal. And we end with the next stop of our World Tour where I get to spend some time in my home state of California!
Live Musical Guest: Green Day

Edition #3-17: Wheel Of Corruption: At World's End Edition (10/11/17)

In the aftermath of the Vegas shooting, the GOP pro gun talking points come full circle. Gun Nut Apologists go out in full force to protect mass killing machines from being banned. We discuss a controversial gun attachment device called a "bump stock". Mike Pence uses government money to stage a publicity stunt to give the middle finger to the 49ers. Donald Trump attacks members of his own party and goes rogue in his quest to bring World War III to the masses. White male social justice warriors take it out on Bethesda during the forthcoming release of "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus", while Milo Yiannopolous and Richard Spencer get kicked out of a bar doing a Nazi salute during karaoke. Harvey Weinstein becomes a member of the coveted Pussy Grabber's Club along with Screen Junkies' Andy Signore. We have another installment of "Holy Shit" - where, in the name of JAY-SUS, the Christian right are about to unleash the horror known as "religious freedom" upon the entire country. In "People Are Dumb", we switch it up with our own interpretation of the Doors' classic "People Are Strange" and tell you about fails from the Los Angeles Chargers and our old pal Florida Man. And we end with the next stop of our world tour as we visit the land of the rising sun, Japan - a fascinating place run by some really horrible people!
Live Musical Guest: X Japan

Edition #3-18: Mad Country: You Knew The Job Was Dangerous When You Took It Edition (10/18/17)

In a very special 2 part installment of "Holy Shit", we recap all the insanity going down at the annual Values Voters Summit - which is different this year because Trump addressed a known hate group. Trump rescinds an Obama era deal with Iran that could possibly start World War III. Trump calls the widow of an American soldier killed in Niger and makes some completely insensitive and reckless remarks. We take a look at some batshit crazy stories involving the GOP that may have slipped through the cracks. We ask - "Newt Gingrich's career - How Is This Still A Thing?". We discuss the dangers of a Mike Pence presidency in the event that Trump is impeached. Lindsay Lohan defends Harvey Weinstein. In "I Need A Drink", we explore the craze at your local McDonalds courtesy of the hit show Rick & Morty and their love of the discontinued Szechwan Sauce. And the next stop of our World Tour 2017 does it Gangnam Style as we visit the De-Militarized Zone and the nation of South Korea!
Live Musical Guest: BTS

Edition #3-19: Mad Country: The New Adventures Of Robin Trump & Liddle Bob Edition (10/25/17)

The Alt Right gets taken down a peg after supporters of Richard Spencer are convinced they're fighting a race war and literally fire the first shots. Richard Spencer has a rally at the University of Florida and gets heckled, while planning to sue universities who won't hire him to speak, and that won't end well. Nobody wants to attend Mike Pence's upcoming GOP fundraiser in Denver, Colorado. We also open up the Top 10 Home Shopping Network to tell you about a bizarre new Trump related product. Barstool Sports gets a show cancelled after one episode because of their disgusting behavior. In "Holy Shit", we profile some extreme conspiracy theories coming from the End Times worshippers about the Vegas shooting, Hollywood, and LGBT rights. Alex Jones loses it when discussing drag queens reading books to school children, while the products sold on Infowars.com may contain sperm killing led. Jenna Jameson has a beef with Playboy over hiring a transgender model. We have another installment of "People Are Dumb" talking about some bizarre crimes committed by our friend Florida Man, and Donald Trump Jr. Finally we end this week with another segment of our World Tour - this time heading to China - a country that could possibly kill us all, but not for the reasons you might think!
Live Musical Guest: Macklemore

Edition #3-20: Mad Country: The David Cop-A-Feel & Friends Hour Edition (11/1/17)

The White Male Groper's Club adds some very high profile new members including several high profile actors and a former president accused of sexual assault. Whitefish Energy is under hot water after attempting to get an unprecedented contract to rebuild Puerto Rico despite that the company has just two employees. Paul Manafort turns himself into the FBI amid accusations of conspiring to collude with Russia. The Alt Right's latest attempt to stage a white supremacist rally in Tennessee crashes and burns like their last few rallies have, while Milo Yiannopolous' appearance at Cal State Fullerton goes about as well as you would expect. Donald Trump attempts to turn people away from the Manafort probe with some insane tweet storms. In our weekly review of all things Holy, "Holy Shit", we take a look at right wing religion's attempt to justify sexual assault, among other insanity. We delve into the world of sports where the AL champion Houston Astros and Houston Texas are finding themselves in a bit of hot water over some racist remarks, while refs at a New Jersey high school game walk out over anthem protests. In "I Need A Drink", we celebrate the end of Kid Rock's senate campaign with some cheap champagne and even cheaper light beer. Thank god. Plus our latest installment of our World Tour takes us to the land of Donald Trump's BFF Rodrigo Duterte, The Philippines!
Live Musical Guest: SOJA

Edition #3-21: Wheel Of Corruption: Dead Men Tell No Tales Edition (11/8/17)

We recap what might be one of the best Democratic turnouts in an election and the biggest loser is arguably President Donald Trump. But back to the regular news. Which is usually depressing as hell. Another week, another mass shooting. This time it is taking place in a church in a small town in Texas. We ask: "The NRA A+ ratings system: How Is This Still A Thing?". We recap Trump's insane trip to Japan where he meets Pico Taro and doesn't bow to the Japanese prime minister. Gun Nut Apologists try their hardest not to make the shooting an issue about guns, and even Trump joins in on the nonsense. The White Male Groper's Club adds more high profile new members, while Harvey Weinstein stalked his victims through targeting. In a special installment of "Holy Shit", our weekly sermon on all things holy, we recap the religious right's horribly predictable reaction to the Texas Church Shooting. Back to creepy perverts, Rick Perry makes some stunningly stupid comments on sexual assault. John Schnatter of Papa John's pizza says that NFL's sagging ratings are hurting his business, making his chain the official pizza of the alt right. In "I Need A Drink", we discuss Amazon's extremely controversial new product - the Amazon Key. Plus the latest round of our World Tour takes us to the land of the Taj Mahal and Bollywood - India!
Live Musical Guest: Prophets Of Rage

Edition #3-22: Mad Country: You Can't Always Grope Who You Want Edition (11/15/17)

Roy Moore joins the White Male Groper's club. We talk about all the insanity surrounding his latest accusations and what they mean for the Family Values crowd. Jeff Sessions lies have their own body and character to them like that aging box of Omaha Steaks in your refrigerator. We recap Donald Trump's latest trip to Asia where he rekindled his creepy and insane bromance with the Philippines' mass murdering dictator Rodrigo Duterte. We also talk about the latest developments in Trump's border wall controversy. In another special edition of "Holy Shit", we recap the Christian right's grappling with the outing of Roy Moore as yet another member of the Good Ol' Perverts Club. After Keurig announces a pull out of advertising from the Sean Hannity show, Hannity fans retaliate by destroying their $300 coffee makers. The Alt Right has begun the Sandy Hooking of the Roy Moore saga when Jack Posobiec doxes one of Roy Moore's accusers. Not to mention Tomi Lahren is batshit crazy. We have another installment of "People Are Dumb" which includes a Florida man attempting to house a squirrel and the German police mistaking a WWII era bomb for a giant pickle. Finally the latest installment of our World Tour 2017 takes us to the land down under, Australia, where we discuss their insane special election!
Live Musical Guest: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Edition #3-23: Mad Country: Return Of The Son Of The Bride Of Young Al Frankenstein Edition (11/22/17)

Al Franken is the subject of an attempt by alt right at a partisan power grab over sexual harassment allegations. The White Male Groper's Club adds yet more new members including Transparent's Jeffrey Tambor, Rocky's Sylvester Stallone, and PBS' Charlie Rose, among others. We talk about the infighting caused by the GOP over their horrible tax plan. Trump unexpectedly turns the public opinion around on crazy sports father LaVar Ball after he trashes the UCLA basketball players who were arrested in China. We have a new installment of "How Is This Still A Thing" where we ask: The Presidential Turkey Pardon: How Is This Still A Thing? In our weekly sermon of all things holy, "Holy Shit", we tour Washington DC's insane new $500 million Bible museum. Gene Simmons gets banned from Fox News for life after a string of abusive behavior, which we are not all surprised at. We also talk about how a Navy pilot managed to draw a giant penis in the sky over the state of Washington. We have another installment of "People Are Dumb" which includes the Borat impersonating tourists arrested in Kazakhstan, a California man who *REALLY* wants to prove the earth is flat, a Tennessee man who shot his wife while discussing gun control, and a university does a deep dive into why the Steve Martin classic sketch "King Tut" is racially offensive, or is it? All this plus the next installment of our World Tour where we tour the land of Mecca and the holy country of Islam, Saudi Arabia!
Live Musical Guest: Queens Of The Stone Age

Edition #3-24: Mad Country: The Ungrateful Fool On The Hill Edition (11/29/17)

Back from a rather uneventful Thanksgiving, Trump wastes no time embarrassing the country by making an offensive gesture to Elizabeth Warren in front of a group of Native Americans. Trump continues his fight with crazy UCLA sports dad LaVar Ball. Project Veritas gets owned trying to catfish the Washington Post. Trump marks his territory like a dog when it comes to calling out Fake News. We explore a Trump recommended news site called "MAGA Pill". In our weekly segment of all things holy, "Holy Shit", we talk about how the Christian right plans to screw us over by revoking the Johnson Amendment in Trump's new tax plan. Roy Moore's sexual harassment allegations aren't going away - they're about to get much worse. In a new installment of "This Fucking Guy", we profile Infowars correspondent and certified rape enthusiast Mike Cernovich. Guns were the hot ticket item on this year's Black Friday. For the second year in a row. We have a new installment of "I Need A Drink" where we discuss the California man who's planning to take his flat earth conspiracy theories into the earth's atmosphere - literally. And the next installment in our World Tour takes us to the desert land of tall buildings, fast cars, private jets and luxury yachts - the United Arab Emirates!
Live Musical Guest: Liam Gallagher

Edition #3-25: Mad Country: America's Next Top Fake News Network Edition (12/6/17) - 2 Year Anniversary!!!

Robert Mueller drops the big one and arrests Michael Flynn in his ongoing investigation against Donald Trump. Trump retweets a British extremist group known for extreme anti-Islamic rhetoric. A new tell all book reveals Trump's habits on the campaign trail including a completely insane regular order at McDonalds. Trump sets out to find out who's America's Next Top Fake News Network (spoiler alert: It's Fox!). In our weekly sermon of all things holy, Holy Shit, we discuss the potentially far-reaching implications in the SCOTUS trial of Mullins V Phillips, better known as the gay wedding cake case. Elsewhere, the Alt Right has essentially created their own internet complete with their own currency, religion, social media, and crowd funding. Alex Jones may have ingested a little bit too much lead poisoning through the Infowars Store. Roy Moore cries foul over his opponents. We have a new installment of "People Are Dumb" which include a man who takes the show "Forged In Fire" a little too seriously, a guy having drunk, naked sex in a moving car, and Florida Man does his best impression of a skit from the classic comedy Reno 911. All this plus the next stop of our World Tour where we head to the land of hockey, poutine, curling, Molson's Lager, and Tim Horton's - the Great White North, Canada!
Live Musical Guest: Death From Above 1979

Edition #3-26: Mad Country: The Senator's Revenge (Terror In Gadsden) Edition (12/13/17)

The GOP manages to successfully take down Al Franken with no trial, convictions, jury, or even an executioner. We recap the results of the Alabama special election. Donald Trump declares Jerusalem the capital of Israel to less than amusing fan fare, but what was up with his teeth? More abuse victims come forward with claims of sexual harassment against Donald Trump. In our weekly sermon of all things holy, "Holy Shit", we get to gloat that Christian right celebrity Kim Davis has a challenger - and it's a guy she denied a marriage license to! Twice! The Alt Right attempts to catfish Sam Seder into making sexually degrading comments, but it backfires on them spectacularly. A kid from Tennessee becomes a political pawn in the anti-bullying movement, attracting the attention of celebrities and Go Fund Me patrons everywhere, but we soon learn of his mom's hardcore racism. In "I Need A Drink", we're going to kick back with a glass of Egg Nog and tell you all the gift giving opportunities you can give your right wing friends and relatives. And the penultimate stop of our 2017 World Tour takes us to the land of beautiful beaches, plantains, fine cigars, classic cars, murderous dictators, and trade embargos - the Caribbean nation of Cuba!
Live Musical Guest: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Edition #3-27: Mad Country: 2017 Year In Review Edition (12/20/17)

SEASON FINALE: In a top 10 first, we devote the entire edition to recap the insane year that was 2017. January and February gave birth to the Trump administration. March and April saw the birth of the white supremacist movement while the GOP desperately tried and failed multiple times to repeal Obamacare. May and June saw Trump taking his first World Tour, while the GOP prematurely celebrated passing Obamacare and people were caught at Mar-A-Lago taking pictures with the nuclear football guy. July and August saw Trump going to Poland, Martin Shkreli going to prison, and the dawn of the menace known as Anthony Scaramucci. September and October saw Texas drowning, California on fire, a horrible mass shooting in Vegas, and Trump marginally pretending to care about the victims. In November and December, we saw the birth and rise of the "Me Too" movement where sexual assault abuser w ere getting their much needed just desserts, while December saw the insane election of Roy Moore and the fall of Al Franken. We do something fun and break down the Daily Stormer's playbook, which was recently leaked. In a special "Holy Shit", we recap the religious rights' greatest hits in 2017. In "People Are Dumb", we tell you some of our favorite stories of stupid people in 2017. And the grand finale of our 2017 World Tour saves the best for last as we head south of the border to Trump's favorite country, Mexico!
Live Musical Guest: Rise Against

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