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Member since: Fri Jun 14, 2013, 10:29 AM
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Do you think that politicians who run for President should resign their seats the day they announce?

I have been thinking about this for years. I guess I wonder if a politician is running around the country do they really get a feel of what is going on in Washington. I remember when McCain was running and one day he returned to Washington to vote but had not been there during any of the days of discussion of the issue (honestly I don't remember the bill), but I find it ridiculous that we pay them a Senator or House salary for up to two years while they are traveling across the country. I know this is going to be controversial but I am pretty sure it would be best for the country and state to have a full time representative in the seat for two years.

Did you see American Sniper or planning on going?

I admit I did see it.....sold out crowd in my showing. Not sure why everyone is flocking to it. It was a great movie but it just sort of came out of nowhere. My theater was not prepared for the outpouring and had to add showings on Friday and Saturday.

A message to the United States from the World

We refuse to take aid and assistance from your country until you take action on the torture. The UN could kick us out and refuse money. It could get ugly, but it would be a wake up call. Would it work? Just curious because something drastic needs to happen or nothing will. Your thoughts???

I saw The Giver last night on Amazon Instant Video and Taylor Swift was on it

so I went to IMDB and started to read what movies she had been in and I was curious on what discussion threads were going on and I was stunned at seeing one thread at the bottom.

No wonder we lost so many seats in 2014.


I put Taylor Swift on my ballot when I went to vote on election day
image for user Starbucksgirl90
by Starbucksgirl90 Thu Nov 6 2014 20:08:34 Flag ▼ | Reply |
IMDb member since November 2014

I just crossed out democrat and republican and put Taylor Swift and circled her name. Handed the thing to the scanner lady and walked out.
Re: I put Taylor Swift on my ballot when I went to vote on election day
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by Koolguy456789 Thu Nov 6 2014 21:09:01 Flag ▼ | Reply |
IMDb member since December 2005
Good thing you didn't waste your time

Koolguy. Lest we never forget
Re: I put Taylor Swift on my ballot when I went to vote on election day
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by EmmaClaire17 Sat Nov 8 2014 05:05:27 Flag ▼ | Reply |

IMDb member since April 2013
Waste of a vote.

I have seen numerous replies to various posts

Saying that Bush and Chaney need to be brought to The Hague. How can this happen? It can't. There is not anyway possible. We are not under their jurisdiction. We are not members. The only thing that could be done is three things, the justice department could bring charges, the Congress could arrest them or the UN could kicks us out. The third option would virtually destroy the UN so that won't happen. The first two are possible but doubtful. I don't know of anyway they will be punished in any meaningful way. Suggestions?

Frontline has story on Rolling Stone Article

The magazine screwed up big time. The show also compared it to Duke. I am not sure it is that bad, but the comparison was not great.


Tonight they showed the warehouse where merchandise is being sent to us. They are no longer using humans but robots. 3000 robots work 24/7 a day. Amazon heard the complaints of poor work conditions from Americans and fixed the problem.

We have to be very careful about complaining to much about working. 3000 people out of work now. Mission accomplished I guess.

McDonald's is working on robots that will make the food and also a order yourself system. I imagine it won't be long now before they will only need 2 or 3 workers per shift.

It is all scary but workers are asking for more money at a time they may be out of jobs.

This is not a joke at all.

One trend I see with all these senseless murders

The private citizen making the 911 call. Somehow we need to educate the populous on how to explain an alleged need for the police. I also believe 911 operators need more guidance on asking appropriate additional questions that could assist the police from running into a situation with "guns blazing". Police need additional training on ensuring that a situation is really serious or not. What about if you must shoot, go for the leg? So many murders that did not need to happen if the entire process took a big breath. I am not blaming anyone but the murdered but if everyone worked together on better communication, just maybe we can prevent some of these murders.

Oh My GOD! Literally shocked! North Carolina just went Republican....Kay Hagan Lost.

North Carolina just went RED.......The Republicans took the Senate by Kay and not Jonie. What the heck?????

Michelle Nunn just lost (Democratic)

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