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Member since: Fri Jun 14, 2013, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,400

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One trend I see with all these senseless murders

The private citizen making the 911 call. Somehow we need to educate the populous on how to explain an alleged need for the police. I also believe 911 operators need more guidance on asking appropriate additional questions that could assist the police from running into a situation with "guns blazing". Police need additional training on ensuring that a situation is really serious or not. What about if you must shoot, go for the leg? So many murders that did not need to happen if the entire process took a big breath. I am not blaming anyone but the murdered but if everyone worked together on better communication, just maybe we can prevent some of these murders.

Oh My GOD! Literally shocked! North Carolina just went Republican....Kay Hagan Lost.

North Carolina just went RED.......The Republicans took the Senate by Kay and not Jonie. What the heck?????

Michelle Nunn just lost (Democratic)


Corey Gardner (Republican) just won Colorado per CNN

Horrid decision. This is the worst so far....Arkansas was bad too.

Hello! I just received my first electric bill in Florida and was wondering your thoughts

I have a bill for 110.00 for the period 09/05/14 to 10/07/14

I used an average of 26 KWH a day.

The total KWH used for the month was 838

The reason I am bothering you with this is I was wondering if I am using too much electricity or is this acceptable? I am also looking at it from a climate change look too.

Thank you so much and sorry for nothing everyone over this but I am just dying to know.

I recommend we delete permanently one of the smilies

Ok here we are discussing child abuse and domestic violence and on the list of smilies we have this:

I think we should delete it as in my humble opinion it is in bad taste after the week of events we have had.

I know we have huge issues to contend with, but looking for a smilie for another OP, I thought this was not a good idea to have anymore. How about retiring the smilie??????

Where is Hamas getting all their money?

I cannot imagine it is cheap to continue to have a constant barrage of bombs being released. They must have a secondary source of income arriving to help pay for this.

Bruce Braley's 'chick' ad criticized as sexist


Ok look. I want this guy to win. Where are his advisors? Why can't he make a point without being sexist? Look he already criticized the farmers and now he is going after a woman with his language. Please stop it. We need you in Washington and you can win on issues.

Bergdahl’s Idaho Hometown Cancels Homecoming Celebration

They decided not to celebrate the return of Sgt Bergdahl.


I need a shower

Thinking about Maya Angelou, I went over to Free Republic to see how they are remembering our treasured loss today. Well how disgusting and despicable are these folks. The reason I gandered over there was because I heard from some DUers how they whined about the treatment of Thatcher. So I wanted to see if they were as kind to those they find no so agreeable with......well unfortunately I got my answer. I am absolutely sick to my stomach.

A shower indeed.....

Look at your own risk.
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