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Member since: Fri Jun 14, 2013, 10:29 AM
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Pa. House says no, 193-0, to Gov. Wolf's tax plan Read more: http://triblive.com/news/adminpage/848

I am so mad at the Democratic Politicians in Pennsylvania for voting against Governor Wolf. Pennsylvania is just getting back to having a Democratic Governor and the House Democratic Members just embarrassed the Governor. So frustrating. Can we enjoy having a Democratic Governor for a change and let's keep him for another 4. Ugh!


Vermont has very soft gun laws

Does Senator Sanders who was also Mayor of the largest city of Vermont also believe in a more pro gun issue? I was surprised to hear that Vermont was a state with lax gun laws.

I am a bit upset

Cindi a Lauper's Go Fund Me campaign for homeless GLBT youth has only raised 136 thousand dollars which is nothing to sneeze at........but

The pizza joint made 859 thousand and Joel Osteen was robbed 600 thousand from a weekend collection. Found out that is peanuts compared to holiday weekends. My attitude towards this is that Joel is crying about it but his insurance will probably pay it to him so no loss to him.

America priorities are so messed up.

homeless I guess is not glamorous to donate to.

This is not directed to DU population at all who care about homeless and Cindi Loaper's charity work.

Vent over until next subject of inequality or something else that is screwed up.

'Furious 7' has huge debut at the box office


I went to see this movie at 5 o'clock today. I want to tell you that it is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It was absolutely excellent. I recommend that everyone go see this movie. It has a nice little tribute to Paul Walker at the end. There will be no other movie as superb as this movie in the history of Hollywood from today on. It will be impossible for another movie to live up to this one. It is a must watch. I am still overwhelmed by this great film. I can't imagine anyone having the slightest negativity about it. The critics loved it which can be rare for a movie like this. It also goes to show that we lost one of the great young actors of our time. I imagine it was like losing Elvis back in the day. Have fun......enjoy.....and don't take the movie seriously......just watch it and be amazed at the wonder.

I just have to get this off my mind and venting to you guys might work....lol

I just got back off a cruise and had a great time....I went with 11 family members and met a lot of great fellow cruisers on the ship. It was Spring Break so there were many kids and college kids on board which was great overall.

The one thing I kept hearing throughout the entire duration on the ship was that the kids couldn't wait to get back home so they could use their phones and electronic gadgets again. Now I have a bunch of Apple products and I will admit turning off the phone for the last time when the ship was moving away from the pier was a bit disconcerting (it is every time and it is my 8th cruise) and I even did a final Facebook post to say I would be gone a week. I am a Kid at heart.

Anyway, I talked with many adults with kids at various age levels and they all said the same thing, "I can't believe my kids are complaining so much about not having electronic gadgets......do they have any idea how lucky they are to be on a cruise......we NEVER went on a cruise, we went to the beach or a cabin in the woods....maybe...if we were lucky."

I just thought it was funny and so true of society today.......I think ships might be the last place where electronic gadgets don't work...ok you can buy an internet package but it isn't cheap and you still have quite a few obstacles like no way can you play video games at least at high speeds.

Anyhow, just thought I would share that bit of facts going on in our society.

'American Sniper' Is Officially The Highest-Grossing Movie Of 2014

So far this is the only information on this. I know some are not thrilled about the movie but that doesn't take away the incredible job it did to get this honor. I would imagine tomorrow more articles will be published on this. Stay tuned.


Sorry, "Mockingjay," but "American Sniper" has shot you down.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1" was previously the highest-grossing film released in 2014 with $336.9 million, but now Clint Eastwood's Oscar-nominated war film has taken the top spot.

As of this weekend, "American Sniper" has grossed $337.2 million since its limited release in December. The film was No. 1 for three consecutive weekends in January, shattering box-office records over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend and Super Bowl weekend.

The controversial Bradley Cooper film is also now the most successful war-themed film globally, earning $500.2 million worldwide.

In other box office news, Neill Blomkamp's robot film "Chappie" came in at the top spot this weekend with a modest $13.3 million. The film dethroned last weekend's No. 1 film, Will Smith's "Focus."

"Chappie" marks the lowest debut for Blomkamp, whose previous films "Elysium" and "District 9" opened at $29.8 million and $37.4 million, respectively. Perhaps Blomkamp should've swapped the robot for a fake baby.

Do you think that politicians who run for President should resign their seats the day they announce?

I have been thinking about this for years. I guess I wonder if a politician is running around the country do they really get a feel of what is going on in Washington. I remember when McCain was running and one day he returned to Washington to vote but had not been there during any of the days of discussion of the issue (honestly I don't remember the bill), but I find it ridiculous that we pay them a Senator or House salary for up to two years while they are traveling across the country. I know this is going to be controversial but I am pretty sure it would be best for the country and state to have a full time representative in the seat for two years.

Did you see American Sniper or planning on going?

I admit I did see it.....sold out crowd in my showing. Not sure why everyone is flocking to it. It was a great movie but it just sort of came out of nowhere. My theater was not prepared for the outpouring and had to add showings on Friday and Saturday.

A message to the United States from the World

We refuse to take aid and assistance from your country until you take action on the torture. The UN could kick us out and refuse money. It could get ugly, but it would be a wake up call. Would it work? Just curious because something drastic needs to happen or nothing will. Your thoughts???

I saw The Giver last night on Amazon Instant Video and Taylor Swift was on it

so I went to IMDB and started to read what movies she had been in and I was curious on what discussion threads were going on and I was stunned at seeing one thread at the bottom.

No wonder we lost so many seats in 2014.


I put Taylor Swift on my ballot when I went to vote on election day
image for user Starbucksgirl90
by Starbucksgirl90 Thu Nov 6 2014 20:08:34 Flag ▼ | Reply |
IMDb member since November 2014

I just crossed out democrat and republican and put Taylor Swift and circled her name. Handed the thing to the scanner lady and walked out.
Re: I put Taylor Swift on my ballot when I went to vote on election day
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by Koolguy456789 Thu Nov 6 2014 21:09:01 Flag ▼ | Reply |
IMDb member since December 2005
Good thing you didn't waste your time

Koolguy. Lest we never forget
Re: I put Taylor Swift on my ballot when I went to vote on election day
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by EmmaClaire17 Sat Nov 8 2014 05:05:27 Flag ▼ | Reply |

IMDb member since April 2013
Waste of a vote.
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