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Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago, IL
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2008, 09:41 PM
Number of posts: 15,931

Journal Archives

Anyone watching "Poldark" on PBS Masterpiece Theatre?

It's very good, and, if I may indulge myself a bit, leading man Aidan Turner, is to die for.

Comcast Killed the Ed Show for talking about TPP

Source: Old Tulsan Ring of Fire Radio

Comcast Killed The Ed Show For Talking About TPP

When it comes to coverage of the Trans Pacific Partnership, no one in the corporate media covered the issue more than Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. When it was announced last week that they were pulling the plug on his program, they effectively killed the only national voice that was talking about the disaster of a trade deal on cable news.

According to Media Matters, between August 1, 2013, and January 31, 2015, Ed Schultz covered the TPP on 71 different segments, not including the time he brought up the issue during the network’s coverage of the State of the Union Address in 2015. The only other host who mentioned the TPP during this same time period was Chris Hayes, who only mentioned it one time in passing on his show. The rest of the network’s personalities remained completely silent on the issue during this 18-month period

Read more: http://www.ringoffireradio.com.

Dylann Roof 'almost didn't go through' with Charleston church shooting

Source: NBC News


Roof, 21, has told police that he "almost didn't go through with it because everyone was so nice to him," sources told NBC News.

Dylann Roof, the man who gunned down nine parishioners at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, has been charged with nine counts of murder and a weapons possession charge, police said.

Roof confessed to the horrific killings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston on Wednesday night, two sources confirmed to NBC News.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/charleston-church-shooting/dylann-roof-almost-didnt-go-through-charleston-church-shooting-n378341

Roof has told police that he "almost didn't go through with it because everyone was so nice to him"


Your skepticism is duly noted.

and you can bet YOUR sweet bippy on that.

Sorry he disappointed you by not, in your view, trying to create "a social-liberal paradise".

Maybe, but "fantasizing" is a far better

alternative to actually doing it, as ISIS and some theocratic Muslim governments do.

Question: How many expats here used "Right of Return" laws

based on family origins, as an aide to legal residence/citizenship in a foreign country?

I'm wondering what countries you went to, and how hard or easy it was for you

living and/or "assimilating", if that is the proper term, in the country you "returned"


I have the right via my maternal grandparents. I'm learning the language

and considering using it for dual citizenship and part time residence.


I have a question: What is your opinion of learning two different languages at once?

I'm contemplating it now, so I could use your advice.

LOl. .True, that.

Anyone see "The Drop"?...I saw it, almost by accident, and liked it a lot!

Written by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River) and starring James Gandolfini in his last

role. It contains a very interesting twist I didn't see coming.

What was the nuclear "problem" which happened recently in New Mexico?

Sorry I can't be more specific, but it seems it occurred in Northern

New Mexico near that nuclear "hub" whose name escapes me at the moment.

Heard it mentioned on radio news.
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