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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 09:33 AM
Number of posts: 170

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Add this to watch Trump and his followers heads explode...

Gleaned from a facebook post. From Tim @timgostony

"Obama should resign a day early making Biden the 45th President of the United States.... just to ruin all of Trump's 45th merchandise."

At this point, I am disassociating myself from people who voted for Trump..AND

AND who crammed the vote for Hilary, vote for Hilary down our throats. The people (DNC) and their local lackeys who killed Bernie's chance for real change. They know who they are and they will never be trust by me again.

I went one step further......

I cut the cable. Gone. I read a lot more. And when I want to be entertained I watch AcornTV with all British programing.

If they stay in Sydney. Avoid coming to America until we get our heads out of the sand.

Good work young men.!

Damn IT challenge the election. It's not what you...

.... want that counts anymore. It is the rest of us.

Great way to purge some of the crazies in the country!

See ya!

Good one LOL remind me not to eat any dishes you...

... prepared to pass at a a pot luck! Still LOL.

You have to have some kindling to start a fire...

.... paper is easier that wood. AND it's a win win win make a political false flag move and get rid of some trash laying around and deny voters the right to vote.

They will do anything INCLUDING burning down....

their own office to deny the right to vote to possible democratic voters. Hopefully this is NOT the same building that the democrats were raising money to replace. And YES what were absentee ballots doing in republican headquarters.

What about Paul Ryan.....

..... he is their token intellect. Right? He will lead them out of the darkness? Right? Mr. I've got a better way. Don't worry Ayn Rand's latest misinformed errand boy has got it covered.
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