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Member since: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 10:24 AM
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So the defense of Bernie Sanders' lack of a foreign policy is to make up shit about Hillary

Bernie gives the same speech he's given for 40 years at every venue he goes to.

I don't even need to go to one of his functions to know what he has to say. I've heard it on "brunch with Bernie" for years on Thom Hartman's radio show. I heard it in two debates so far. Probably if we had 100 more debates we would hear it 100 more times.

Free tuition
$15 per hour
Family leave
Job creation
single payer
break up big banks
the top 1% have most of the wealth
Take the country back form the oligarchs

These are all good things

What is lacking is the "how do we get there" and a foreign policy

Now in defense of the above we hear this:

Hillary is a war monger
Hillary is in bed with Wall Street
Hillary is a republican
Hillary is not progressive
Hillary is not a Democrat
Hillary is Bill Clinton II

For six months now I have been waiting for Bernie to tell me how we get there.

Maybe Bernie will get the message like he did with BLM (when he added social justice) and add to his stump speech some "how" instead of just "what."

My dread is that Bernie is like Bill McKay in the movie "The Candidate"

Bill McKay, a novice who has just won an improbable victory, turns dazedly to his campaign manager and asks, "What do we do now?"

Bernie is really no leader. He is mostly a rehearsed set of talking points.

If single payer gets a foothold in this country

it could most likely be my state of CA that passes it.
We are leading in most progressive issues.
We need to legalize pot and a few other things like prison reform but we have the ability to try new things.
So all you single payer fans contribute to Gavin Newsom.
He will bring single payer closer to you than Bernie will.

This is old but still doable


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OneCare in 2012? Yes. WE can.
December 1st, 2010 .What’s the Insurance Corporations’ Biggest Fear?
YOU and the Populist Uprising you Support!
Dear OneCare Supporters,

It’s happened! The stars and politicians have aligned and California is now poised to realize the dream of single payer health care for all!

On November 2nd, California voters rejected the Republican “say no, do-nothing” philosophy and elected visionary leaders to run our state: Governor Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Newsom and Jones support single payer and our Governor Elect has said he’d “listen to the people.”

So to achieve real health care reform, these leaders will need what whistleblower Wendell Potter says the insurance industry fears most: a true populist uprising to compel the legislature to enact a single payer law.

Our California OneCare Campaign team is finalizing a plan to achieve just this in two years! But we need your help!

Your financial support now is needed to help us expand immediately. We’re seeking an initial $150,000 to hire more organizers, to create new grass roots materials, to broaden our on-line outreach and to multiply our volunteer teams across the state.

We are going up against a $400 billion insurance/pharmaceutical industry but we know that sustained populist pressure and votes by informed, inspired and angry Californians can trump all the dollars they’ll spend to try to defeat us!

Click here to donate now. Stay tuned for campaign developments and invite ten friends to help us make history!

Andrew McGuire, Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign

PS. Your DONATION NOW will help us launch the populist uprising that will change California, and then the nation.

I think all of us think that single payer

health care is a good idea.

So is that all we need to do just agree that it is a good idea?

We elect Bernie and the next thing you know all health care providers set up for single payer. They will be willing to work longer hours for less reimbursement.

Medical clinics will invest in more equipment to cover the increased number of patients though their reimbursement goes to Medicare levels.

Insurance companies will shut their doors and lay everyone off and their investor's stock will go to zero value.

The wealthy will agree to pay higher taxes because they want health care for all.

Colleges will crank out more medical professionals who pay nothing for tuition and books.

Yep vote for Bernie because no problem is so big we can't ignore it.

What is the most resent example of a country switching

from for profit medical care to single payer?

What happened to those in the for profit health care business?

I'd like to hear from all the Hillary supporters

who will be switching to Bernie when the primary voting starts.

Hillary is above 50% and Bernie is around 30%. That leaves under 20% undecided. If they all break for Bernie (not likely) then some Hillary folks would have to switch to Bernie for him to win the nomination.

We are reading that 2015 is 2007 again and Bernie is Obama so who are you Hillary now Bernie later people?

Who Here is a hunger games fan?

"Single payer because other countries do it"

Is that enough to get people to vote for your candidate.

Someone says "well let's take a closer look at that."

Oh no! You lurched to the right!

Hell you look at a used car closer before you buy it than you do at Bernie's ideas.

You all know that Medicare is not free health care right?

Medicare part A (hospital bed day) coverage has a deductible for every plan year. There is a daily cost for days over 60.
Part B has a premium based on income.
There is part D which has costs for prescriptions
Then there is the payroll deduction.
I guess Medicare for all will cost us too.
I don't think Bernie's single payer means taxing us then care is free.

I don't think I want your revolution

I listened to part of Bernie's speech yesterday. I get that he has been saying the same things for forever.

I listened to Bernie for years on the various radio and TV shows he appears on. To this day I don't know how he plans to make anything happen. He says it will take tens of millions of people demanding change. That isn't going to happen.

In 2008/09 millions of people lost their homes and jobs and not a peep except for Occupy and they were shut down I think because of their apolitical methods. The public couldn't identify with them.

There were two times in the last eight years when I thought there was going to be real change. The first was in November of 2008 when Obama was elected and the second was when Occupy took over Wall Street. Well we got the ACA and marriage equality and other changes but nothing like I thought would happen back in 2008.

From Occupy we got the media to talk about income inequality and the phrase "the 99%."

I don't think Bernie's revolution is anything like Obama's hope and change or Occupy's we are the 99%. It isn't a movement of the people. I think instead he is giving a certain part if the political spectrum a voice. Both they and Bernie are convenient vehicles for each other.

A movement takes a long time to put together and to jell. Bernie has been in Congress for 24 years yet he only gained this following since he announced his candidacy for president. Prior to that his supporters wanted Warren.

No he is not leading a movement or a revolution though they may call themselves that. Their current form of keyboard activism will not bring about change. They are a actually turning some people off and are not gaining recruits. That is evidenced by the fact that their numbers in the polls has remained somewhere between 25% and 30%. They can't seem to inspire people who are outside of their niche.

So how is change going to happen on the federal level in today's political climate?
An obvious thing is that you need control of the three branches of government and a united party. You need a partnership of the people wanting change and their elected representatives. That will take the public financing of elections.

In 2015 the way to begin to go down that path is to nominate someone for president who can bring together voters from the whole spectrum of our party not just the left. It will take that to win the White House, gain seats in Congress and to put a liberal Supreme Court in place.

That gives us the footing to work toward achieving our goals.

So no I don't want the so called "revolution" Bernie supporters are selling. They are incapable of making real change happen and I am glad we won't be turning our country over to them.

I just listened to Hillary's speech about how

to deal with ISIS.
It was very thorough and comprehensive.
Hillary really knows foreign policy from experience.
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